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    This saved me!

    I've always had amazing skin and then BOOM!  One spot after another started appearing on my face. These were under the skin, un-poppable painful little things and were leaving marks EVERYWHERE. I felt depressed, upset, hormonal and would not leave the house without makeup on. I went to a dermatologist who put me on Erythromycin and doxycycine and lymecycline for 7 months at a time and they weren't making any difference. After trying absolutely everything on the market from drug store to Mario Ba
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    Yes Acne.org WORKS! For years and years I have struggled with cystic acne. I always felt like no one understood me because everywhere I looked for cystic acne products they never sell anything specific in stores for it and home remedies never worked for me. It was so annoying to me to have those hard sometimes blood filled bumps under my skin that always came and went! And nothing I ever used would make them go away, nothing. Finally this summer my acne got worse than I think it ever had, to som
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    Life changing

    Differin is the only product to finally clear my cystic acne. I am 38 years old, and started my battle with the dreaded chin cysts in my early 20's. I will share my story in hopes it helps you. I am red head and fair skin that is not only sensitive and reactive but also partly oily and was prone to painful, ugly, embarrassing cysts. All of the other acne products caused redness and flaking. An old boyfriend once told me, Eew, it looks like your face is peeling off. That was horrif
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    If you have tried everything out there, please give this a try!!

    I can't believe I have finally found something that works for me. Its been 10+ years of struggling with acne and trying everything, I just about gave up when I went to the dermatologist and the prescriptions didn't work and I was 25. This regimen is definitely a commitment and you need to stick with doing it 2x a day. Your face will hurt, burn, flake, peel at the first few days/maybe weeks BUT keep going it will absolutely get better!! I did start out with gray bed sheets and they all got bleach
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    Literally was covered in acne for about 4 months and nothing from the doctor, pharmacy or natural remedies had any impact at all in stopping it. It was so bad I went to the doctor for some other problem and the first thing he did was comment on my acne and book me an appointment with a dermatologist for accutane, but decided to have one more attempt at stopping it with some other products online that I hadn't tried as I have really bad ezcema with dry skin so the accutane would have l
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    This changed my life

    Acne.org truly changed my life and this is the story: Roughly 6 years ago (I was 8) I started to notice pimples on my forehead, small whiteheads. There were only a few but I started to feel so different from everyone else because I was 8, nobody had skin problems at that age. Luckily, my best friend started to get pimples at that time too so I wasn't alone. I was Avery confident child and the pimples didn't bother me too much.Few years past and my pimples would come and go, I stil had very
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    Drinking 2 cups a day of green tea (After breakfast/evening). And so far so good. My face is less oily and almost no break out so far. Thank you Allah.
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    SOOOOO Allergic!!!! Formula Changed?????

    So I used this systems years ago and it was amazing but somewhere around the time that they upgraded the packaging I reordered and had the worst allergic reaction with completely swollen eyes and a painful red itchy rash across my neck. I threw it out and recently reordered thinking that it was a bad batch. I used the cleanser and benzoyl peroxide again for weeks with no reaction. Last night I tried the moisturizer and woke up to my eyes being completely swollen shut and the same rash. I now kno
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    May work for some people...

    But didn't work for me. Gave my very oily skin and hair. My scalp even broke out. I love eating fish but fish oil supplement is not for me.
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    It works

    B5 helped clear my acne when I was younger, then I stopped taking it, but slowly the acne came back. Started it again and it cleared my cystic acne for 8 months until I by accident took flax seed which caused me to break out again. I do get concerned that it'll cause depletion of other B vitamins, especially Biotin. I've had my blood checked a few times and at least B12 and folate are within the normal range.