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    From the album: Accutane Journey

    Such a huge improvement from the last pictures I posted! I also kept a word document with all of my pictures that I didn't post on here and the improvement is amazing!! Now hopefully I won't have any more breakouts from now on!!! Fingers crossed!!
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    From the album: Acne Progression

    May 3, 2015. Had slight breakouts during Prom.
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    From the album: my accutane journey

    so far, experiencing dry lips and mild back pain and sometimes head ache
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    From the album: My skin

    This side of my face has always been my "bad side" quite a lot of redness and pigmentation from my accutane course and a few scars on my higher cheekbone.
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    From the album: Month No. 01

    Still in week one and i already see some improvement. Some redness by the acid but the pimples are drying and the little ones are not getting bigger but they are still there. Today was a good day. i stayed in the office all day drawing and making some cost analysis and i didn't went outside to the mining yard. So i didn't get the hot and the dust on my face.
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    From the album: Roaccutane Journey

    Started accutane on July 10th, so the first picture is a bit older than my face picture. Started getting back acne pretty bad when I was 18. (nearly 21 now). The 2nd picture is nearly 4 months into roaccutane, with another 1 and half months to go at 70mg. I found it pretty hard to find many pictures of people suffering from bacne, so I hope this helps. If anyone has any questions please go ahead.
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