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    From the album: Accutane Journey

    These pics were also taken after 3/4 final exams were completed for the semester. This time of year is usually so so bad for my skin because I am so stressed out. Not this year though!!!
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    From the album: 25% TCA Peel #3 Album

    This is a photo I took which shows how my skin looks today four years after I embarked upon my acne scar revision journey. If you compare this photo to my February 2009 baseline photo of my face, you should notice massive improvement. After doing some extensive research, I decided that I was going to read as many books and articles about acne scarring that I could along with books and articles about skin rejuvenation. Based upon this research, I made some fundamental changes in my li
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    The Regimen- Made my skin aboslutely worse. My skin is extremely sensitive now. XOut by Proactive- Made my skin feel fresh and smooth. But that was it. Didn't help the acne at all. Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash- Didn't makemy acne worse but didn't help it whatsoever. CVS Pharmacy's Energizing Facial Cleanser- Same as Neutrogenas. It didn't made my skin feel any better in the morning. No,sir!
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    Pathothen- Had aboslutely no effect. Clearzine- No effect, as well. Zinc- These were for my amune system. But helped it! Not my acne, though.