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    Don't you love it when people who just had mild acne or none at all say to you it is not that bad of a problem. Damn i put up with this shit for 30 years going to the derm. I will never be the same mentally and socially since my acne started breaking out at age 14. I wish i could trade my problem with those people and in 30 years could tell them....it's not that bad! I have been a recluse most of my life outside of working.
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    Hello, I suffered with the scars sometime during high school and it has been almost a decade since. I promised to give back to this forum if I ever got better because I had spent so much time researching on here when I was suffering. I never thought I would get over it, but I did. I kept putting off this promise even though I've been good for years now, but now I'm combatting another life obstacle, so maybe it is a sign to pay my dues. I have tried a plethora of things from VI peels, microdermab
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    @Enchantingstar I would see Dr Rullan in San Diego. He would be the best to help you with your scar type, especially to do the manual methods (always start with this before energy devices )of the treatment. You have lots of boxcars, some rolling scars, and some icepicks. I would do with Rullan his standard Microneedling, PRF, Canula Subcision, plan. Have him do over dilute sculptra during your procedure. The reason being is you have widespread scars and I want to stimulate some colla
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    As my kinesiologist said, most pharmaceutical products if you were to bring them in, your body will produce a negative response to them on a vibrational level. There’s no one special drug out there that will ever cure us, it’s really a combination of restoring Vit & Min after being depleted by the poison that is Accutane.
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    Like I said insulin will do nothing on ice pick scars but will most likely work on rolling and box scars left from chicken pox. It's a natural filler. It will fill them up for sure. As for appendages, insulin will never get you that. Insulin will do nothing for texture. FS2 when it comes available might help with texture.
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    @Vladpredescu Hi there thanks for posting. I see your face is still breaking out. That should be a top priority to stop even if you have to do low dose Accutane. Otherwise the bacteria could be spread when other procedures are done. If your anxious and depressed over it, it's best if you see a therapist as well. Acne scars not only effect our appearance but make deep internal scars. Half the battle is dealing with the pain they have caused. You do not look like you have been mau
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    Hey, I had very bad flushing in 30mg per day (looked like I was sunburnt sometimes). It started within a few days of taking the tablets and lasted the whole time I was on accutane. Unfortunately, although it is better since stopping, I still get hot very easily day to day, particularly when eating hot food and under stress or exercise. I’m not going to lie, the redness has really been getting me down although my spots are much better than they use to be before accutane. I hope it it
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    @vanBOOM 1) No you can do filler after the first subcision if you wish, ... the swelling must go down for a week or so after first before it's done. For some it's a money issue, so they can do Chinese Cupping - Amazon and then on their final subcisions get filler as needed. I do see filler helping that indented scar. We want filler to be replaced by collagen if you heal well, ... some take more sessions than once. 2) Sure you can continue your clinda - retinoid. In the future you can
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    The biggest mistake we see with TCA is that people treat the wrong scars. Heck, if normal dermatologist don't know how to treat scars, how do we expect someone who subjectively is in a bad place, to make objective decisions on their scar type then attempt to treat them effectively AND safely. Extremely hard to do for anyone- even the most motivated and educated. Making objective decisions in such as subjective topic is near impossible . The good news is that your scars are not hard to treat- one