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    Even though it doesn't feel like it, it is officially Spring. I am so over the winter. Skin wise, my skin is in dire straits at the moment. My period ended today and I continue to break out. I am surprised that my forehead is getting new comedones each day but less surprised that my chin has massive bumps (this seems to be a regular occurrence every other week or so). The area between my nose and mouth also has a few spots. My diet has not improved consistently since my last pos
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    Its been a very long while since I updated here. Because my acne issue is pretty much 100% under control until a few weeks ago. I wanted to find a oil or balm cleanser that can remove waterproof makeup or sunscreen effectively and can be rinsed off with water. So I tried Clinique take the day off balm. Big mistake! I broke out badly especially on my chin... And then I stumbled upon a very helpful and informational website called simple skincare science and learned there is a type of acne that is