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    My treatment was GI Clear 1 GI Clear 4 and Para 1 . I felt terrible while taking these. My foot and lower back pain made me almost quit in the beginning. He said it was die off reaction, I think I was just reacting to some of the ingredients like I do when I eat grains, beans, dairy, or eggs. He then had me take Probio Flora and Sacro Flora. I have tested positive for yeast/fungi overgrowth on a previous stool test. I have taken a LOT of probiotics over the last 10 years but I don't think
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    @khadija_t Your scarring is very minor. You seem to have sensitive skin and heal slowly. You could get away with a few peels. Fraxel 1927nm multiple passes. You only have the slightest textural issues. Many would not even treat this and perhaps get a chemical peel . Your skin looks better than most cases I help daily. We all have some texture, pores, or differences in skin. See Dr H consults for a laser peel or Dr Anil for a chemical peel. I would not subcise you, ... what is there to
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    I'm no expert but from years perusing these forums and general research, I would put you firmly in the "it's too minor, best to do nothing" category. For the effort treatment often involves, you stand to gain very little in my opinion.