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    My Before & After 3 Weeks Of Using The Acne.Org Regimen
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    The acne.org regimen gave me my confidence back!!
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    I suffered with mild acne in certain areas of my phase and LOTS OF ACNE SCARS. WASH, MOISTURIZER, TREATMENT, The first 2-3 month of use was ugly. Lots of bacteria extracted. After the extraction my skin did become dry. ADDED THE CHEMICAL PEEL 4-6 beautiful skin started to show.
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    Hi, my name is Clara, I’m a French user and I went to share with you my experience. The first picture was taking 2 month ago, the second one 1month ago and the next one today. I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I’m, I was so insecure during years but those products change my life.#Acnepostivity
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    The following album host my recent uploads from my Youtube channel. Please feel free to subscribe to my channel. ALL are welcome to like, share, and comment on my videos. Thanks in advance. Be sure to comment "ACNE.ORG SENT ME" so I can recognize who you are!
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    Before and after the regimen.
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    Okay so around June 2015 (when I posted my first post) my skin wasn't too bad but it sucked, I had little bumps EVERYWHERE and they did not want to go away, so I went to the dermatologist some time after and they prescribed me a generic version of Retin-A. It worked fairly good, all the nasty stuff under my skin started surfacing and popping but it reached a point where everything started to surface and not go away. So I was a face full of pus and to top everything off, I started having cystic a
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    These are my before & after pics of using the Acne.org regimen.
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    I used to have an acne issue for several years, especially in my teens. It progressively got worse until to the point when i wanted to take measures really badly. Then i was described with Isotretinoin Actavis and... it really helped, but those side effects tho...