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    For me, one of the worst parts of suffering from adult acne (moderate and sometimes, pretty darn gnarly) is the anxiety and pain associated with low self-esteem. I NEVER leave the house without makeup, and have a minor panic attack when camping, traveling, or sleep-overs are involved in my plans (how will I wash my face? Will people see me without my makeup? I'll have to get up at 5 am to get ready, just so no one will see my bare skin...). I also model, and you can imagine how hard it is to see
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    Hello everyone, I've had moderate acne since I was 12/13 (I believe my acne is mostly hormonal and make up related). I'm turning 27 this month, and my struggle has only worsened through adulthood (until recently). I'm sharing my regiment with the world with hope that it will help some of you. (Also note, I just purchased the basic kit through this site, and I will update once used for 30 days). *Failed attempts include: antibiotics, Spirolactone, topical Retinol, ProActive, endless over the co
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    It's been three days that I've used the dermazinc soap and my Seb derm seems much better. I still have very oily skin and still not sure how to fight that. Maybe I need to moisturize..I just seem to react to anything and everything which is why I have cut down on using all products..I wish it was as simple as one ingredient that I was allergic to so I can avoid it but it isn't so. It could also just be that my skin conditions have made my skin super sensitive so it reacts to everything. I think
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    No surprise but the hospital didn't phone back...shall email the consultant over the weekend. Still happy with the minimal spots that I am getting , until I get my blood tests and new prescription I am going to do as suggested by 'Wittysock' and take the rest of the pack on alternate days so that my body stays used to the meds.
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    The first month is over (: It's my first day on my stop week after 21 pills. My skin is still the same, haven't noticed any major improvements of my blemishes. In the last 2 weeks I've only gotten a few big pimples on my forehead. On my cheeks are still the blemishes from my initial breakout. I'm starting today with a new skincare product, Paula's choice 2% BHA lotion. It claims to brighten up my post acne marks. Hopefully it will do his job. Overall it was a good first month and I hope my perio
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    Officially in the second month. What can I say? The first month was hell. Still not sure if my initial breakout is over. I didn't wipe my face with a rag in the shower last night so there's a bunch of dry skin on my face and I wear makeup so when I ate lunch all the makeup on my chin cracked. Embarrasing. Anyways I literally probably have about 20-25 spots on my face. Only one of them is big though but most of them are on my chin so yeah. I'm just trying to stay out of anything social altogether
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    Hello everyone! I thought I would post a quick update. As for side effects my lips have been getting dry, but with aquaphore they are manageable. My face is greasier than normal and I can tell that the clogged pores around the chin crease area are starting to appear bigger and look like little balls under the skin, if that makes sense. I think the skin is trying to push them towards the surface. The worst side effect is my back pain. I have been sitting a lot lately because of the amount of
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    5th week on accutane ended! I don't see any changes, I'm still having new pimples right now and I still have red marks. I'm not experiencing any eccessive dryness on my face and on my lips, I would say it's completly under control. My hair is still a little bit oily. Next week I will see my dermatologist.. hope everything will be fine! These are some pictures of how my skin looks today, after 5 weeks on accutane (40 mg\day). Compared to the other pictures (which you can see in my last entries) ,
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    So I royally messed up my face the other day. I messed with 2 clogged pores on the right side of my face and made what wouldn't have been a bit deal at all, a total mess. My skin got irritated and then ripped and peeled. UGH. It was terrible. Slowly, my skin on my right cheek is healing, and I also have a red mark on my left cheek from a clogged pore there. My skin is really, really sensitive still, which I forgot. I'm applying moisturizer like crazy, but for the past 2 nights I have N
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    it is officially 16 weeks and 1 day of consistent use and I am currently going through one of the worst breakouts since starting. There are so many inflamed red bumps that I don't even know where to stop counting. My right side lower chin/cheek/jaw is taking the brunt of it too. Other than that , I have smaller inflamed bumps in my hairline and on my left cheek and mouth. My forehead is the only clear area. I am utterly devastated at this point. I won't see my derm till the end of June and my na