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    I FELT THIS POST WAY TOO HARD. I’m lookin major ugly rn on day 21 and when my derm ups my dosage I know it’s about to rock my world and wreck my face. To answer your Q, I no longer use topicals because I feel like with the dryness, they’d do more harm than good and cause irritation. It is tempting though with all this crap Best of luck to you, hang in there we’ll get thru this(hopefully)!!!
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    leelowe! You're still here! I stayed completely clear for a full year (I moved to a different state, the stress caused me to stop having periods, so my breakouts stopped, TMI I know). I'm now back to acne and on Spiro as well-been on it for years. Good to see my mail acne.org supporter still here.
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    Hi weid(wo)man!! Thanks so much for your response it means the world to me. I love this website and overall community and knowing that I'm not alone and that other people understand what I'm going through. It makes me feel so much better that we both have been on it about the same amount of time and we're still seeing new zits. Soooo frustrating! I actually recently upped my dosage to 150mg (added an extra 50 after not seeing much difference from the 100 on my own -I know bad lol but I felt I kn
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    Omg I'm so jealous! Hopefully you stay permanently clear after the course is done
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    Your skin looks beautiful!! I am so happy to hear that differin has worked so well for you. I just finished 3 months and down to one bump and mainly post inflammation hyperpigmentation. Quick question, did the differin helped in fading the redness and acne marks?
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    Allergies can definitely cause stomach issues - I had the same problem with wheat and gluten. I also get that way but from regular milk. I agree, taking a holistic approach is also important - I'm going to see a PCOS specialist soon so I can determine exactly what herbs, teas and foods I need to be eating for my thyroid and insulin resistance. Have you been diagnosed with PCOS? No problem. There are lots of herbs for PCOS and hormonal acne to try as well, like Licorice, Peony, red clover, bl
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    I agree, every drug will have its side effects. If i can find something natural though, I truly believe its the healthiest way. I think the gassiness was actually due to an almond milk allergy I just found out about (how funny, I thought I was doing myself a favour by cutting out milk!) but I notice hair loss. Not sure if it can start that fast (first 2 weeks of accutane) but I decided to stop the medication for now and keep trying natural stuff. I think I'm too much of a hypochondriac to take a
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    I feel you Adeel. I was using 10 AHA for a long time and it was working beautifully but i wanted to step up my skin game and get better results so i upgraded to 15 AHA. My skin is going through that ugly purging period and I cannot stand it! I'm going home for the holidays and whilst i'm exciting to see my family, I cannot help but feel like I dont want to go there and show my face. Was skyping with my parents today and my dad asked what happened to my face (during our last couple of skype sessi
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    Thank you so much. The neck/back breakout it caused was more traumatic for me than the hair loss, mainly since my back has been clear for years and it sucks to now have small PIH marks from the weird acne rash it made. I actually did lose 1 eyebrow today but it may have been from tugging on them [bad habit]. It's better than before where every single time I washed my fingertips would be covered in lashes and eyebrow hairs. I feel like spiro is one of those drugs that you NEED to get a hormon