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    I avoid these concern posts every few months but because I have been contacted a few times I will address the topic here. Firstly I need a definition of what LEGIT treatments are. This is a nebulous term with many meanings. Scars do have treatments currently, they take time and work, many do not want to put out the effort, $$$$, or have the down time. Are we comparing severe scarring, body scarring, light scarring, those who cannot heal properly, those who want to complain, those who want
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    Don't you love it when people who just had mild acne or none at all say to you it is not that bad of a problem. Damn i put up with this shit for 30 years going to the derm. I will never be the same mentally and socially since my acne started breaking out at age 14. I wish i could trade my problem with those people and in 30 years could tell them....it's not that bad! I have been a recluse most of my life outside of working.
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    Hello, I suffered with the scars sometime during high school and it has been almost a decade since. I promised to give back to this forum if I ever got better because I had spent so much time researching on here when I was suffering. I never thought I would get over it, but I did. I kept putting off this promise even though I've been good for years now, but now I'm combatting another life obstacle, so maybe it is a sign to pay my dues. I have tried a plethora of things from VI peels, microdermab
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    I agree with @EagleEva. I'm actually really disturbed by the what happened with Syd. From what I could tell, she was not lying about anything. It was simply a case of someone who was told to expect significant improvement and did not get anything close to what was promised. I understand sometimes that happens. Not every patient has the kind of knowledge or experience as veteran members here. Hell, all of the knowledge I've contributed here has been from my own trial and errors and real
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    Meh. I used to feel the same way, but 80% improvement is possible. My pictures are not faked and show a couple scars that have been nearly removed completely with just 2 subcisions. Some people will never be satisfied unless they have the skin of a 5 year old.
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    I have paid £150 for a private dermatologist appointment. i will let you know how it works out
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    Seriously... what? I gotta believe some of you are just trolling the board at this point. If that's how you get your kicks, so be it. Again, it was released LAST YEAR. As in 2017. Yes, ten years... based on what exactly? And when did less than a month in count as well into a year? Look, SkinTE is out right now. It was out in 2017 for commercial use for scars and wounds of various types. That's not debatable, that's fact, unless you think PolarityTE is just making stuff up, consequences
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    From the album: 5th September 2013

    I've reached the 6th month mark of using a combination of Epiduo and Eryacne (topical antibiotic) and my skin is perfectly clear. When I stopped following the regimen and switched to Epiduo I did start to break out a little but nothing too major. The minor breakouts continued for a good 3-4 months but its now all settled down and my skin is acne free. In this photo (taken at work under florescent lighting) I don't have any makeup on apart from mascara, blush and chap-stick on my lips (I'm
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    Guys, I really think you should try what has worked for me, @Canucklehead12 and @UnusualClub which is Benzoyl Peroxide. I know some of you have tried it in the past and it didn't work. However, the first step is to eliminate the source of this bacteria which are your nostrils. Gram negative and positive bacteria including staph grows in your nostrils. Simply clean them with hibiclens for 30 secs using a Q tip for 3 to 5 days. Also apply hibiclens to your face for 2min. Hibiclens is a micro
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    There’s been a lot of talk about stress and acne lately. I’d like to demystify the topic, in order to bring it under people’s control. I want to show a little bit about how this connection works, and how it can be used in a very tangible way for healing. The word ‘stress’ is so vague it almost has no meaning. To people who are stressed out, knowing you’re stressed doesn't really help, except that now you can be stressed about being stressed. I’d like to break it down and see what’s really behind