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    a life saver

    I waited a full month to review this product to see if the results were a fluke, but at this point, I don't think they are. I've always suffered from acne in varying degrees. When I was 26, I finally found a combo that essentially gave me perfect skin: 100 mg of spiro/day and Ziana (clindamycin/tretinoin gel) every night. Well, this year (at age 28), my husband I decided we wanted to start a family, so I stopped both. I was nervous; I suffer tremendously from anxiety and depression linked to my
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    Amazing Results

    I started using this regimen out of desperation. About 2 months before I started using this product I had switched from the pill birth control to an IUD. Within a short amount of time the switch had thrown my hormones out of wack. I developed cystic acne and it grew and grew. It got to the point where I would only leave the house to go to classes and that was it. I was incredibly self-conscious of my skin and the acne on it. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and i knew something needed to be do
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    Life changing

    Differin is the only product to finally clear my cystic acne. I am 38 years old, and started my battle with the dreaded chin cysts in my early 20's. I will share my story in hopes it helps you. I am red head and fair skin that is not only sensitive and reactive but also partly oily and was prone to painful, ugly, embarrassing cysts. All of the other acne products caused redness and flaking. An old boyfriend once told me, Eew, it looks like your face is peeling off. That was horrif
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    Literally was covered in acne for about 4 months and nothing from the doctor, pharmacy or natural remedies had any impact at all in stopping it. It was so bad I went to the doctor for some other problem and the first thing he did was comment on my acne and book me an appointment with a dermatologist for accutane, but decided to have one more attempt at stopping it with some other products online that I hadn't tried as I have really bad ezcema with dry skin so the accutane would have l
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    This changed my life

    Acne.org truly changed my life and this is the story: Roughly 6 years ago (I was 8) I started to notice pimples on my forehead, small whiteheads. There were only a few but I started to feel so different from everyone else because I was 8, nobody had skin problems at that age. Luckily, my best friend started to get pimples at that time too so I wasn't alone. I was Avery confident child and the pimples didn't bother me too much.Few years past and my pimples would come and go, I stil had very
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    I have had several v-beam treatments done over the past few months. It is a process and it will take time but if you are consistant I highly recommend it. Together with my perscribed regimen my skin is completely restored from redness and severe acne that I thought at one point I'd have to live with forever. It feels great!! I also changed my diet. High sugar and salty, greasy foods made me breakout so it helped the process move along progressively.