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    Hope you get great results! Good luck with the recovery.
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    @hsd87 two studies, comparing TCA vs Phenol. One in Brazil and one in Korea: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26849087 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/286647211_A_comparative_study_of_the_efficacy_and_safety_of_100_TCA_CROSS_and_phenol_CROSS_for_atrophic_acne_scarring Another thread here in which @dodgerguy did both, and prefers Phenol:
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    While there is an amount of despair there is also this push from some overoptimistic people that acne has upsides. To be honest it does not. There is a perception that acne sufferer's age less which is absolutely not true because the inflammation overtime damages our collagen leading to not only scars but an accelerated wrinkling process. Acne leads to social isolation and rigid thinking (focusing too much on how skin looks, diet and other things) which hinders a person, especially a young
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    Scaring is fibrosis. Wrinkle is not. Wrinkle is normal tissue eg has hair follicle, sweat gland etc scar does not have these. You clearly have no clue even what a scar is. Go back a few steps in your learning first. There is zero correlation between “baby face” (which btw fat gives baby face, not the skin) and Cytrellis. Lol
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    this is amazing , how come not alot of people are commenting on this.
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    @californiakid IF you research this site we say over and over. Skin is incredibly slow to heal. It takes about 3-6 months. When Dr's do treatments monthly it is for their benefit alone quicker $$$$. Constant swelling hides issues, and does not allow time to reflect on how the treatment is healing naturally. Sure some do these mega sessions with 5 things at once, ... then they come to the site and ask why nothing worked. Your body is not meant to do quick treatments readily. Secondly if you get f
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    Day 5 after the treatment ! first time I can feel A real improvement that’s why I have bought my second trip in India in 3 month for another session
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    That's great to hear @elkhalde . So, you've been drinking milk kefir, did you prepare it yourself or just bought a ready one from the store ? You also mentioned Garlic with yogurt ? Is that some kind of sauce that you made or?
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    @lizuca10 I typically use the patches on irritated or popped zits to help it heal faster. I've had the ones with no head as well, but the patches didn't do much until they were closer to the surface (from my experience at least). I think they work best on whiteheads. Sometimes with the bigger, deeper type I could use a hot compress (washcloth with hot water) to draw it to the surface and then use the patch afterwards.
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    Hi I have rolling scars on my cheeks. Some of them that were sunken down and tethered evelated after subcision 3x, others not so much, because they are shallower and more extensive. I'm hoping that the cannula technique of Dr. Emil could give me some improvement with these.
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    It just looks too good to be true, doesn't it? Usually when something looks too good to be true, it is not. Looks like marketing to me.
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    I went to see Rullan on the same day as you I believe and was unsure of when to start suctioning. I will probably start tonight as well.
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    Day 8 update: scabs have fallen off, about 1/3-1/2 of them are gone. The scabs on my temples are particularly stubborn. The skin underneath is mostly not red (few are) but definitely indented more than when I started, which is expected. Still have some bruising but everything is improving. Feeling optimistic will start cupping once 90% of the scabs are off. https://imgur.com/a/9KFme17
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    Sure it might be safer than TCA but is it as effective? Maybe someone who has done both tca and phenol can comment.
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    Thank you! and yes, the redness did go away after about two days so it was fine but i thought it would last a whole week thats why i was freaking out! and do you use hydrocolloid patches on fresh zits with no head, more like papules? those are the types of pimples i get, and i feel like they wouldn't work on it.
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    @swen It’s possible that mine are falling off faster because Dr Rullan used a lighter coat, it feels like the deeper the scar the more firmly attached the scabs are. And also areas of less movement like the temples take longer to come off. My sense is that the way your scars look are completely normal!
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    Quick update that a few scabs are starting to loosen and fall off as I wash my face, and I expect that a significant number of scabs will fall off tomorrow. This is similar to the timeline as my last three CROSS sessions. This time around, I kept the use of Aquaphor to a minimum, and instead used my normal moisturizer (Dr Sam's) and sunscreen (LaRoche Posay). A few days in and I'm noticing some redness, dryness, and itchiness, so next time around, I will go back to using Aquaphor more heavi
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    I think the beanie is cute! I have used hydrocolloid patches before and the redness thing happened to me once or twice - I think just because the sticky stuff irritated my skin - but I haven't had that problem in a while and I use them pretty often now. I have noticed that different brands kind of make my skin react differently. Right now I'm using Avarelle brand acne patches and I like them. As for the redness, when I had that problem I usually had to wait it out unless it was caused
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    Swen, I went to see Rullan on Thursday as well for the same treatment! We probably just missed crossing paths. I had a similar experience to you..the only difference I think is that I got fewer than the 200 CROSS scabs that you mentioned (maybe 100), and I ended up getting Erbium laser as well. I wasn’t planning for that, but he suggested it for my scar type during the treatment and I just decided to go with it, although I did ask him to do it conservatively as I’m nervous about side e
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    Hey there, Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear you had the treatment with him too, hope your results are favorable. I am actually doing carbolic CROSS + subcision, no microneedling. Can I still use dermablend starting 4 days after? It sucks because I have to go back to work on day 5. Hopefully I won't scare the children at work away. Also, my cetaphil moisturizer has 30 SPF in it. Is it still okay to use while healing? I am Asian as well, so I guess longer healing time for me.
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    I’ve had CROSS with Dr Rullan a few times and just used Aquaphor to keep it moist, though it does make the scabs fall off more easily so I’m considering not using Aquaphor when I go in again to see him for CROSS on Wednesday. Don’t try using makeup to cover the scabs up, I’ve tried it a few times and it just ends up looking worse. I could not get it to look natural. After the scabs do fall off the new skin will be pink, even on tan skin like mine. So that’s easier to cover up with tin
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    Hmm 4 days can be tricky. The most scabs will pretty much still be there. You do want to keep the scabs for as long as possible. I remember one time I had to write a test 4 days after procedure - I did feel uncomfortable but I just kept focusing on the results. Dermablend is ok, imo. Wear a scarf when outside to protect the skin against the cold and cover it up a bit. Good luck and success with the treatment.
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    By far best treatment i had

    I tried many otc products and visited a couple of derma already. This is by far the most effective and consistent treatment i had. I have been using this since 2014 together with the Regimen facial wash, moisturizer and AHA. My acne has been controlled since then. Unlike proactiv which was only effective for the first 2yrs. So happy to came across this website and community. I even recommended this to my friends Note: First 2 photos were BEFORE; latter photos are AFTER
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    haha please don't find a real doctor to do it. It can cause permanent burns if you mess up,
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    I did phenol CROSS in April with subcision and filler (no microneedling), and I like the results more then TCA treatments I did last fall. Didn't cause too much hyperpigmentation and no scar widening like TCA did. I don't think that he went too heavy with phenol though because I had graduation coming up in 3 weeks. If your son has ice pick scars, for sure do CROSS. TCA did raise up all the deep pits from ice pick and box car scars I had, which is important it just depends on how the patient reac
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    I went to Dr Rullan a few times. He's a genuinely good person and knows his stuff. But I have to say, he oversold the effectiveness of his 2 day phenol peel. He claims 80% average improvement, but that is just bullshit unless you are counting multiple touch-up sessions with filler and other things after that are not included in the phenol price. Phenol is a slam dunk for wrinkles, not so much for scars. I had excellent results with his full face subcision and round of silicon filler
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    Hello everyone I just finished up another session with Dr Rullan this morning and wanted to give you an update! Procedures done today were the "trio" of Subcision, Phenol CROSS, and Microneedling. In additional, I did PRF Scalp shots This was very close to prior treatments I did with him, except that he decided to inject PRF into my face as well as scalp. The reason, he said, was that my scars have softened enough, so I am now ready to start looking at fillers. He said that fillers usu
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    Hi all, Could someone explain why microneedling and TCA peels are so synergistic?
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    @acne_skin_queen I would not bother with the EDs, ... just another microneedling machine. If it's cheap, it's up to you to do it and tell us your experience. I really think microneedling should be a at home procedure. If you need the next step there is rf needling which is more like a laser and in fact can be stronger with the proper settings. Sadly there is lots of marketing hype in the aesthetics field with broken promises. One can easily do chemical peels and microneedling DIY, unless you wan
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    Okay, so dermarolling/stamping/derminator/dr. pen, all apply to microneedling They simply have different delivery methods. The peeling you're experiencing is a relatively normal process after microneedling. It happens due to a few factors. To name a couple, it usually happens more with longer needles and if there's a fair amount if pinpoint bleeding. Basically the skin is shedding to make way for newer skin. It's best to allow it to shed naturally as the skin underneath is still fresh
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    @Booper 24-hrs you can do your normal routine, You can clean the peeling off gently but don't exfoliate or be to harsh as we don't want to open up the channels again. That is not common to have peeling after Derminator, sounds like you went at it too hard for your skin type which needed a bit gentler. I suggest you use water several hrs after the procedure. If you want to use soap it's like injecting it into your skin, so no we don't need to be overly hygienic as this can cause dermatitis, we do
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    You must do peels in conjunction with your microneedling (alternating months or a few peels a year). Needling alone won't get most people there. Stamping scars while it stimulates collagen does not fix scar competently, no mono-treatment does. I often tell people if they cannot afford treatments (energy devices)... Do your DIY microneedling and peels at home. Get one or two sessions a year of subcision for the pits. If you have sensitive skin you can damage it with microneedling, many go w
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    @tryinghard123 Hi there, You have made a serious accusation against Dr Lim. Perhaps I will inquire with Dr Lim's office for his response, he is not allowed to post here on the forums after all as a Dr. Can you help us understand how this is true. I have seen no before and after pictures to compare. You state he used your pictures in a Instagram and they were not truthful, please provide that video or picture (And Before and After Pictures) so we can compare. You state "how
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    Thanks for the reply BA. Don't worry I know that any invasive treatment contains a risk. I agree, Derminator is pretty good for its price. I used to do manual needling in the past (single needling and dermastamp). Although, I only used the dermastamp twice. But the Dermaneedling I've had 3 to 4 sessions. I only do it once every 5 weeks but, I haven't been consistent so It's more like once every 4 to 5 months. I have also done peels for years but I never go to a really high %. I've done, 15% gly
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    @ajk7776 Your products look fine, ... you just want them to be as simple ingredients as possible. I am not a big fan of vitamin c with microneedling. Wait till the needle channels heal up 24-hrs before applying any vitamin C as it's acidic and can cause a reaction. You get a boost just with microneedling. Topicals can be used at another time. HA serum is to glide the needles but not really necessary with the derminator. You don't have to apply these every night. Everyone's skin is different.
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    @getschwifty Oh in that case...sounds bad about your treatment, see Dr Rullan - SD. @ALL_Posters Regarding Nokor vs Cannula... They are surgical tools. As time progresses so does the usage and evolution of using new and existing tools. The dentist uses different surgical tools, heart surgeons do surgery's different ways. some people have severe scarring and need Nokor. A cannula will not cut through thick fibrosis, ... even if you cannot physically see it above the skin. That is the issue h
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    Simple. Yes this is in the FAQ under subcision, top post of the scar solutions sub. You can overlap your pumps, the treatment head is small ... to cover the area. Your suctioning for the amount of seconds. You are creating a bruise so be aware of this, ... to develop tissue under the pit. Wear concealer or medical makeup like dermablend if need be (See skin section and makeup). This is per scar 2-3 pumps on each scar for 4-6 seconds Passes mean the passes of the whole skin, yes your rig
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    I second the bone broth!! It is really easy to make a huge batch (or you can have it storebought.) it's really great to sip on in the cold weather too!
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    I used this before and I definitely recommend it. Didn't break me out and was really moisturizing although i don't recommend you using this durin winter because it's light. You need something thicker. Maybe during summer you can use this.
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    @Sirius Lee Self research really seems to be the best way to suss out the good doctors from the bad, tho of course its not 100 percent fool proof. If I didn't have this site I might be getting a Fraxel 1550 all over my face at the moment, and end up with burnt collagen, and a permanently blistered face. This is probably why its best to learn all the terminology @Obi wan is throwing out, instead of asking for it to be dumbed down. That's what an unprepared doctor would do, dumb down the terminolo
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    Update: I've attached new pictures under harsh lightning: Left Side: http://imgur.com/eNtYFG2 http://imgur.com/neUqbTV Right Side: http://imgur.com/bPbOdws I'm very happy with the improvement. The time I can tell the biggest difference is when using a public restroom. Before I did the treatment the scars looked extremely bad, and it was really hard to even look at myself. But now it's a night/day difference. The right side ended up seeing the biggest improvement. Only thing with
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    I'm new to this so I'm not exactly sure how to respond directly to you UtmostGeese! But thank you all the same, I appreciate that! I spend most of my time in mirrors/my phone camera/reflections of windows/etc so I've had a LOT of time studying my scars (I'd say 10 years worth!) but hearing his like that make all the difference I've taken a few more photos this morning, just to show how recovery looks like, it's not actually bad at all - I feel like today I could definitely apply some make up
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    So it's been 2 weeks since my 2nd subcision. I cannot get over the results! I'm going to wait until week 3 or 4 to post pictures because that's when I saw the best results last time, but I can't get over how much better my skin looks in all kinds of lighting. I keep expecting to look in the mirror and flinch, but every time I'm pleasantly surprised by how much less noticeable the scars are. They've lifted even more, and doing it a second time definitely was worth it and made a big difference. Th
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    i did a at home subcision and it left me with major bruising lol ...i member goin to the gym and people giving me the wierdest looks....its crazy how people that don't stress from bad skin think we are all nuts
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    Update: the swelling is gone and the areas are still noticeably smoother, especially on both cheekbones where cystic scarring was prevalent in areas spanning a few inches. Those were the areas that responded the best and also where I had the most swelling (large, raised bubbles immediately after treatment). I think it's because my surgeon did such large areas at once. The scarring was also the worst there. I would estimate at least 60% improvement in those cheekbone areas. I've been taking vitam
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    With my first three subcision procedures, I had swelling and bruising. After the swelling subsided, I could see the scars again and then they would eventually fill - some more than others. This is a process that takes weeks or months to complete in some cases. With my fourth subcision treatment, I used the 'suction method' and the scars on my left check never reappeared. You should take a look at the study to see if this is something you want to consider. Good luck.
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    sorry to boot this back up. Does Dr. Sire perform both regular subcision AND saline subcision?
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    Today is the day! Going in a couple hours. I am hoping to see some improvement. I was told that it could take many months to see any improvement. Hopefully I might see it sooner rather than later. Trying to stay optimistic. Hope for the best.
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    Hey lainielynn, I am currently on Saline subcision too! i just did 2 sessions out of 6 so far. i pay 840 for 6 session from Dr. Sire (the man who invented/pioneered the saline subcision). He's in FULLERTON CA tho. But yeah... I've seen some improvement so far... possibly 30% on the rolling scars/saucer scars. For me... its only 90% during for the first 3 days after the injection... then it levels down a bit and stays. hopefully by 6 session... ill at least 50% improvement.
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    subcision- about 30-35percent improvement. saline injection- 10-20percent improvement. CO2- 5-10percent improvement Erbum- 0-5percent improvement