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    Everything I’ve experienced has already been commented on in this thread. Sending you all lots of love. There are good scar treatment methods out there, there is hope! Even if you never treat the scars, life is still beautiful and worth living. You are valid, you are loved and you have a purpose in this world. additionally, I just remembered I did a video addressing this issue (or just a random flow of consciousness) while ago, feel free to check it out note this was before I got my s
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    Hello everyone, it's been a week since I visited Dr Rullan in Chula Vista. I had filler and subcision. I will post pictures when I can. For some reason, when I use my phone, I can't upload anything which is kinda annoying.. I've only recently encountered this problem. Anyway, I like the sub + filler combo. It's very effective. I will be holding off from treating until who knows - perhaps I will treat again in April 2020 and see Dr Rullan for the trio treatment.
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    Your scars are a testament to how far you've come. Acne is a beast as is many skin disorders. Part of winning the battle is our mindset. Allowing yourself to feel frustrated about your scars is good but then let those feelings go. Print out a picture of your acne at your worst and place it next to a picture of your current skin. You will see the progress and be reminded that you are much further along than you were before. Merry Christmas! Get out there and shine like a diamond
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    By far best treatment i had

    I tried many otc products and visited a couple of derma already. This is by far the most effective and consistent treatment i had. I have been using this since 2014 together with the Regimen facial wash, moisturizer and AHA. My acne has been controlled since then. Unlike proactiv which was only effective for the first 2yrs. So happy to came across this website and community. I even recommended this to my friends Note: First 2 photos were BEFORE; latter photos are AFTER
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    I doubt 20 years , this decade will be it , this decade we will be free of scars.
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    Helen Wright June 3, 2019 · Ripon · Please help me by sharing this post about the dangers of taking ISOTRETINOIN (or ROACCUTANE) for acne. As most of you will know, our beautiful daughter, Annabel, took her own life a month ago. She was 15 years old. We have struggled to make any sense of this as she was a happy go lucky teenager with no signs of depression. However, she was taking the anti-
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    It always looks better in the morning due to swelling and puffiness. Multiple people on here reported about it but people seem to ignore this. If I would take after pictures of any procedure in the morning, you would think that I barely have scars left but after swelling goes down throughout the day, scars become more visible. Thats why before and after pictures don't necessarily have to be photoshopped or taken in different angles/lighting to be misleading or fake results ... the swel
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    Subcision, then wair a month or so for the swelling to go down so that they can inject the HA filler more accurately. Then after 3 months try something like rf microneedling (infini) and gauge what works for you. Even though the filler is temporary, it acting as a spacer helps to induce collagen so it contributes to long term results. I have seen the best results in spots where I did filler. I recommend pming beautifulambition on here. They don’t respond to posts anymore but they give comprehens
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    Definitely try subcision first. Keep doing subcision until improvements are insignificant, then do other procedure for overall texture.
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    Hey @cnb30 I have been testing it on and off, since the methanol *it could* add to the DH system would not be helpful, but like you mentioned the snapback effect from taking it seems to be real. To note for others, pectin is very good at binding vitamin A in our bile for excretion.
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    I developed cystic acne at 45yrs old this past summer. It mainly affected my forehead but I got several on my cheeks. I've never had cystic acne in my life. I tried a ton of treatments but no improvement what so ever until now. Lactoferrin and a zinc and copper supplement taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Lactoferrin is a protein that transports iron, zinc and other minerals in the body. There are scientific studies that involve these with vitamin e. I didn't include the
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    I did Infini rf. It is one of the best treatment I have gotten, but I only realised how effective it is 6 months after my last session. What is impressive is it successfully filled some shallow scars that even subcision couldn't do anything about. Deeper scars showed maybe 50% improvement, but I did do some subcision too so I'm not sure how much credit could be given to Infini. Side effects - yes, you will have grid marks, but they aren't obvious. You'll mostly look a little red, like you'
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    @LuckyAce which doctor, so that we know who to avoid for TCA cross?
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    I am having much success using allantoin on my face. It is working to fade the redness, fade the acne scars, and it causes a slight sloughing every week or so, and best of all, it doesn't burn or sting when I apply. In fact, it is rather gentle. Allantoin is often added as an ingredient to creams and lotions but in small or unknown amounts. What I have done is make a 2% solution and apply after washing, let it dry, then apply whatever else I want to use. Over the years, I have tried AH
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    I think it was around USD $1600 for subcision. As soon as his assistant told me the price I zoned out about Infini cause he would offed me one without the other. I think we shouldn't get too carried away between Infini and Genius. I'm most certain they're almost the same. It's like wondering if Colgate Mint or Colgate Peppermint will kill the bacteria in your mouth.
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    Looks good thanks for keeping us updated with pictures and your progress. How often are you planning on doing the tca cross?
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    @SkinnyStrong I for sure will.
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    @SkinnyStrong okay thanks I will give it a try, thanks for the advice. Gave me more insight on the acne type I have.
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    Hello, I have been feeling really low and suicidal over the past couple of weeks. 31 may not be old overall, but it is old to start dating for the first time. Men will think I am weird when I am that old and have no dating/relationship experience whatsoever. Currently I don't have an interesting life, as a matter of fact I have no life at all besides work. But I want to work on that, too and start making friends again.
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    It is not true about Roaccutane. Only 40% are permanently cured other 60% suffer with coming back acne. I had roa for 5 courses and after 6 years of remission I have it back( but the roa is the only drug which helps even only temporary.
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    Generally, TCA can make scars wider with your skin type. I also have olive oil type skin, so for us and Asians TCA CROSS can make things worse when you first start using it. After my third TCA CROSS (80%), I stoped because I felt like the holes weren't filling like they're supposed to and was afraid things were looking worse. The left side was way worse. So this was December 2018. Spent 2019 doing 3 subcisions, 3 phenol CROSS, a few Vbeam, and a microneedling session as well. My right side
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    7th day. Most of scabs has felt. So far so good except one scar on my right check i feel its way wider than before. However i know its early to judge now. on the other hand ,there are some of those scares that felt early on 4th day formed another light scabs. Don know actually is this normal or not. Time will tell.... Here is the scar that got wider Here is the scars that formed new scabs after the old one felt on 4th day Here are more clear pic
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    Hi @Strugglingteen:( Thank you for the pictures, and sharing your story. As some others have said, you are lucky because you are starting treatment young, so healing is faster. Also, you live in a time when acne scarring techniques have evolved so much there is a technique for almost every type of scar. When I was your age, it was only dermabrasion, and when I was slightly older, Smoothbeam. Subcision was only a few years old, and many older derms in my country haven't perfected the technique ye
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    Starting with subcision is wise. What you want to see is the hard edge removed from your boxscar scars. Do as many sessions as you can until little or no results is seen. Then go on to both TCA cross for the smaller deeper scars and infini rf for an overall "lift". Chemical peels...nah. If you want a surface remodelling, any energy device work better.
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    I’ve never taken accutane but as far as the upset stomach/weight loss I did suffer from malnutrition from a pancrease issue (pancreatitis/enzyme deficiency). I take digestive enzymes (Creon) every time I eat and they have helped tremendously. It could explain the fatigue and other symptoms. Also look into vitamin d3 and calcium pills. Best of luck!
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    Nothing works. There is no medical help for permanent brain and body damage. There was an article in The Guardian regarding the 11 reported sucides in the UK from this drug this past year. I am certain the number is higher. This drug causes brain and body damage. With permission, I will repost my friend's response to the article that she posted on one of the accutane support sites. This is NO cure, but information getting out for others who may show up...With Love and Support: To an
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    Just be patient, honestly.
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    No, I would definitely not recommend Accutane. Because if your purpose is to shrink your sebaceous glands permanently, you will also change other precious things in your body, and this is going to bring you a lot of trouble. And as leelowe1 said, this could have an impact on health even long after you take it. About how I think Accutane works, read https://www.acne.org/forums/topic/385242-advice-would-be-so-helpful-accutane/#comment-3625189 About acne from a psychological point of view
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    Hi @Tomh82. I’m glad the side effects are vanishing. Do you still have dry eyes? If you just took a few pills for a few days, I think they will get back to normal. Be patient. Maybe you can help by not straining your eyes too much, like using too much the computer or smartphone. Blinking more your eyes. And avoiding, if possible, direct wind on the eyes or too much air conditioning or dry places, that kind of things. I don’t know if I would recommend using an eye lubricant, a drop, just because
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    Interesting. I don't recall it being that much just from a month ago when I was there. Yeah that is a tough one lol. For comparison, the person above stated another Doc in DC charged him $300 for phenol. I've heard they package deal some treatments, so it might be worth it to inquire on what options they might have.
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    I would just like to give a huge thank you to the user Aussie Scientist that has been so helpful with their information on this forum. I've been dealing with this issue since early adolescence, about 12 years old. I'm 24 now. My case of these tiny white plugs is totally an over infestation/imbalance of candida yeast, per what Aussie Scientist mentioned. I have been dealing with two of these lesions on each side of my nose and corner of my mouth for about two months now, it's day 3 of using 1% Cl
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    Wth? Wow your skin improved so much on its own. That's one of the most dramatic cases I've seen. I think after a few treatments you will make good progress. Please continue to update us.
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    Five days ago I had my first round of subcision with a 18g cannula. I am still very swollen and bruised. Going to update in a few weeks.. not having high hopes..
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    @swen congrats on seeing improvements so early with one treatment!
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    Day 5 after the treatment ! first time I can feel A real improvement that’s why I have bought my second trip in India in 3 month for another session
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    Acne Post 1 Hello Good day, my Name is Julien im 28 years old even though i look like a teenager. I want to share my experience with my Skin Problem. I had a strong Acne Vulgaris since im 13 years old. It was on my face and on my upper back. The Acne is with alot of oil on the skin and aloot of blackheads and pimples ranging from small to big ones that are deep and red. Everyday i had new painful pimples. I tried alot of cremes,soaps and chemical cremes and pills from the ph
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    I just saw your reply. Thank you for responding with such a well thought out answer and apologies for the late response on my side. Using a moisturizer indeed seems to have worked wonders. I haven't ditched the salicylic gel since it seems to have kept those tiny innumerable zits at bay. My budget so far is around a 1000 rupees and I make this last for a month atleast. Products from the Ordinary look great if unattainable currently. Maybe in the future. Rarely do I get called han
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    @swen It’s possible that mine are falling off faster because Dr Rullan used a lighter coat, it feels like the deeper the scar the more firmly attached the scabs are. And also areas of less movement like the temples take longer to come off. My sense is that the way your scars look are completely normal!
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    @beautifulambition After few months of research, I have finally got a consultation from a specialist in person. She suggested me to go for infini & ultra pulse 2-3times. And add filler after few treatment completed. She thought subcision is not needed here as the whole treatment could serve the similar purpose as it is. May I know without subcision at my case is it an issue and make my scar tethered? I would like to know more about any side effects for infini and ultra pulse?
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    It's done. Dr. Emery in Thousand Oaks, CA is phenomenal, anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area and needs filler, I recommend her. I would always suction after subcision. No clue about the Sculptra part, never tried it. I don't see a problem though. -- @McPoopy Scoopies not sure. But before considering doing only the phenol peel, read Dr Rullan's publication. It says it's not as effective. -- Voluma update, took this snapshot a bit over a week ago. I've already done
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    Sorry i haven't been back in a while! Wanted to wait to make sure what ive been doing is helping, now id like to point out a couple things; Firstly, ive only done 2 sessions of dermastamp/roll combined/alternated with glycolic peels and secondly, through all my previous peels i dont believe i cleansed my face as well as i should have because its only after the last one i did (70% glycolic acid) that i really FELT the penetration and got some pretty effective exfoliation from it. This is suc
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    hey guys i have had acne problem ever since i was 19 years old now i am 27 i have finally gotten my acne under control now i am left with this ugly scars has been bothering me for years i have just gotten off accutane btw doc told me to wait 6 months before i can do any lasers. can anyone tell me what kind of scars i have so i can better prepare myself before i go for laser?
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    thats how much my skin has healed the last 5 months. So, skin will get better to a certain degree. just give it time. sorry if its not 100 % same position or lighting. i tried for about 10 minutes.
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    I just wanted to pass along some knowledge I’ve gained from having acne for 30 years and the failures and successes I’ve had with certain products. When I and my family went on a vacation to a very dry part of our country, the air on the long flight added to the 10 days we were in super arid air caused my skin to freak out like never before. My skin was both very dry but oily on the surface and my face was covered in acne. Cysts, pimples and whiteheads everywhere. Although I had been on Re
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    Too much too soon

    This is my first time using the acne.org products. I have suffered from adult acne and cystic acne with a lot of hyperpigmentation.  I have spent hundreds of dollars looking for the right skin products and countless of hours at the dermatologist and nothing seemed to work for me.  I have watched how these products transformed my daughter's skin and it gave me skin envy.  Now when i ordered the products i had every intention to follow the instructions and wait for my turn for skin envy.  Any
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    A very realistic thread lol.
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    I just wanted to start a topic that can definitively answer a common question people have about TCA Cross: Should I let the wound scab or keep it moist? I've seen arguments on the board for both sides, but after trying both ways, I can pretty confidently say that moist healing is the way to go. When I had TCA Cross for the first time I let my wounds scab over as per the instructions of many on this board. I ended up being reasonably happy with the results, and I can't say for sure that I wou
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    The answer is yes. Tretinoin, otherwise commonly known as Retin-A, is a synthetic Vitamin A derivative that has been available for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, skin aging as reflected by wrinkling, and photoaging, etc. Tretinoin comes in cream forms ranging in strengths from 0.02% to 0.1%, and in gel forms ranging from 0.01% to 0.1%. Depending on your skin type and other factors individuals can have various commonly observed skin reactions including redness, swelling, peeling,
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    ha ha, I used to take naps before I went out, I felt it helped out a lot. Right now, I'm finding that a full 8 hours of sleep (as opposed to my usual 6 or less) and staying full hydrated keeps my scars looking good.