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    I asked Cytrellis on fb about Hows the microcoring going and they said that its having excellent results when used on wrinklers, scars, acne scars and stretch marks but thay had to close down their offices due to corona and they just reopned. They also said that it slowed their approval and unfortunetly microcoring will be on market early 2021 not latw 2020. Anyway i have hope in this product, have a nice day guys
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    mate, you need to stop posting every random thought you get. One day it’s this herb, next day it’s another, and so on. put a time filter on your posts - maybe once a month update us on what has actually worked and not, and go from there. this thread is great, but blowing out with too much random stuff.
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    The scars often appear worse before getting better. It takes approximately 3 months for the collagen to run its full cycle, so I would wait 3 months before jumping to any conclusion. This is also why you should not repeat another treatment within 3 months.
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    I think it is based on the treatments that you get. For me, I'm currently receiving Fraxel Dual + Subcision. I think my routine is quite simple, and also suggested by my derm. For the first few days, I only use Cetaphil (or similar facewash) + Aquaphor + Vinegar Soak since my skin is very raw. When the swelling subsides, I will return to my normal skin care routine plus Tazorac, which is also used to boost collagen remodeling. And the sunscreen!
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    Yes Sub could be performed with the same needle injecting the filler at the same time. I had it done with my Dr. But I had first Sub with the cannula first. So if the fibrosis is hard so the usual needle would not probably break it. The filler on its own without Sub might be enough but also could lead to a Button effect when the filler spreads around the scar not under it due to unbroken tethers.
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    I've had 3 erbium laser resurfacings. The skin clinic I go to recommends an Aquaphor type product for the first 48 hours. But they recommend switching to a good moisturizer after the first 48 hours since Aquaphor can "be too occlusive" (i.e. it can clog your pores). I've used the Alastin line with Skin Nectar, the Recovery Balm and the Moisturizer. The Skin Nectar is pricey but encourages rapid healing. The Alastin Recovery Balm is extremely similar to Aquaphor. A lot of clinics recom
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    I know you want to be done away with those scars but, as I mentioned earlier, it would be premature to jump to conclusion so soon. Your collagen is still being made so let's see how it looks in 3 months time from your most recent treatment. Before I share my opinion about treatments, I think it's worth going over how the scars change over time. With each treatment, the scars will change their form. They tend to get wider but shallower. Rarely do you see a deep scar disappear with one treatm
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    My husband and I are new to this forum, and we are beyond elated to finally find other people that are dealing with the same issue we are. I was honestly beginning to think we were on our own with this. I guess the beginning is the best place to start so, ours starts 3 years ago. My husband had a short stay as a county guest for possession of marijuana. Although many states are now legal, we live in one that has resisted ANY changes to the laws which would allow fun of any kind
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    MichelaP, I gave you the reason I refuse to post pictures that are not good and do not show my scarring, what about that do you not understand. I gave you my personal story because who in the world would go through that pain for nothing. You have no idea the hell I went through for 40 years and you come on here calling me a liar. Acne scars destroyed my life starting about 12-13. Can I go back and retake pictures from 40 years ago. You have all these treatment options that did not even exis
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    Hi guys, Just wanted to give back to those that are looking for a solution. Spent months on this forum myself a couple years ago. The first image is 2016 pre acne. The second 2 are 2018 mid acne but after my heavy breakouts (no pics of this unfortunately) and the last pic is a couple of minutes ago. To get rid of acne I have made dietary changes which focus on improving my gut lining including easy to digest meals suck as meat and rice. I have removed gluten. For the scarrin
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    Whatsapp group for talkin about healing : https://chat.whatsapp.com/B7l9YYlWR6NCUKNUwCy5lM
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    Haven’t had much to post! I’m wearing makeup in these photos but I’m still feeling pretty good. redness is still there but swelling is gone thankfully.
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    Sub + filler all the way. You have near perfect skin texture despite your scars atrophic nature, so the above is all that is needed.
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    I want to warn people the best I can to save them from trauma to their skin and ultimately, their psyche. I don't have the most sensitive skin but not the best skin either. Although, I have been able to use tons of products and all kinds of various make-ups (seeing as I used to with make-up artists for shoots) without problems. Then, I decided to try Bare Minerals because it cut down my time to do make-up with it's quick swiping. although, it didn't cover very well so I had to often re-apply the
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    Hi everyone! I’m a 22 year old female seeking acne scar treatment after having acne for 10+ years. For years I have hated myself and my skin and now I’m finally taking action. I'm currently seeing a dermatologist right now (Dr Davin Lim in Brisbane) and have my next laser treatment in APRIL/EARLY MAY (so really soon!) To date I've tried fraxel (to no avail), fully ablative laser resurfracing (erbium), fractional laser resurfacing (CO2 Core Laser) as well as filler/subcision. The reason for my po
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    Hadalabo moisturizer (urea+hyluronic acid) Retin-A to stimulate collagen.
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    I haven’t been on this site in years, but I have the same story as this poster. Had done three rounds of Accutane many years ago which helped, but what I needed to change was my behavior, diet, choices and life style. I could’ve saved so much time rather than trying this treatment or that treatment and draining finances, time and emotional energy. Before I get into this, let me assure you I’m not trying to sell you anything but your own clear skin through your own changes. I
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    I got to save money anyways so it’s all good. Patience and positivity, I feel technology is moving so fast it won’t be long.
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    Shallow scars should be treated in the same way as you would treat texture irregularity. Low strength TCA cross or Ablative Laser would be your best bet.
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    You still have way too many ice picks to even consider a phenol peel, but I'm not a doctor. I've been seeing Dr. Rullan as well and I feel that he misses spots and doesn't see some scars like we do in different lighting. I think it would be helpful if you sent these pictures for him to examine and reassess. I also don't think the peel will do anything for your nose except maybe soften the texture a bit. However, you have ice picks there so it would be a waste of time and money. Most importantly,
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    I agree. If your scars are shallow and you are not comfortable with TCA CROSS, try other resurfacing methods first. Although indentations following acne and consequent scabs might just be from acne and its inflammation destroying the collagen and other tissues, and the scabs are just some innocuous byproduct of your acne, not the cause of your scars. I have very shallow scars myself, so I'll let you know how they respond to phenol cross in a few months in case you're still open to cros
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    Today marks Day 30 after my subcision and TCA Cross Method treatments. I was really inspired by the photos that Tamara Madden and another Acne.org subscriber had posted on the web and wanted to see if subcision would work for me. Here is a very brief overview of my journey with acne scar revision. I first developed cystic acne when I was in the eighth grade. By my senior year, I had several cysts on my right cheek which collapsed and left a rather large crater. My cystic ac
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    Hi everyone, Last year around this time I made a thread about freaking about my already enlarged pores joining together to form mega pores. Well I am now in Korea, and have just received the first of a series of 3 treatments of Fraxel Re:pair (a fractional CO2 laser) + TCA CROSS. In a nutshell: it was extremely painful as the doctor used a tiny TCA-infused needle to puncture my scars and pores. She was very aggressive and went everywhere. And this was all before the laser which
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    The barepro one is really less likely to break you out as opposed to nearly every other liquid foundations on the market. Believe me, i truly look at the ingredients. I have even tried it on myself and I am also very acne prone from cosmetics. Pure mineral powder makeup is the safest option ( and also the only type of makeyp that is not supposed to make you break out) but it is true that it can look a little bit more "unatural" looking if you want fuller coverage. It depends on what you like and
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    That's so shallow. If you're using flash on your camera it's distorting the depth but it's definitely minor scarring either way. I would consider a peel resurfacing, either DIY at home with low TCA or in office. I absolutely wouldn't do cross at home when your scarring is so minor to begin with, the risks don't outweigh the benefit. Maybe consider cross in office if those tiny scars are bothersome.
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    You need subcision and fat grafting for filler like yesterday man. It’ll bring a significant improvement to your scars. Fat grafting will likely be expensive. So maybe start with subcision. Not sure if you can find a skilled doc who’s willing to do it for under $500. Depends on where you are I guess. if you increase your budget to $800 you might have better luck securing a subcision specialist. I’d recommend hold off on chemical peels because it’s the loss in cheek volume that’s m
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    CeraVe AM Moisturizing Lotion has been my go-to for a year. Doesn’t make me shiny and has good stuff like niacinamide and SPF 30.
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    Hey! Your story sounds very similar to my own. Birth control, topicals, mounds of antibiotics, 2 full rounds of accutane and it looks like I’ll be in for the third. Finished the last round ~ 2 years ago and my skin has been “ok” for the most part but suffered the worst breakout i can remember in the recent month(s). I eat very clean, no dairy, live a healthy lifestyle and like you have also cut right down on what I put on my face in terms of product. I feel like I’m back to squar
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    I have the same condition that I have been battling for almost 1 year. Four Dermatologists have evaluated me 3 say I am a “picker”, 1 says seborrheic dermatitis. I have only been prescribed antibiotics thus far. I have noticed slight improvement with ketoconazole OTC shampoo (anti-fungal), acid peels, and oatmeal soap (for the irritation). Sweating, heat, and possibly alcohol consumption make it worse. I think it maybe caused by a strain of HPV (either presenting differently in us or not
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    I also deal with acne for many years and I’m struggling with acne scars and my mental health suffers from this. I just don’t have any power. I want to visit dr. Henningsen soon if he can’t help me I’m over
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    Rullan and Lim are world-class dermatologists who have successfully treated and improved the quality of life of hundreds, if not thousands, of patients. It's going to be expensive to get coaching or treatment by professionals who are elite at their craft, regardless of what field it's in. Subcision and phenol peels are very invasive and come along with significant risk, so seeing the most experienced doctors with a verifiable track record of success is one of the best things you can do. Of cours
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    Yeah I believe it isn't necessary to cut out all fruits, but to identify which fruits are giving you issues and cut those out. Definitely follow an elimination diet to find out what is causing you issues.
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    Dr can use Doctor can use filler that lasts 12 months , sometimes little more, even Dr Lim said in one of his videos that subcision and filler is bread and butter in scars revison,. Sirius Lee is right if theres fat atrophy, which probably there always is if there are deeper scars, the only way for dramatic improvement is to use filler, simply because fat atrophy or fat loss in acne scars cannot be replaced with nothing but filler. I red once on internet one guy sa
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    You need to post better photos. Too blurry.
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    As posted earlier, I didn't mean to denigrate your choice of treatment. Everyone has the right to pursue whatever treatment they want and it's not for me to judge. But I have an issue with some of these unscrupulous doctors who charge ridiculous fees for overhyped procedures that underperform. From past experience, the doctor would have known the expected outcome would yield only 20% improvement and yet he charges a premium. To me, that's unethical.
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    Two reasons why he wants you to do another round of CROSS and RF microneedling in 4 weeks: possible micro-swelling will look like there was more improvement, and to make money quicker (instead of waiting 3+ months). I'm not going to say to wait 2, 3, 4 etc. months, but two rounds of a high energy device in 4 weeks is too much imo. Allow your skin to rest and recover, and don't allow a clinic to get you to go back too soon.
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    Thanks for the info. First, Dr. Weiner is a poster child for Lutronics, so he's really knowledgeable when it comes to Infini or Genius. I have no doubt you got your money worth on that front. However, did you get the entire package on the same day or were they spaced out over the period of several days? I'm kinda concerned if you got the filler and subcision at the same time. It's counterintuitive to inject the filler first only to go in with a cannula later to move the filler out of place. You
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    I’ve had severe acne scarring since I was about 14. I had to suffer a great deal seeing people in high school have better skin than I could ever dream of having and it really weighed on me until I was 21 and could do something about it. I’ve now been treating for 3-4 years now and I would never go back or wish I had kept the money. I’ve gone from being quite disfigured and weird looking with scars covering most of my checks to looking a whole lot better! I’d say I have had at least 50%
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    Not a cure alone, but a great staple

    This shouldn’t be looked at to “cure” acne alone, but rather should be viewed as a strong staple to a balancing skincare regimen.  I have found for myself that using a gentle yet effective cleanser such as this one and saving the harsher “acne fighting” ingredients for my serums and lotions That I put on afterwords, has been the biggest key in finding balance in my skin.  I have found that adding a cleanser that has more acne fighting chemicals in it may seem to work in the beginning, but ul
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    Hello all, it's been years and of course life got the best of me and I got busy. I am scheduled for my second subcision on March 10th. I'll post updates. I'm going to suction for a whole month, that was suggested by a specialist in injections. She said the longer the better, I'll be doing filler after the month of suctioning. Still debating on what filler. She suggested radiesse because it's cheaper than sculptra and sculptra can be unpredictable and move if not mixed with another filler to hol
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    Have you thought about trying the acne.org regimen?
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    Need patience

    Great product, but definitely need to be patient to see the result. I've used the entire regiment 2 years ago when I first started breaking out, it worked like a miracle, my skin didn't react badly to it at all, this was exactly what my skin needed. I got off the regimen after nearly a year bc my skin was cleared and I was trying to find other alternatives since this product is only sold in US and shipping was too expensive. But I started having little breakouts again but nowhere near what it wa
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    But there has been people claiming to have cured themselves largely threw diet. Anony and Connor McElvain were people who did that in this thread alone. And beta-sitosterol does have some significant 5ar inhibition effects, enough to warrant success in treatment of bph like the drug finasteride (1) (2). It is even comparable to the 5ar inhibitory effects of finasteride at the proper dosage as this study involving weighing hamster prostates before and after treatment shows (3). Maybe dosage is th
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    your scars will revert back to exactly the way it was. sorry bud, but that is just the way things go with lasers. don't bother sharing the doc details so prematurely. give it a good 2-3 months before judging your results.
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    ^ Yea! You are right. I went to sleep last night with Intracranial hypertension, tinnuts, night blindness. I thought positive thoughts before I went to bed and woke up this morning cured. Oh wait...no, it didn't work. In fact it hasn't worked in 8 years. Some of these neurological side effects are chemical imbalances that need actual treatments.
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    Doesn't this article come from sites selling tree oil and other natural remedies to treat your acne? I've actually seen it in various forms on several different sites selling products. None of the sites were linked to a medical journal or actual study.
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    If you're on your 2nd month or more then it should be safe to enumerate AHA+ into your regime. Give the product a spot test before doing anything so rash as in irritating your skin further. The use of AHA is quite simple, use it as a replacement for the Moisturizer. If you want to be more on the safe side, execute the regimen how you normally would, and dot some AHA+ over acne scars|marks you may have. This also applies to using it on dry spots where you think AHA+ would help out. If you hav