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    This is not about acne scars, atrophic scars or hypertrophic scars (gotta say it in order to make sure no one gets hyped for nothing), it's just about stretch marks BUT this is very good news: I tried to get in touch with Dr Weiss again, asking about tropoelastin, like @goblue1996 did recently, and I managed to get an answer about stretch marks. I'll cut to the chase: my question was simply " does this mean that patients all around the world are soon going to have access to a treatment tha
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    Yea, product approval is the tricky part most of the time in these cases. I noticed the same thing you did concerning the product pipeline btw, but I don't think it's that big of a deal: imo it would definitely be easier to created an injectable for acne scars than stretch marks, and with striae being so incredibly common (70-80% of the population) they probably want to be 100% sure that they have something working before indicating it in the pipeline. I kinda managed to calm down about my
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    I’ve posted before and after pictures about my visits to Novick. I had terrible results and wasted about 6k between two visits. I went to rullan after and he was 1000x better. Also everything that the person wrote in that long detailed review is also all true. I wouldn’t be surprised if Novick also cleans up his image on reviews somehow. I would stay away at all costs. It’s all hype and wasting money and no actual results
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    Awesome, good luck on your treatment!
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    Yeah that's right. Stop talking and let the good doctor trick gullible and hopeful people into super expensive, totally worthless and potentially dangerous procedures. Wonderful!! You can never achieve 60% improvement with any laser! Maybe 10% if you are lucky not to suffer complications from the laser. I've had 3 non fully ablative Erbium lasers. Did nothing for my scars. Nothing. Gave me a huge infection that led to more scars. The doctor:" No wayyyyy that comes from the laser. Lase
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    Hi I am sorry I cannot tell you if punch excision could help I am not an expert. You can post your photo on realself and ask for doctor's opinion there. But it seems your scars are on a small area which is good. Otherwise you've got good skin. If you haven't tried subcision and the scars are tethered, then subcision with a filler might give you improvement. I'd recommend you see Dr Emil if you can. He seems to be everyone's favourite doctor here. I can only tell you from experience that las
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    What i find weird about information u can get on internet about Microneedling RF : Dr Lim, Dr Weiner and lots of others say that u can do this treatment spaced from 6-8 weeks, this is weird. Beatifullambition says space it 3 months, I ve done Genius lutronic 11 days ago with Dr. Emil in Odense and he said the same as BA , 3 months apart, its energetic device, do it earlier and it might be dangerous. Also BA wrote me PM, that he doesnt recommend doing microneedling rf and su
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    Your scars are quite shallow. I would say at least 5 sessions of RF microneedling will have pretty good results. Also, give time for collagen to grow.
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    You can try, but don't get your expectations up.
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    I'm in the bay area myself and I've been seeing Dr Rullan in Chula Vista for the past 1.5 years. He is one of the few docs who specializes in acne scarring. It's a quick flight to SD. He has patients who fly in from around the world.
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    You have shallow boxscar scars. You can simply go with subcision.
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    This is before and after 2 subcisions At the beginning i was pretty happy with the results.. now after the second subcision I can’t notice any further improvement. I think that is it. I know it looks a little better but it just isn‘t enough and it still kills me to know that this is the best it can get.
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    RF microneedling (maybe 3 sessions) for the shallow boxscar scars, and maybe a session of CO2 laser to even skin tone.
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    I forgot to include it, my bad:
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    Nice results. The scars on the temples had improved a lot. . Did the doc do both subscision and Phenol Cross on the temples, or only Phenol Cross? And which areas did you do the subscision? Would you say the subscision got the most improvement or the phenol cross?
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    Look back on the forum it was discussed at length like September last year? Did they say 1.5mm too big or your opinion? 1.5 round hollow needle is not big? How is that too big to work on single acne scars? In my mind the technique works by scarless wound contraction. So I just can’t imagine how that’s too big that’s why I’m so interested.
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    This is a thread dedicated to the treatment progress of my acne scars. I have had acne for most of my life and it left me with scars on my cheeks, temples, and forehead. For the sake of comparison, I will try to take pictures in the same setting. I will also try to take pictures in the most harsh lightings so that you can see the full extent of my scars. Please see below for my baseline pictures taken in August 2019. I have not had any acne scar treatments back the
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    What kind of scars are you dealing with? Typically for rolling/boxcars, you will want to do subcision first to release the tethers underneath your skin. For icepick scars, TCA/Phenol CROSS is the way to go. RF needling should be one of the last modalities to use for resurfacing. Both subcision and RF are excellent treatments individually. As for Bellafill, I personally would not go this route due to the permanency of this filler. Especially if it is your first filler; perhaps look i
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    I've had several treatments of both and there were no downsides for me at all. I feel both had helped significantly. Hope you will see positive results!! Per BA, since subcision and RF (or any other energy device) are the more major/substantial treatments, separating these two will allow collagen growth and give our bodies the time it needs to heal and repair.
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    Date: Feb 2020 Treatment: Cannula Subcision #2 Improvement: 0-5% Cost: Free? Comment: - Went in for a second subcision because my dermatologist said she was not happy with some of the more stubborn scars on my face - Only heard very minor “popping” this session. She said that is because most of the scars have been lifted already - she really went in on some of the more stubborn scars on the cheeks - Entire session took 10-15 minutes (vs 1 hour last tim
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    This might be great but remember some of people have hyperthrophiv scars and keloids and it wont do shit for them, so a real scarless product is more awaited
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    I am not patronizing you, I'm simply saying that you're the one who's acting like Nostradamus with this whole "it's gonna happen this decade" thing. I'm merely talking about possibilities: I could have said 5,7,9 years or whatever, we just don't know when " scarless healing is going to happen. Now, about the oil glands, sweat glands, hair follicles etc...I'd advise you to read this, page 18 (https://go8.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Allies-In-Excellence.pdf ), as you can see it's
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    Then you might have to wait 10 years, 20 years or more friend, good luck. I don't understand why people wouldn't want a skin condition to be ameliorated by 90% honestly, but whatever.
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    You order online then go to a lab to draw blood. It's all included. There's an idea going around that a lot of people are vitamin a toxic even without taking tane and some blood work seems to confirm it. It's simply. Do a no vitamin a challenge for a month. Do you feel better? How do you feel after re-introducing it? That's should tell you a lot. Some of the vitamin a you consume gets conveted to 13-cis retinoic acid (isotretinoin) so how do you ever expect to heal from thi
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    I have meet in instagram a girl who have done the laser with Dr H , she show me picture before and after , and i can say she have amazing improve she look More Younger and all scars have gone, only one problem she stay at Home during 15 days that s all but the Skin Looks much better, she is perfectionnist , she want to do another Session but dr h tell that one session is enough... if he is assho** he can Easily say „“ lets go for another 3000£“ My man ive done al procedure like subcsi
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    There's pretty much no chance you will see a 0% improvement. You will see results, thinking otherwise is ungrounded. You did laser resurfacing first, which is out of order. Finish off with resurfacing. Microneedling is outdated and in no way comparable to the recommended treatment list you have. It's a maintenance treatment at best. RF microneedling and standard microneedling should never be lumped into the same category, it's drastically different treatments. I know for me, my quali
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    Some of my scarring is similar and Cannula subcision with ha spot filler was recommended to me and I’ve had good results so far! I was recommended subcision 3-8 times and so far have only done 3. The subcision breaks the tethering of acne scars and the spot filler allows for it to not re-tether right away, and for your own collagen to hopefully build back up with time. After the skin is leveled I would try rf microneedling like infini/genius.
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    Yeah I would have to agree. You should get the excess filler dissolved. I don't understand why all these doctors are advising all different treatments when what you need is to reduce the excessive filler. It's a simple fix. You need to restart with a black canvas, and having poorly done filler sitting in there will make it harder to know what is actual scarring and what is lumpy filler. The thing about temporary filler is that if it migrates to adjacent areas, donuting can happen ma
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    Hi all, I used to have cystic acne but it’s been gone for over 10 years. I got a new cyst around Valentine’s Day (yay) and at first it was inflamed and seemed normal but it was so deep it didn’t ever drain. I tried everything as soon as I felt the acne coming I religiously applied benzoyl peroxide which usually kicks it out. When the cyst got bigger I did hot compresses. Never came to a head. Ever. Two weeks later and the cyst is hardening and it doesn’t even hurt as bad but its so big. It looks
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    Very fair point. In fact, the few surgeons/dermatologists who are partnering with them already told me that it would take 2-3 years before the product is out, so you're right about that. They say, based on what they saw, that it works wonderfully well for stretch marks, but I'll believe it when I see it as well. As for the price, I'm afraid you're going to be right as well: it's going to be very expensive at first (several thousand of dollars prob), and it will only become more accessible l
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    I wish I could give some advice here but I can only empathize. I try to not think about my lumpy face but various changes in light can really affect my appearance and I never know in what light people are seeing me. That really screws with my head. Depending upon the lighting, my face ranges from normal to "Yikes." Years of fillers have made what started as random dents in my face into a lumpy moonscape and I'm not happy about it. Is there hope? I'm not sure my skin will ever be normal a
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    I would suggest a combo of subcision and CROSS (phenol or TCA). You can do subcision with filler or sculptra to help with the rolling scars. CROSS will help with those ice pick and boxcar scars. Always risk with these procedures such as widening of the scars. Search this forum and online for subcision and CROSS as these two procedures are the best to help with leveling your scars.
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    Just passing by to say that this guy made history through this forum docummenting this. I remember when he first created this topic, nobody would ever believe he would come this far with these results and docummenting everything very nice planed treatments with the best docs avaiable, by the last photos is not even possible to say that he suffered from acne. the improvement is in the 85-95% range This guy is and probably will be a lifefuel for a lot of hopeless people here. I just want to
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    Thank you for reading and understanding. Me too, I want to punch her. Unfortunately, a guy punching a lady never looks good on the guy. And going to jail for pieces of shit like her - not worth it. My revenge is to live a great life, while she descends into an ugly existence. I actually bumped into her recently. She called me. I said hi, and wanted to walk off. She said I'm looking great ( I have changed a lot since she taught me - treatments and working out makes a huge difference) I replied, "
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    You’re not alone, I have the same thoughts every day. I often wonder what I would be like if I had clear skin. I know I would be a different person. I have a good life but there is a missing part of the puzzle. I wish I knew what it was like to have good skin, even for a moment. I couldn’t even imagine that. There is always improvement and there is always hope. I try and concentrate on other things. The good things in life. I go the gym and work full time.
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    Fzika Candida fungus (which you have all the symptoms of) is largely resistant to fluco. and keto., so they are unlikely to solve your problems. Nystatin is the best for controlling candida. The azoles are not much good for candida. I suggest people use clotrimazole to start with, because clot. will help preople with MILD fungal conditions and it is easy to get. But clot. (on its own) is not much use for people with serious candida problems. So - Buy some topical nystatin cream an
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    Fzika Your symptoms are the classic symptoms of fungal acne caused by candida - the dreadful white plugs are classic symptoms of candida fungal acne. Keto is not much good, if any good, for controlling candida, and clot controls candida, but only weakly, and it will NOT get rid of those dreadful whit plugs (which are keratin that the candida makes one's skin make). I can provide advice on how to treat those dreadful white plugs, as I have those also, and I am FINALLY managing to contro
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    I used to be pretty, too. I have the EXACT sores and severe white scarring all over my body with constant open sores, as well. When people see me at pools, lakes etc. They give me odd looks or flat out ask me what they are. I always assure them it is not contagious. Yet another blow to my confidence. I've been having the same problem since 1992. One dermatologist said I was just a picker, one said it was folliculitis, one thought it was an auto immune disease. NOTHING has helped. Mine star
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    Donna Yes, the bleeding, plugs, goopy stuff, etc are signs that the problem has a fungal cause. The bleeding and plugs etc are because the fungus has attacked the follicles. Good that Lamisil is working - nystatin cream an/or clotrimazole topical anti-fungal cream will probably work even better. Let me know how you go...
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    Hey guys thank you for all the replies. At this point I am sure my hyperpigmentation is here to stay for at least 6-12 months. I can tell at the rate they are fading that it is going away at the same rate as the PIH I've had in the past and that's how long it usually takes. I have been extremely bitter the past few days but I guess I have to take this as a "it is what it is" sort of thing since these things happen sometimes. If I look past the PIH, I can say now that I have around ~20% overall i
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    Not in defence of Emil, but if anyone has extensive sub dermal fibrosis and extensive scarring, NOKOR will bruise in 100% of cases. This is a medical procedure meaning side effect can and do occur. Bruising with NOKOR is not a side effect- it is an expected outcome. Even at two weeks plus. Every scar is different, every patient is different. Emil's technique is individual point subscision- the most gentle form of NOKOR. If you had 3 point entry, multilayer approach, your bruising will be a lot h
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    Mine is just like that except I have much more zits. I feel so ugly but I saw your face and you are beautiful. Your hair is magnificent. I love your eyelashes. I think my compliments may not make a difference. I'm just some random girl on the internet. My heart goes out to you. I know the pain. I hope you don't end up like me. The times I've been out of the house in like a year are for doctor visits and giving birth. I don't work. I put on makeup as soon as I wake up and takes it off after my hu
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    @poole1989 I am happy that treatment "appears" to be working for you. I do not think this is possible. You are quite fat deficient in the first picture (atrophic), with deep tethered scars. As laser does not subcise (release the tethers). Nor does is fill with fat, filler, or saline, possibly even the bodies edema aka blood and swelling after the procedure, this is hard for me to believe your skin is smooth with perfect filling. Are you sure filler was not used or subcision with that laser, as t
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    Ween off the bp VERY slowly... Like reduce half a pump per month. It will take a few months to be off it but trust me, that is what you need to do. I've heard all these stories about people quitting quickly and having major breakouts but I did it over a course of 3 months and never had a terrible breakout. If you quit bp too fast you will probably get a ptty bad breakout and that could trigger more and more that follow. Also, be prepared to be fighting dry skin for a looooong time. I quit the re
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    Hi Willow569 The same thing is happening to me. 4-5 years ago I notice a few VERY small bumps on the left side of my chin. i didn't worry much about it. Since it was hardly noticeable. Years after they are spreading and getting bigger. Most bumps comes after already healed pimple, and are the same color of my skin, like skin access. I went to 3 different dermatologist, and I didnt get a clear answer...(maybe rosacea...sebaceous glands growth). I tried fraxel laser, but it didnt help. I would lov
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    TCA cross is very effective, and you don't need to do all the scars at once either. You can do it at your own pace. In my opinion the risks don't outweigh the benefits whatsoever. Unless you are very clumsy, don't have good lighting in your bathroom/house/apartment, or you are very uncareful, you should really look into TCA cross.
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    well... good question... hmmm. im not exactly off the regiment but if you look at my signature below you will see that i only do it once a week. just one night a week basically. all other times i wake up mornings and go to sleep at nights as normal just mositurising after my shower or whatever. i use an acne healthy moisturiser 'clean & clear oil free dual action' with something like 0.5% salicylic acid in it... im sure that helps too. i started the DKR July lats year (2006). so its been
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    I can only answer a couple of these. -If such a high percentage of tca will burn a hole in unscarred skin, how exactly does it help acne scars fill in? Wouldn't it make them deeper? Essentially, it works by damaging the dermis. That triggers a wound response which will build new collagen, and/or replace scar tissue. (Hopefully!) -Are the results from 50%-100% permanent? Probably - only long-term studies would prove this, it's too new and there are no studies yet and if so, why aren't the res
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    Have done TCA Cross twice by a dermatologist. Did about five scars the first time on the biggest scars because I was concerned about how the red spots would look. Had great improvement, 30 - 40%, with one large scar on nose closing completely. Six weeks later, did the second, with total improvement of 60-70% improvement. Now, I have decided to do it myself because it is so straight forward and simple. If you can place a tooth pick on your scar from a mirror, you can do it yourself, or have