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    1 MONTH POST TREATMENT Hello all you narcissistic f***s!!!!!.... jk.. So i met with Dr. Igor today and we had a good talk about the results and so on. He took some pictures with the same angles and lighting so that we could compare. The results are kind of underwhelming but im glad that we at least are headed in the right direction. I guess this is what they call "baby steps". I would say its a 20% improvement on the deepest most visible scars and perhaps a 30% improvement on the smaller ones.
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    Don't you love it when people who just had mild acne or none at all say to you it is not that bad of a problem. Damn i put up with this shit for 30 years going to the derm. I will never be the same mentally and socially since my acne started breaking out at age 14. I wish i could trade my problem with those people and in 30 years could tell them....it's not that bad! I have been a recluse most of my life outside of working.
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    I think treating scars is more depend on doctors skill instead of technology progress. I mean right now there are doctors in the world who can treat scars well with todays technology but also there are some fool doctors that I m sure even five years from now even with technology progress, cant treat scars like skillfull doctors can today. In treating acne scars I believe doctors skill is the key not the technology
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    Life changing

    Differin is the only product to finally clear my cystic acne. I am 38 years old, and started my battle with the dreaded chin cysts in my early 20's. I will share my story in hopes it helps you. I am red head and fair skin that is not only sensitive and reactive but also partly oily and was prone to painful, ugly, embarrassing cysts. All of the other acne products caused redness and flaking. An old boyfriend once told me, Eew, it looks like your face is peeling off. That was horrif
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    Can you please provide link/source to your following statement. “””The simplistic view on the morphology of acne scar is that the more deeper scars such as the icepick, will get shallower with treatment. Hence, depending on how disfiguring the scars are, an icepick scar will morph into a boxcar and a boxcar into a rolling scar. So by the time you have reached the point where laser resurfacing is required, your icepick scar would look more like a shallow boxcar or rolling scar.””” I have re
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    Literally was covered in acne for about 4 months and nothing from the doctor, pharmacy or natural remedies had any impact at all in stopping it. It was so bad I went to the doctor for some other problem and the first thing he did was comment on my acne and book me an appointment with a dermatologist for accutane, but decided to have one more attempt at stopping it with some other products online that I hadn't tried as I have really bad ezcema with dry skin so the accutane would have l
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    This changed my life

    Acne.org truly changed my life and this is the story: Roughly 6 years ago (I was 8) I started to notice pimples on my forehead, small whiteheads. There were only a few but I started to feel so different from everyone else because I was 8, nobody had skin problems at that age. Luckily, my best friend started to get pimples at that time too so I wasn't alone. I was Avery confident child and the pimples didn't bother me too much.Few years past and my pimples would come and go, I stil had very
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    ** I have merged topics. Please post everything here as it get's confusing. To all who are reading this she had treatments by other Dermatologists in New Zealand, ... she is now seeing Dr. Lim who did Ultrapulse. As I responded above treatments can do absolutely nothing if done poorly. Ultrapulse is a very strong laser so Dr. Lim must think she has alot of fibrosis that cannot be helped by traditional methods until it's dealt with. I would never tell anyone to do multiple laser treatments fir
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    I am thinking a tca peel and filler with subcision would be better before your wedding. Traditional subcision with the nokor needle without filler cuts tethering better (needle has scalpel), but it takes time to heal. IF you could find a cancellation and do it before the wedding I think it would help. Also a makeup pore filler like benefit professional will help blur for wedding makeup / photos. Filler will not make the skin perfectly smooth, texture is always a issue, It will help a perc
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    Hi there, I don't have any specific product recommendations because there is a lot of trial and error involved when it comes to acne prone skin but look for products with: niacinamide, glycolic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract. All of these are excellent for aging skin, acne AND general skin health :) If you want to bring out the big guns ask your doctor for a prescription for retinoid product, but be careful with it and follow the doctors orders :)