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    Some more info: Emil said I had A LOT of fibrosis, even in my left cheek where there is minimal scarring, therefore he used a NOKOR needle over cannula. The subcision itself was totally painless, though the injection of the anaesthesia gave a painful burning sensation, very unpleasant. I think he used lidocaine. Heard lots of popping as he sword away at the tethering, quite satisfying. The entire thing cost only £500 aprox, this included the consulation and sub + filler. Very pleased, he was a v
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    No, you’ll need a few more days than that. It did mine in January with Dr Rullan on a Thursday and returned back to work next the Thursday. Depending on how aggressive the treatment and how well you heal, there will be swelling and bruising for weeks, but most of it won’t be noticeable by others after the first week. The redness can be covered up somewhat by a tinted sunscreen or moisturizer without it looking like makeup. Hope that helps!
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    You have to see him in person for him to assess your scars, no picture can tell him how fibrotic your scars are and what needs doing. @Sibel I just sent him an email then made an appointment, he does treatment same day as consulation in my case. He can take a few days to respond just be patient
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    here's how things currently look, almost 2 weeks post OP, apparently by 2 weeks 75% of swelling is gone.... we will see though. Things seem too good to be true
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    Same thing for me! I started at 50 and Yasmin, moved to 75 and Yasmin, and have been on 125mg and no Yasmin for several years and each time I had a "purge" adjustment that actually took a month or up to 3. So keep a good routine that exfoliates and working on the PIH and you will get there. I have faith so much in this product, as I have been on it for 5 years and it's magical. I wish you all the best in your journey for this long term healing that you are working towards.
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    The best choice for you is to probably stop using Differin for awhile (at least until your rash and eczema heals). Skin always changes, so what might have worked for you months ago might not work for you right now. Differin can only go so far as to curing your acne, and Differin is known to cause dry skin (not sure about eczema and such). As for recovery from Differin side-effects, there is no exact time, I say it would take at least 2-3 weeks to heal (depending on your skin type). It might even
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    Dr Steve Weiner is also a great filler in context of acne scarring. In FL. He uses Bellafill and HA fillers. He is a Plastic Surgeon and was one of the pioneers of INFINI RF.
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    Drinking 2 cups a day of green tea (After breakfast/evening). And so far so good. My face is less oily and almost no break out so far. Thank you Allah.
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    Chemical Peels to Treat Acne Scars

    Chemical peels have been a lifesaver! I used them to treat hyperpigmentation leftover from pimples and small icepick scars. I don't think this would get rid of acne. I went to a esthetician to do mine. Please please please don't buy your own and do it yourself! You are giving yourself a controlled chemical burn and if you don't know what you're doing (which you don't) you can burn your face! It's not worth saving some money. The at home peels don't work as well either so you're wasting money. Yo
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    Leaves skin clear, and heals redness. It's not pricey, and it works to keep you skin clear, I have had severe acne ever since I was nine, and it's finally cleared after seven years of searching for the right solution. It takes about two months for me(As I had severe acne, not moderate or light), and it my acne fade every time I use this, with warm water and a clean cotton-like towel, recommended product!