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    I asked Cytrellis on fb about Hows the microcoring going and they said that its having excellent results when used on wrinklers, scars, acne scars and stretch marks but thay had to close down their offices due to corona and they just reopned. They also said that it slowed their approval and unfortunetly microcoring will be on market early 2021 not latw 2020. Anyway i have hope in this product, have a nice day guys
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    mate, you need to stop posting every random thought you get. One day it’s this herb, next day it’s another, and so on. put a time filter on your posts - maybe once a month update us on what has actually worked and not, and go from there. this thread is great, but blowing out with too much random stuff.
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    This photo doesn't change much, your scars are mild box car scarring/icepick, which are the kinds of scars that respond best to treatment. Tbh if you are just left with this at the end of treatment for your acne it might not even be worth it to treat the scars. See a derm, treat the acne, go on retin a afterwards. There is evidence to show a link between isotretinoin and inflammation issues post treatment, but nothing is concrete. Acne suffers are predisposition-ed to inflammation
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    I think it is based on the treatments that you get. For me, I'm currently receiving Fraxel Dual + Subcision. I think my routine is quite simple, and also suggested by my derm. For the first few days, I only use Cetaphil (or similar facewash) + Aquaphor + Vinegar Soak since my skin is very raw. When the swelling subsides, I will return to my normal skin care routine plus Tazorac, which is also used to boost collagen remodeling. And the sunscreen!
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    Yes Sub could be performed with the same needle injecting the filler at the same time. I had it done with my Dr. But I had first Sub with the cannula first. So if the fibrosis is hard so the usual needle would not probably break it. The filler on its own without Sub might be enough but also could lead to a Button effect when the filler spreads around the scar not under it due to unbroken tethers.
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    Sub + filler all the way. You have near perfect skin texture despite your scars atrophic nature, so the above is all that is needed.
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    Well, if all you people would stop recommending Rullan and what a fantastic result you got, his prices might actually drop.
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    1. At least 3 rounds of subcision, preferably with injectible filler. In fact, I suggest you wait 2 weeks after subcision until swelling subsides. Then get Juvederm Voluma, which lasts the longest. 2. After 3 months, 80% TCA CROSS applied only to the pits; 35% applied as a PEEL between the pits. The concentration can change after 3 months' evaluation. 3. Alternate between subcision and TCA Cross every 3 months (eg. subcision now, then TCA in 3 months, another subcision in 6 months, et
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    Hi Jack, From my understanding, the purpose of filler is different when used alone and combined with subcision. When used alone, this will help raise individual pits and the result will be temporary. I can’t speak on how long they last, but it seems to be different from person to person due to genetics and lifestyle. When used in conjunction with subcision, the filler will act as a buffer to prevent the scars from being reattached. The chances of the scars becoming reattached are dep
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    Good man! Glad to hear and best of luck. The ambition to be the best version of yourself is great, take this with you into your professional life. Don't forget your aquaphor for the next few months.
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    when we live without a scar
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    Jesus. People are straight risk takers in this forum
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    I did: -2 microneedling without PRP as first steps -3 microneedling with PRP and subcision at same time (subcision, microneedling, full largest dents with PRP and use PRP as lubricant for microneedling device -3 aggressive subcisions with Bellafill and volbella 3cc over 3 visits with suctioning 3x a day after -2 glycolic peels for texture at the end 90% improvement. I don’t think this is an exaggeration, maybe @beautifulambition can weigh in. also
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    Hadalabo moisturizer (urea+hyluronic acid) Retin-A to stimulate collagen.
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    Frankly, I've used copper peptide, HA serums, growth factors, etc in the past at the urging of the doctors. They smell good and feel nice on the face for about an hour. They're also horribly expensive and don't do anything for the actual scars. I've found that applying Vaseline or Aquaphor works just as well. Spending more money for services and products doesn't necessarily equate to better looking scars.
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    TCA CROSS can make things worse before the become better. Dermatologists all say to do multiple treatments to fill in the holes. Have several more treatments and reassess to see if there's improvement.
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    I am on day 3 and I'm feeling a little bit better to talk about my experience. I am Asian male and had 2 days phenol chemobrasion with Dr Rullan. Prior to procedure, he had order EKG and lab done to make sure everything is normal. I also took antibiotic and antiviral a day before the procedure. He noticed I had some keloid on my chest and offer to take care of it. My previous medical history regarding to acne scar include mechanical dermabrasion ( the late Dr Y in New Orlean) and 4 su
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    Many of us would love to track your son's progress. Even if he doesn't want any pictures taken, discussing the healing time table and eventual results would be wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
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    Can you show us any of your before pics prior to any treatments with Rullan? I'm curious to see how much improvement you've managed to achieve with him. Thanks.
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    Today marks Day 30 after my subcision and TCA Cross Method treatments. I was really inspired by the photos that Tamara Madden and another Acne.org subscriber had posted on the web and wanted to see if subcision would work for me. Here is a very brief overview of my journey with acne scar revision. I first developed cystic acne when I was in the eighth grade. By my senior year, I had several cysts on my right cheek which collapsed and left a rather large crater. My cystic ac
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    The bump you mention isn't very visible in the picture. First, I think it's worth knowing what they are. They could be residual acne, rosacea, or the start of rhynophyma. It's hard to say. Or it could simply be an allergic reaction (inflammation) to the chemicals in the skin products. Again, hard to say. What I suggest, for the time being, is lay off of any skin products other than moisturizer and evaluate your skin every 10 days for up to a month.
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    Hey guys, sometimes its also good to post some positive things. I have been noticing that i get my tan alot better then before this summer. And it also stays longer on my arms. whenever i get a good sun now my nails will grow faster and my mood is definitely better (like holiday memories randomly pop up) it seems that my skin is accepting the sun again, and can deal with it again.
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    You show a mixture of scar types. Boxcar on the temple and Boxcar/Rolling combo on the cheek. Good thing is they're not widespread and don't appear too deep. Speaking of laser, unless you're getting a fully ablative laser, I don't think it will help too much. And even there, I believe TCA is better than fully ablative. Also it's worth noting that laser and energy devices claim that they stimulate collagen production, aka neocollagenesis, but it's usually not enough. You'll need to rely on filler
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    We need a better photo. Go into a completely dark room like the bathroom and point a bright light from an angle, eg. front or back of the face (see below). In any case, as you can see in the photo, you have the shadows around the edges. This is what accentuates the scars. Hence you need to soften the edge as much as you can. You can do this with TCA, either professionally or DIY.
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    Don't use BP for a week and consider an elimination style diet, could clear your skin more effectively anyway
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    Try the brand Alima Pure or Lily Lolo!
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    Not according to their own website (http://scarletrf.com/scarlet-prodcut-info/). Non-insulated tips might be better for light complexion, but Infini will be better suited for darker skin.
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    Quoted from your other post. Here's a brief difference between RF and Laser. RF heats tissues using the lower frequency waves, making it safe to penetrate down to the deeper level. Laser, for the most part, uses the higher-frequency waves and is more ideal for skin surface. If you're prone to hyperpigmentation, you should use RF energy devices and not laser. Your doctor doesn't sound competent when it comes to scars. Haven't you learned anything from the "Black
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    I've had 3 erbium laser resurfacings. The skin clinic I go to recommends an Aquaphor type product for the first 48 hours. But they recommend switching to a good moisturizer after the first 48 hours since Aquaphor can "be too occlusive" (i.e. it can clog your pores). I've used the Alastin line with Skin Nectar, the Recovery Balm and the Moisturizer. The Skin Nectar is pricey but encourages rapid healing. The Alastin Recovery Balm is extremely similar to Aquaphor. A lot of clinics recom
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    You are using more bp than your skin can handle and it is making it flake. You need to build up resistance for it by applying it less at first and slowly increasing the amount
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    You can cure persistent inflammatory acne through diet
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    Haven’t had much to post! I’m wearing makeup in these photos but I’m still feeling pretty good. redness is still there but swelling is gone thankfully.
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    That was my concern with Cytrellis that I raised with them regarding the accuracy. I mentioned to them that they need a single core handpiece for better targeting of scattered scars like acne scars. I said Recros Medica have a single core piece but its too big for face at 1.5mm. Seriously its super frustrating. They responded by saying they cant go into too much detail as they are still in development. *sigh*...you could literally mark with a marker on your face the individual little acne scars/
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    Oh guys I have some great news, microcoring will get released late 2020 or at worst at the begining of 2021, it proved to heal scarlessly when needles were smaller than 500 micrometers. In one sitting they can remove 5-8% of the skin, so it might be posaible to remove all scarring in 20 maybe even 13 treatments. I dont know about you guys but if it truesly works and comes out to market im gonna try it. Heres a video a surgeon is talking about it from month ago and hes talking great things about
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    Yes! @Sherbear85 I have these all over my face including forehead and am beyond self conscious of them. It's very difficult to find long-lasting makeup that covers them. I am hoping to get a chemical peel done to help, but that did seem to work for you very well. Would you recommend trying it? Microneedling and hydroquinone 4% did not show results. I would love to connect further about everyone's journey on this and what worked best. I truly am beyond frustrated with my face and how to go about
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    @Cleopatra88 Hey there, I just wanted to say that I think youre beautiful regardless of your scars. I myself have scars and from time to time feel poorly about them. But it is within all of us that we can accept and love ourselves even if we have scars or any other flaws. Over time we can shift our self perception to a more healthier and more positive inner dialogue. One that can uplift us and give us the strength to love and accept ourselves completely regardless of our flaws.
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    Hello all, it's been years and of course life got the best of me and I got busy. I am scheduled for my second subcision on March 10th. I'll post updates. I'm going to suction for a whole month, that was suggested by a specialist in injections. She said the longer the better, I'll be doing filler after the month of suctioning. Still debating on what filler. She suggested radiesse because it's cheaper than sculptra and sculptra can be unpredictable and move if not mixed with another filler to hol
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    80 to 90 is still huge .... however 100% is what we want ultimately .... and that's what sunogel and alot of others are promising .... but to be honest .... as i have stated if we are getting this close of a 80 to 90 percent reduction of scarring ... then this decade has to be it for the elimination of scarring ... because this isn't just an aesthetic issue .... scarring ruins lives ... destroys you on an emotional and psychological level ...
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    Y’all need to fix this bullshit ppl pay extra money for there shit to get to them on time and all I see is contact y’all through email that’s not right I want a corporate number and I’m not doing it through email your not going to continue to take peoples money and not have there shit to them I paid for products on November 26th and it’s now Dec.1 and it still says it’s processing what is y’all’s deal this is the only thing that works for me
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    I have been suffering from hardened, transparent plugs clogging my pores (sometimes becoming pimples) in my face for a long time. I always assumed this was hardened sebum and/or dead skin cells, as this is what you often read. Though it's also said that the reasons for acne and/or clogged pores are not really well understood. I would like to mention another (potential) cause that I stumbled into, after all the regular treatments I tried never have been able to fully resolve my clogged pores
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    Clears skin but makes skin red

    Been on the regimen for 5 months ish. Using own moisturizer and cleanser. This regimen DOES clear your skin especially if you do it twice a day. However, your skin will get red and dry, which is a big negative side effect in my opinion. So I guess there is a tradeoff between clear skin and reddish skin. 4/5 EDIT! 1 year later - I've been doing the regimen twice a day for 1 year and 5 months now. The regimen keeps the skin 90% clear, however i still get red and irritated skin after appl
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    I really hope something comes out in a decade or two but I'll be in my 50s by then. Who cares about scars then.
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    I don't understand how anyone doesn't get scabbing from TCA. I had 80% TCA CROSS and got tons of scabbing and the redness still lingers after 2 months. Still got hyperpigmentation, but everything looks way more shallow. I'm skeptical your doc is giving you TCA or maybe something low like 30%? Either way, if you want to do TCA go somewhere else because the doc is either not giving you legit TCA or the concentration is low.
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    Hey Dwalth i realise this is an old thread but couldn't help wanting to let you know of some things to maybe look into if you're still struggling with any of these issues. i also have arthritis and stumbled across 'the paddison program' recently. It's a natural approach to healing arthritis through diet and exercise. The basis of it is that a unhealthy gut/unbalanced microbiome among others is one cause of arthritis (this seems to line up almost perfectly with your heavy use of antibiotics an
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    Hi all, I have lived with my acne scars on my temples for all of my 20s basically trying to obscure them by wearing glasses or growing my bangs out. I finally decided to take a chance on improving them because I figured if not now I never would. Went on a few consultations and the doctor I felt the best connection with recommended 2 sessions of ablative venus viva and bellafill for my scars. Was wondering what y’all thought of this plan and insight on how much improvement I should realistica
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    BA is correct, Intracel and Intensif can be equally as good, if not better in some situations. The name says it all with Infini - one can adjust treatment level from one to twenty , that is measured in watts, the duration of energy from zero to one thousand, and zero to 3.5 mm in depth. This combined with a variable spring rate, makes it very user dependent.. Get it right, its great, get it wrong, it can lead to bad things. Not many devices are overpowered now a days, but this is one of them, go
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    The copper GHK-CU is supposedly the best as it's the original. No I don't use it as I don't find it worthwhile, but you may ;-) Why do you need this, you seem to have enough actives. IT won't do anything that special. I would put it on before moisturizer and let it dry or before the glycolic. It sounds like you are doing a lot on your face with peels and all that. You can do it as aftercare I suppose after your peel before the occlusive. I can see it used then after peels or treatments.
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    Bad results and didn't meet my expectations

    I've had fraxel laser five days ago, the results didn't meet my expectations, this is a light peel and my skin didn't go red at all. The consultant wants me to spend more money to have more treatments when i'm struggling financially. I could've achieved better results at home with tca peel. This is like 5%tca peel. I'm not pleased with the results and think consultants delibrately do this so you have more sessions. I wish i could get a refund and go somewhere else.
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    ^ Yea! You are right. I went to sleep last night with Intracranial hypertension, tinnuts, night blindness. I thought positive thoughts before I went to bed and woke up this morning cured. Oh wait...no, it didn't work. In fact it hasn't worked in 8 years. Some of these neurological side effects are chemical imbalances that need actual treatments.
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    It worked so well, you are now on accutane :wacko: ? You should not be recommending ZZ Cream, an unregulated and possibly dangerous product! Do you have anything constructive to say other than bashing Chinese products particularly the Demodex cream? As you said you are 100% clear and you still stay on the board doing silly,silly, childish things........PITY!!! Yeah I've got something constructive to say... If you continue to encourage people to buy prescripton drugs over the I