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    I asked Cytrellis on fb about Hows the microcoring going and they said that its having excellent results when used on wrinklers, scars, acne scars and stretch marks but thay had to close down their offices due to corona and they just reopned. They also said that it slowed their approval and unfortunetly microcoring will be on market early 2021 not latw 2020. Anyway i have hope in this product, have a nice day guys
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    mate, you need to stop posting every random thought you get. One day it’s this herb, next day it’s another, and so on. put a time filter on your posts - maybe once a month update us on what has actually worked and not, and go from there. this thread is great, but blowing out with too much random stuff.
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    The scars often appear worse before getting better. It takes approximately 3 months for the collagen to run its full cycle, so I would wait 3 months before jumping to any conclusion. This is also why you should not repeat another treatment within 3 months.
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    I think it is based on the treatments that you get. For me, I'm currently receiving Fraxel Dual + Subcision. I think my routine is quite simple, and also suggested by my derm. For the first few days, I only use Cetaphil (or similar facewash) + Aquaphor + Vinegar Soak since my skin is very raw. When the swelling subsides, I will return to my normal skin care routine plus Tazorac, which is also used to boost collagen remodeling. And the sunscreen!
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    Yes Sub could be performed with the same needle injecting the filler at the same time. I had it done with my Dr. But I had first Sub with the cannula first. So if the fibrosis is hard so the usual needle would not probably break it. The filler on its own without Sub might be enough but also could lead to a Button effect when the filler spreads around the scar not under it due to unbroken tethers.
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    I've had 3 erbium laser resurfacings. The skin clinic I go to recommends an Aquaphor type product for the first 48 hours. But they recommend switching to a good moisturizer after the first 48 hours since Aquaphor can "be too occlusive" (i.e. it can clog your pores). I've used the Alastin line with Skin Nectar, the Recovery Balm and the Moisturizer. The Skin Nectar is pricey but encourages rapid healing. The Alastin Recovery Balm is extremely similar to Aquaphor. A lot of clinics recom
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    I know you want to be done away with those scars but, as I mentioned earlier, it would be premature to jump to conclusion so soon. Your collagen is still being made so let's see how it looks in 3 months time from your most recent treatment. Before I share my opinion about treatments, I think it's worth going over how the scars change over time. With each treatment, the scars will change their form. They tend to get wider but shallower. Rarely do you see a deep scar disappear with one treatm
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    My husband and I are new to this forum, and we are beyond elated to finally find other people that are dealing with the same issue we are. I was honestly beginning to think we were on our own with this. I guess the beginning is the best place to start so, ours starts 3 years ago. My husband had a short stay as a county guest for possession of marijuana. Although many states are now legal, we live in one that has resisted ANY changes to the laws which would allow fun of any kind
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    MichelaP, I gave you the reason I refuse to post pictures that are not good and do not show my scarring, what about that do you not understand. I gave you my personal story because who in the world would go through that pain for nothing. You have no idea the hell I went through for 40 years and you come on here calling me a liar. Acne scars destroyed my life starting about 12-13. Can I go back and retake pictures from 40 years ago. You have all these treatment options that did not even exis
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    Haven’t had much to post! I’m wearing makeup in these photos but I’m still feeling pretty good. redness is still there but swelling is gone thankfully.
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    Sub + filler all the way. You have near perfect skin texture despite your scars atrophic nature, so the above is all that is needed.
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    Hi Jack, From my understanding, the purpose of filler is different when used alone and combined with subcision. When used alone, this will help raise individual pits and the result will be temporary. I can’t speak on how long they last, but it seems to be different from person to person due to genetics and lifestyle. When used in conjunction with subcision, the filler will act as a buffer to prevent the scars from being reattached. The chances of the scars becoming reattached are dep
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    Accutane is usually prescribed for severe cystic acne. But if they are not completely going away, you might want to consult with your derm. Ask for a low dosage acutane/isotretinoin. There's a study that indicates that lower daily dose of accutane works just as well compared to the higher dose. https://bpac.org.nz/BPJ/2013/November/docs/BPJ56-acne.pdf As for treatment, either laser or TCA will be just fine. Good luck.
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    Hadalabo moisturizer (urea+hyluronic acid) Retin-A to stimulate collagen.
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    English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. My acne started to appear when I was 13 years old. I’ve always been a very sensitive person and I became even more sensitive and depressed at that time, cause nobody seemed to understand what I was dealing with. I was very self-conscious. I felt alone in this big world. I would hide my face all the time, I couldn’t have fun, I couldn’t go out. I found this forum at a very low point in my life when I wouldn’t even lo
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    Not interested in working with someone to get out of this?? Dont know of anyone getting out of this by self diagnosing and just working on their own
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    I got to save money anyways so it’s all good. Patience and positivity, I feel technology is moving so fast it won’t be long.
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    I am on day 3 and I'm feeling a little bit better to talk about my experience. I am Asian male and had 2 days phenol chemobrasion with Dr Rullan. Prior to procedure, he had order EKG and lab done to make sure everything is normal. I also took antibiotic and antiviral a day before the procedure. He noticed I had some keloid on my chest and offer to take care of it. My previous medical history regarding to acne scar include mechanical dermabrasion ( the late Dr Y in New Orlean) and 4 su
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    Subcision coupled with TCA should help. However, they usually do not subcise around the jaws and temples due to possible nerve damage. But with a cannula, this can be avoided. Check with the doc if cannular subcision is offered. TCA should be utilized to remedy texture issue and fade out hard edges.
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    Many of us would love to track your son's progress. Even if he doesn't want any pictures taken, discussing the healing time table and eventual results would be wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
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    Shallow scars should be treated in the same way as you would treat texture irregularity. Low strength TCA cross or Ablative Laser would be your best bet.
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    Can you show us any of your before pics prior to any treatments with Rullan? I'm curious to see how much improvement you've managed to achieve with him. Thanks.
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    I agree. If your scars are shallow and you are not comfortable with TCA CROSS, try other resurfacing methods first. Although indentations following acne and consequent scabs might just be from acne and its inflammation destroying the collagen and other tissues, and the scabs are just some innocuous byproduct of your acne, not the cause of your scars. I have very shallow scars myself, so I'll let you know how they respond to phenol cross in a few months in case you're still open to cros
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    The bump you mention isn't very visible in the picture. First, I think it's worth knowing what they are. They could be residual acne, rosacea, or the start of rhynophyma. It's hard to say. Or it could simply be an allergic reaction (inflammation) to the chemicals in the skin products. Again, hard to say. What I suggest, for the time being, is lay off of any skin products other than moisturizer and evaluate your skin every 10 days for up to a month.
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    Hey guys, sometimes its also good to post some positive things. I have been noticing that i get my tan alot better then before this summer. And it also stays longer on my arms. whenever i get a good sun now my nails will grow faster and my mood is definitely better (like holiday memories randomly pop up) it seems that my skin is accepting the sun again, and can deal with it again.
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    We need a better photo. Go into a completely dark room like the bathroom and point a bright light from an angle, eg. front or back of the face (see below). In any case, as you can see in the photo, you have the shadows around the edges. This is what accentuates the scars. Hence you need to soften the edge as much as you can. You can do this with TCA, either professionally or DIY.
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    Don't use BP for a week and consider an elimination style diet, could clear your skin more effectively anyway
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    Try the brand Alima Pure or Lily Lolo!
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    Try dispensing 1 pump of Moisturizer and then an equal amount of AHA into your palm. Mix them up thoroughly. Then apply them like this each evening. AHA on its own is very strong, as you noticed, so try it 1/2 and 1/2 with Moisturizer and hopefully that will get you on a good track.
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    Oh, dear God, run from this doctor. He botched my face with filler. It's lumpy dumpy and for the last two years my esteem has reached an all time low. The best thing about Covid19? The MASK wearing! Going to see if Ringpfeil can undo the botch. Please, please, folks, if you have rolling scaring, fillers will only make matters worse. The scars will retether and force any remaining filler to areas of least resistance. And as some doctors have noted, filler doesn't just absorb and disappear.
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    Not according to their own website (http://scarletrf.com/scarlet-prodcut-info/). Non-insulated tips might be better for light complexion, but Infini will be better suited for darker skin.
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    I used to use the cetaphil moisturizer but have switched to the cerave b/c it seems like its thicker. Both don't break me out.
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    The vinegar spray solution is 1 teaspoon of white vinegar mixed with 1 cup of distilled water. The vinegar spray (or vinegar soaks) are recommended to ease itching and it helps speed up the exfoliation process. I only did the laser resurfacing so I don't have any idea how it would affect the results of CROSS.
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    I have suffered with exactly the same condition that everyone has described for over 20 years. It was all over my body and has left scarring. I have been told it is because I am a picker or that it is acne! I knew I am not and it wasn't. One month ago I found this thread, and I want to thank everyone! I started using the anti-fungal topical creams and wash and honestly, for the first time in YEARS, my skin has largely cleared up! I have a couple of 'wounds' that still have these plugs, but they
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    Hey! Your story sounds very similar to my own. Birth control, topicals, mounds of antibiotics, 2 full rounds of accutane and it looks like I’ll be in for the third. Finished the last round ~ 2 years ago and my skin has been “ok” for the most part but suffered the worst breakout i can remember in the recent month(s). I eat very clean, no dairy, live a healthy lifestyle and like you have also cut right down on what I put on my face in terms of product. I feel like I’m back to squar
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    Yeah $1000 is something you'd expect to pay for subcision with hyaluronic acid fillers, not saline subcison.
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    Gosh, so sorry to hear that you still have these bumps.. it seems like inside scars were developed and to destroy them you need the steroid injections(...it could be the fault of the Dr who used Nokor wrong or your individual skin properties... all these procedures take a huge mental toll...please Do not give up!
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    You are using more bp than your skin can handle and it is making it flake. You need to build up resistance for it by applying it less at first and slowly increasing the amount
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    I also deal with acne for many years and I’m struggling with acne scars and my mental health suffers from this. I just don’t have any power. I want to visit dr. Henningsen soon if he can’t help me I’m over
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    Benzoyl peroxide alone can only do so much Often the reason we have persistent, inflammatory acne is because of an internal reaction I believe that certain foods exacerbate this reaction
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    I have been battling these for the last 3.5 years. So far, after multiple complications, hospitalization after hospitalization. After a many different biopsies, cultures, blood cultures, and every single test you can think off... the only thing that was diagnosed is “ MALASSEZIA FURFUR FOLLICULITIS”. It all started after many courses of antibiotics, topical steroid misuse/overuse; oral steroids; severe prolonged stress; overworking; sleepless nights; grief; smoking; high sugar diet; etc. Perfe
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    @Cleopatra88 Hey there, I just wanted to say that I think youre beautiful regardless of your scars. I myself have scars and from time to time feel poorly about them. But it is within all of us that we can accept and love ourselves even if we have scars or any other flaws. Over time we can shift our self perception to a more healthier and more positive inner dialogue. One that can uplift us and give us the strength to love and accept ourselves completely regardless of our flaws.
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    Have you thought about trying the acne.org regimen?
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    I don't buy the cost of goods excuse. Materials cost do not increase by 50% in a year. They have the right to charge whatever they want, but it's clearly because of demand. At least with Rullan he's delivering results. But let's be real about it.
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    It's been a few months and I have a few updates to post! With my derminator at 2mm I have done 6 treatments spreading 4 weeks apart and had seen barely any improvement. As of yesterday I went to see Dr Rullan and had subcision, phenol cross, and micro-needling done by him. It was probably the most satisfying thing hear all the scar tissue pop as he handled it. His great reputation was a good depiction on how he handles acne scarring. So what I have are the first 2 photos being the pics
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    Need patience

    Great product, but definitely need to be patient to see the result. I've used the entire regiment 2 years ago when I first started breaking out, it worked like a miracle, my skin didn't react badly to it at all, this was exactly what my skin needed. I got off the regimen after nearly a year bc my skin was cleared and I was trying to find other alternatives since this product is only sold in US and shipping was too expensive. But I started having little breakouts again but nowhere near what it wa
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    BA is correct, Intracel and Intensif can be equally as good, if not better in some situations. The name says it all with Infini - one can adjust treatment level from one to twenty , that is measured in watts, the duration of energy from zero to one thousand, and zero to 3.5 mm in depth. This combined with a variable spring rate, makes it very user dependent.. Get it right, its great, get it wrong, it can lead to bad things. Not many devices are overpowered now a days, but this is one of them, go
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    Hi guys, I started the acne regimen a month ago or more and after 2 weeks of it being sucessful i suddenly put too much benozyl peroxide and i burned my whole face. It was 100% MY Mistake im sure and stopped using the whole regimen waiting for my skin to heal and a week ago i noticed that my skin is breaking out so i decided to start using it again my cheeks and forehead are red and kinda burned theyre itchy sometimes and my skin is peeling off. I didnt stop the benozyl this time j kept using it
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    SOOOOO Allergic!!!! Formula Changed?????

    So I used this systems years ago and it was amazing but somewhere around the time that they upgraded the packaging I reordered and had the worst allergic reaction with completely swollen eyes and a painful red itchy rash across my neck. I threw it out and recently reordered thinking that it was a bad batch. I used the cleanser and benzoyl peroxide again for weeks with no reaction. Last night I tried the moisturizer and woke up to my eyes being completely swollen shut and the same rash. I now kno
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    ^ Yea! You are right. I went to sleep last night with Intracranial hypertension, tinnuts, night blindness. I thought positive thoughts before I went to bed and woke up this morning cured. Oh wait...no, it didn't work. In fact it hasn't worked in 8 years. Some of these neurological side effects are chemical imbalances that need actual treatments.