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    It's done. Dr. Emery in Thousand Oaks, CA is phenomenal, anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area and needs filler, I recommend her. I would always suction after subcision. No clue about the Sculptra part, never tried it. I don't see a problem though. -- @McPoopy Scoopies not sure. But before considering doing only the phenol peel, read Dr Rullan's publication. It says it's not as effective. -- Voluma update, took this snapshot a bit over a week ago. I've already done
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    hi everyone. in earlier post. i talked about serum from one of aestethic clinic in my city. as you guys know, it worked really well and never failed to cure this this type of acne. i stop using the serum because i dont want to rely on it forever. now i found over the counter product that really work. TRUST ME! the answer of our problem is THE ORDINARY NIACINAMIDE 10% AND ZINC 2%. i have been using this product for two weeks. and no single pustule pop up. its amazing to be able to
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    Sorry i haven't been back in a while! Wanted to wait to make sure what ive been doing is helping, now id like to point out a couple things; Firstly, ive only done 2 sessions of dermastamp/roll combined/alternated with glycolic peels and secondly, through all my previous peels i dont believe i cleansed my face as well as i should have because its only after the last one i did (70% glycolic acid) that i really FELT the penetration and got some pretty effective exfoliation from it. This is suc
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    That's insane man! I have over 100 scars both big and small the most any doctor charge me is $600 per session of sub. Fillers cost about 600-800 a vial for sculptra (mulitple syringes per vial) or 500-800 per syringe for HA fillers with $5000 you can get multiple sessions of subcision with HA fillers and sculptra easily.
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    Yeah, I think any kind of resurfacing at most will only help the smallest, textural scars. Volume loss can only be addressed by fillers of some sort because the deficit is too great. That said, if it managed to smooth out a lot of textural scars that's quite impressive. To me, that is the hardest to improve because they can be individually small, but so widespread that it can have a tremendous impact on the perception of your scarring. Sometimes it's almost better to have a few bigge
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    If it's not broken...don't fix it.

    The acne.org Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5 % has saved my skin!! I was using acne.org from November 2017 until January 2019. Why did I stop you may ask?...My skin was clear and flourishing but Instagram and popular skincare caught my eye. I switched to another skincare routine and it seemed to be going well (BIG MISTAKE!!!) until my acne started to creep back in on my jaw line, then on my cheeks. I used this different routine for 3 months and now I regret every moment of it..so...I went back to acne.org
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    Subcision without filler is useless.
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    Hi! I know how you feel! I had all the same thoughts. So I’m on day 11 now and my skin is healing great. I will wait until a month before I post pics. I will also give a full detailed account at that point. But feel free to message me with specific questions bc I’ll give you my phone number. I was dying for someone to talk to who had done it—so I know how you feel. As far as pain, you are sedated for both days. I will tell you though that it is not pleasant. During the procedure I had no p
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    Hi all, I just had the phenol peel performed by dr rullan on Tuesday. I am determined to give a full account, as I found such limited info and follow-up info from treatment from other users and people on the internet. I will post before and after pics. It’s been 3 days and I had the skin scraping yesterday. Once I’m feeling more up to it I will give a detailed account and answer any questions you all may have. At this point I’m still in a significant amount of pain. Dr rullan wonderful and his a
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    this is correct. I have the same type of redness as described in the OP but mine's not from Accutane, it's just from using lots of harsh topicals which irritate and strip away the Lipid Barrier. Although what you say about there not being a treatment for this is incorrect. It's actually very basic biology. If the Lipid Barrier is depleted, then your skin is incredibly sensitive to water and topicals. Therefore any regimen designed around washing the face and applying topicals simply cannot work,