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    This is not about acne scars, atrophic scars or hypertrophic scars (gotta say it in order to make sure no one gets hyped for nothing), it's just about stretch marks BUT this is very good news: I tried to get in touch with Dr Weiss again, asking about tropoelastin, like @goblue1996 did recently, and I managed to get an answer about stretch marks. I'll cut to the chase: my question was simply " does this mean that patients all around the world are soon going to have access to a treatment tha
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    Since @goblue1996asked me, I'm sharing all the good links I could find so far with you guys (there are way more, but the others don't add anything really interesting imo). For the afr.com links you just have to stop the loading page at the right moment, and you won't have to pay anything to read the entire articles. I/ You wanna take a look at the original elastagen website first: https://web.archive.org/web/20190423230745/http://elastagen.com/ II/Here are the links:
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    Yea, product approval is the tricky part most of the time in these cases. I noticed the same thing you did concerning the product pipeline btw, but I don't think it's that big of a deal: imo it would definitely be easier to created an injectable for acne scars than stretch marks, and with striae being so incredibly common (70-80% of the population) they probably want to be 100% sure that they have something working before indicating it in the pipeline. I kinda managed to calm down about my
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    I’ve posted before and after pictures about my visits to Novick. I had terrible results and wasted about 6k between two visits. I went to rullan after and he was 1000x better. Also everything that the person wrote in that long detailed review is also all true. I wouldn’t be surprised if Novick also cleans up his image on reviews somehow. I would stay away at all costs. It’s all hype and wasting money and no actual results
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    Two studies from ~50years ago showing that the vitamin A toxicity issues were already present, this is why we get acne in the first place. --- Vitamin A and carotene levels of a selected population in metropolitan Washington, D. C. https://sci-hub.tw/10.1093/ajcn/26.9.992 286 micrograms Vit A per gram of liver is diagnostically Vitamin A toxic. 1 mmol Vit A / gram of liver = 286ug Vit A / g of liver 24.2% (80 / 329 subjects) were Vitamin A toxic (300ug/g in liver, rega
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    There is a 6 month difference between picture but I’ve Been on tretrinoin for only a month! I think it’s mostly due to wearing sunscreen
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    It's an injectable solution based on tropoelastin basically. I linked a video with the "metro" gel before, this will give you a good idea of how this is gonna work They want to treat acne scars and atrophic scars in general, and even hytrophic scars later on. It's just that box scars and icepick scars (acne) are harder to treat, so it'll take slightly more time for that, and I think someone else mentioned this as well. Hypertrophic scars are the real hard thing to take care of, be
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    yes they are, but as we age we lose collagen and gain hyper-pigmentation if you don't use sunscreen. Aging can make acne scars look worse . Recommend doing maintenance treatments.
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    Awesome, good luck on your treatment!
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    Yeah that's right. Stop talking and let the good doctor trick gullible and hopeful people into super expensive, totally worthless and potentially dangerous procedures. Wonderful!! You can never achieve 60% improvement with any laser! Maybe 10% if you are lucky not to suffer complications from the laser. I've had 3 non fully ablative Erbium lasers. Did nothing for my scars. Nothing. Gave me a huge infection that led to more scars. The doctor:" No wayyyyy that comes from the laser. Lase
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    Hi I am sorry I cannot tell you if punch excision could help I am not an expert. You can post your photo on realself and ask for doctor's opinion there. But it seems your scars are on a small area which is good. Otherwise you've got good skin. If you haven't tried subcision and the scars are tethered, then subcision with a filler might give you improvement. I'd recommend you see Dr Emil if you can. He seems to be everyone's favourite doctor here. I can only tell you from experience that las
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    What i find weird about information u can get on internet about Microneedling RF : Dr Lim, Dr Weiner and lots of others say that u can do this treatment spaced from 6-8 weeks, this is weird. Beatifullambition says space it 3 months, I ve done Genius lutronic 11 days ago with Dr. Emil in Odense and he said the same as BA , 3 months apart, its energetic device, do it earlier and it might be dangerous. Also BA wrote me PM, that he doesnt recommend doing microneedling rf and su
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    They could go away on their own! If not, save up so she can get treatment if she wants to when she’s older as it can be costly. I can’t imagine any doctor would do a scar treatment on anyone under 14 and there’s risk with treatment (could make it worse) so she should definitely consent to that. Like another commenter said, just make sure you’re putting the effort right now to handle the infantil acne and future acne when she gets older to prevent any more scarring.
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    looks like rolling scars, I think you’d get good improvement with cannula subcision + ha filler. PM beautiful ambition on here for a more personalized plan. It could take multiple subcisions but I genuinely think you’ll get improvement!
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    This are normal it will subside by itself within max 3 month, to accelerate healing i suggest taking alpha arbutin serum, nightly hydroquinone 4%, you can do that on daylight if youre on isolation on alternate days and spf50
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    Si, sanará en unos días, ponle arta vaselina para que se hidrate y aceleré la curación
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    Background: I’m a 24 year old male with sensitive skin. I first started getting acne on my back when I was 19. I don’t really get pimples on my face anymore. Rarely I get a random pimple on my face here and there but my back is what has always bothered me. I’d say I fluctuated from mild to moderate back acne, enough to the point where I would avoid situations that would let people see my back. Being from the beaches of California this was a serious issue for me and really caused me a
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    It’s not vain, you just want to take care of yourself and acne is a health related issue. Do you experience any other health issues? Any digestion problems? Rosacea/skin flushing? I know you’ve said you’ve tried a lot but I figured I’d mention that dapsone 5% gel is the only topical that’s every actually helped my breakouts (pastules, cysts), it’s used as a spot treatment. Happy early birthday by the way!
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    You can try, but don't get your expectations up.
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    I'm in the bay area myself and I've been seeing Dr Rullan in Chula Vista for the past 1.5 years. He is one of the few docs who specializes in acne scarring. It's a quick flight to SD. He has patients who fly in from around the world.
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    Treating the scars can be a never-ending journey. The various treatments can be a hit or a miss and you won't know unless you try them. But take things one things at a time first. I'd treat the existing acne to prevent further scars. If you have current acne scars, and if your skin currently has existing acne, it's possible that the existing acne can become scars since your skin is prone to scarring. If you were recommended Accutane by your dermatologist, I'd consider that. I used Accutane
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    Hey Acnescarcure, it is very hard for me to say because in place of the scar and indentation, there are now lumps from the subcision. Both causes irregularities in the face, which is not good. I believe the optimal outcome is for our complexion to be smooth. I am hoping that the lumps will resolve with time and will post pics further down the road. For now, I am trying not to look too much at my face because it is taking a mental toll. I would say again that Nokor subcis
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    You have shallow boxscar scars. You can simply go with subcision.
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    Nice results. The scars on the temples had improved a lot. . Did the doc do both subscision and Phenol Cross on the temples, or only Phenol Cross? And which areas did you do the subscision? Would you say the subscision got the most improvement or the phenol cross?
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    What kind of scars are you dealing with? Typically for rolling/boxcars, you will want to do subcision first to release the tethers underneath your skin. For icepick scars, TCA/Phenol CROSS is the way to go. RF needling should be one of the last modalities to use for resurfacing. Both subcision and RF are excellent treatments individually. As for Bellafill, I personally would not go this route due to the permanency of this filler. Especially if it is your first filler; perhaps look i
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    Concerning the VA detox diet: The man who came up with it claims that VA is the reason for so many autoimmune conditions right? So people with autoimmune conditions would be VA toxic right? But how comes that people following the medical medium protocol heal themselves from all kind of autoimmune "dis-eases". I mean there is lots of VA in this diet in the form of beta-carotene (just look at stuff like barley grass, spirulina, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, all fruits, etc.). So it is hard to be
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    This might be great but remember some of people have hyperthrophiv scars and keloids and it wont do shit for them, so a real scarless product is more awaited
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    I am not patronizing you, I'm simply saying that you're the one who's acting like Nostradamus with this whole "it's gonna happen this decade" thing. I'm merely talking about possibilities: I could have said 5,7,9 years or whatever, we just don't know when " scarless healing is going to happen. Now, about the oil glands, sweat glands, hair follicles etc...I'd advise you to read this, page 18 (https://go8.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Allies-In-Excellence.pdf ), as you can see it's
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    Keyword here: "might". I said you MIGHT have to wait 10 or 20 years, no one knows. Nostradamus didn't talk about possibilities. However (and I'm quoting your last answer here), saying something like "This decade it will occur" is much more Nostradamus-like, I"m sure you will agree ;-). Seriously though: I understand that you're desperate to completely get rid of your scars, but stop saying stuff like "this is going to happen this decade 100%", NO ONE knows if this is going to be the ca
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    You order online then go to a lab to draw blood. It's all included. There's an idea going around that a lot of people are vitamin a toxic even without taking tane and some blood work seems to confirm it. It's simply. Do a no vitamin a challenge for a month. Do you feel better? How do you feel after re-introducing it? That's should tell you a lot. Some of the vitamin a you consume gets conveted to 13-cis retinoic acid (isotretinoin) so how do you ever expect to heal from thi
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    No worries Urbanite, happy to share what I know. Have a question for you on microneedling, you mentioned that in 2017 you had Skinpen your left temple and were not happy with the results. In particular, the tethered areas seemed to get deeper, while the surrounding healthy skin got puffier. Would appreciate if you could share: - whether the skin you micro-needled over returned to normal eventually - what was the depth of microneedling and was any serum (e.g. hyaluronic acid
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    Looks like there is a reddit discussion going on about elastagen right now: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/fetym2/can_someone_explain_to_me_how_the_synthetic_skin/ One of the people who responded linked the patent for the technology: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20190062405A1/en It's a long read with a bunch of repetitive science jargon. But it sort of explains how the tropoelastin helps wound healing and there's some early study results in pig mod
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    Great results for just one session. I have stated this before in other threads, but with filler it takes a few sessions to really fine tune things. Once the skin is pierced with a needle it starts to swell immediately and obscures scars. That's why you can't get it perfect in one go. Subsequent sessions are necessary to fine tune after all the swelling from the previous session has calmed down.
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    What pissed me off about that video is that there even is a theory that Accutane is trapped inside I mean, where did those guys gather their info from? If it’s true why aren’t doctors told about it....like 30 to 40 years ago?? mind numbing ignorance of the medical community, doctors don’t even know it can still be trapped and yet they’re fine putting people on it....I wanna punch them in the face!!
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    Just passing by to say that this guy made history through this forum docummenting this. I remember when he first created this topic, nobody would ever believe he would come this far with these results and docummenting everything very nice planed treatments with the best docs avaiable, by the last photos is not even possible to say that he suffered from acne. the improvement is in the 85-95% range This guy is and probably will be a lifefuel for a lot of hopeless people here. I just want to
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    Acne Came Back After Two Courses

    This drug was amazing and cleared my skin on both occasions rapidly. Side effects are not fun but you do it because its only for 6 months and then its 'cured' (sigh). Not the case for me at all. On both occasions the acne came back after 6 months. I am now 26 and I now and my acne is as bad as it ever was and is clustering on completely new parts of my face. How much I wished that this was my cure and this nightmare would be something of the past.
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    By far best treatment i had

    I tried many otc products and visited a couple of derma already. This is by far the most effective and consistent treatment i had. I have been using this since 2014 together with the Regimen facial wash, moisturizer and AHA. My acne has been controlled since then. Unlike proactiv which was only effective for the first 2yrs. So happy to came across this website and community. I even recommended this to my friends Note: First 2 photos were BEFORE; latter photos are AFTER
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    Fzika Your symptoms are the classic symptoms of fungal acne caused by candida - the dreadful white plugs are classic symptoms of candida fungal acne. Keto is not much good, if any good, for controlling candida, and clot controls candida, but only weakly, and it will NOT get rid of those dreadful whit plugs (which are keratin that the candida makes one's skin make). I can provide advice on how to treat those dreadful white plugs, as I have those also, and I am FINALLY managing to contro
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    Aussie Scientist, thank you for all the information you have provided. Reading this has, for the first time in years, given me a small sense of hope. I won't bother to tell my story, my symptoms are the same as what everyone else has already posted. It's only after reading through this thread that I made the connection to antibiotics. I am convinced now that this all began because of a prolonged period of time (5 weeks!) that I was unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics years ago - again, due
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    Donna Yes, the bleeding, plugs, goopy stuff, etc are signs that the problem has a fungal cause. The bleeding and plugs etc are because the fungus has attacked the follicles. Good that Lamisil is working - nystatin cream an/or clotrimazole topical anti-fungal cream will probably work even better. Let me know how you go...
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    Day 6 - most of the scabs are gone. Pores look about the same. I can count maybe 3 post-scab red marks, 2 of them are on the sides of my nostrils. Definitely not the same TCA experience I read about on here... Face colour is back to normal, but parts of it still feels like sand paper. I rubbed some of the hardened sebum off, some remain. This week, I'm going to try to seek out a few more opinions. I'm not sold on this doctor's technique and I'm definitely not happy with the aftercare
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    For me, the hyperpigmentation was very minimal/minor, even though I'm tan and usually get darker in the sun very easily. I also did not do any suctioning. The areas where Dr Rullan did Phenol CROSS was very pink for awhile and the color gradually returned to normal, but never got unusually dark. Prior to the procedure, I did have major concerns about hyperpigmentation, so I added hydroquinone to my skin care regimen as a preventative measure. I had also already been using Tretinoin/Ada
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    I am a 67 year old male and have had acne for 55 years. Some of it pretty bad at times. Like everyone here I have tried and failed time after time to control it. It was never that I wasn't willing to do what I needed to do to fix it, it was that I didn't know what to do that would work. Everything I tried got mixed results at best and they always came back. This has been going on for the last 50 years on my face. About 2 months ago I decided I was going to try once again with frankly not mu
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    Hi I don't know if this is the right forum because I literally just made an account today but what is going on with my face!!!? I woke up yesterday with my cheeks and chin all red and itchy with a minor amount of pimples, but from then on its just been getting itchier and more and more pimples are popping up I have no idea what the cause is and I haven't tried any new face product, nor have I worn makeup for almost a week. I have never in my life gotten a breakout like this, and my face is very
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    @leelowe1 I was reading up on that bloggers allergic reaction last night and was dying a little inside hoping that my face won't turn out like that... I woke up today and it seems to have decreased a little but they're all still around my mouth, which is odd. I can't remember trying any new face products so if it is an allergic reaction I can't think of the culprit. The rash on my cheeks have also gone down due to the oitment my doctor prescribed me but I didn't put any on the breakout. It proba
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    Your skin's amazing I don't understand lol...you'd probably kill yourself if you had my skin xD
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    Hello everyone, I've been following the protocol outlined by the original poster for a few weeks now. While I have made a few changes to fit me personally, I'm derma stamping every Friday, and take my supplements daily. Please see the below stamping schedule, topicals, and supplements: 1.) 500mg Threonine 2.) 500mg Lysine 3.) BioCell Collagen Type 2 4.) BioCell Collagen Type 1 and 3 4.) Whey Protein (Green Goodness shake) 5.) Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamin 6.) Zinc 7.) Fish Oil
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    I can only answer a couple of these. -If such a high percentage of tca will burn a hole in unscarred skin, how exactly does it help acne scars fill in? Wouldn't it make them deeper? Essentially, it works by damaging the dermis. That triggers a wound response which will build new collagen, and/or replace scar tissue. (Hopefully!) -Are the results from 50%-100% permanent? Probably - only long-term studies would prove this, it's too new and there are no studies yet and if so, why aren't the res
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    Have done TCA Cross twice by a dermatologist. Did about five scars the first time on the biggest scars because I was concerned about how the red spots would look. Had great improvement, 30 - 40%, with one large scar on nose closing completely. Six weeks later, did the second, with total improvement of 60-70% improvement. Now, I have decided to do it myself because it is so straight forward and simple. If you can place a tooth pick on your scar from a mirror, you can do it yourself, or have