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Brand: KAVI

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Colloidal sulfur (2%), salicylic acid (3%), palm oil base (fortified with Vitamins A and E), natural vegetable-based moisturizer.

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Reviewed on June 28, 2012

I've actually wanted to reveiw this item for a while now, but jut never got the chance to. I found to get the best of this product, lather it nicely before applying.. I found if I wash with cool/ cold water it works best. Some people may not like this because of the smell, but hey whatever helps the acne right? :-)

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Parker D, Santa Barbara, CA
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Reviewed on May 26, 2012

Extremely oily skin, shine by 11am. With this bar, I'm oil free till about 2pm. With a wash after lunch, I'm good till about 7pm. No acne on face, but back and chest acne has been all but cured with one use per day. Amazing product and such a bargain for what it does it's not even funny.

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Eliot Bryant, Austin, TX
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Reviewed on April 12, 2012

Doing my part here to let people know about what works. If you have acne that will not be treated, give this solution a try. I understand this is not a cure for everyone, but it was for me.

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Micah, Sacramento, CA
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Reviewed on March 18, 2012

No more oil absorbing sheets, no more shine two hours after a shower, no more oil in my eyes by midnight. I really can't believe a soap can reduce oil production do much, but it does. Amazing product and it lasts a full month per bar (one shower per day and one facial wash per day).

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Evan, CA
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Reviewed on February 20, 2012

I read all the great reviews on Kavi products and was excited to try them out. Unfortunately, I was left very disappointed. The Coral soap was way too harsh and drying for my skin, it made me break out with a ton of white heads on my face. And my skin is NOT sensitive.

It did help with my bacne though, I used on my body with decent results. Way too strong for my face though.

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Emily Lindbaum, Lake Tahoe, CA
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Reviewed on February 18, 2012

Like probably most people, I had a derm that had me taking tetracyclene for years to combat my acne. My acne never went away and now I'm 28. Before having discovered this site and KAVI, I've been reading a lot about "super strains" of acne bacteria that develop on skin as a result of antibiotics. This is acne that has grown so strong from long runs of antibiotics that nothing can treat it. I wonder if this is why we seem to have so much adult acne now than before. While mulling over the idea of a class-action law suit against the makers of tetracyclene, my googling took me to the shores of KAVI, who seems to be very focused on natural ingredients that can be safely used on a regular basis without the fear of making acne or anything else I don't know about increasingly resistant to medication. Bought the Coral and the Toner, washing twice per day with the bars and once at night with the Toner (cotton ball to apply). Peoples, we are 2 weeks in and my acne is better than it's ever been in my 20's and keeps getting better by the day. I've just purchased their salicylic peel (8%) and their SPF and sent an email to my derm letting him know about my "super strain" research and that instead of prescribing any more antibiotics for acne he should be giving out Coral KAVI for free with office visits. KAVI's products may not be for everyone as I don't think everyone has the same acne: but for the rest of us, this is a company that delivers on the hope that an answer could only be one little pink bar away.

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Ben, United Kingdom
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Reviewed on January 25, 2012

I think this is a pretty good soap. it has all the right things e.g. sulphur and salyic acid! from day one I could feel it working and you know in comibination with BP, a better diet, exercise and less masturbation (i think this does effect some people) it has really given my confidence back as my skin is now alot clearer then it was. Give it a shot people as its not that pricey and I think it has all you need in a good acne fighting soap. Also I think you should all remember acne is not a condition that can be cured but defiently managed. Do the right things and you will be able to control it and feel better once again!

For the record I defiantly aint working for KAVI! (its really hard to know who to trust with these reviews!)

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Reviewed on January 2, 2012

despite what some will tell you, the sulfur smell lingers, even if you wash w/ another cleanser afterwards (I must have an overly sensitive sniffer, but I certainly can smell it even hours later). but for me, it just didn't work. i've used a prescription sulfur product w/ great success in the past, but I seemed to gradually become resistant to it, as it eventually stopped working. perhaps i'm now resistant to all sulfur?

my own experience aside, you should dfn. give it a whirl. its cheap and has some powerful ingredients in it. ( i dont think it's too natural, though..)

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Kirsten Harris, Hoboken, NJ
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Reviewed on November 12, 2011

I'm 31 years old and have been suffering from acne since I was about 16. I remember my first year in college thinking my acne would clear up by the summer in time for going to the beach without the 150 to 200 or so cysts on my upper back. Well, my "teen" acne never cleared up, even with Accutane, ProActiv, and every prescription med out there until I spent $25 on three little pink bars. I don't know why I tried it and I didn't know about It was like God was finally taking mercy on me. And from the second I felt tingling on my back from the soap, I felt this jolt go through me like this one was going to work. Next morning, I swear the red death on my back was looking different. Two days later, there was definitely a difference. I looked at my back with a hand mirror every 6 hours that first month, and last summer was my first summer at the beach since I was 15. I'd gone 16 years without the feeling of sand between my toes and saltwater on my lips because of dermatologists who want to prescribe expensive treatments and nonsense that doesn't work. If you've given up, you need to try this bar. I do not work for KAVI or anything like that so please do not call my story fake. Good luck and god bless. P.S. I also use their Toner, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and SPF. All great products.

Reviewed on November 4, 2011

I bought this soap for my son after reading the reviews on this website. He responded well when he used the Proactiv Refining Mask as a spot treatment so I thought a sulfur based soap may work as well. The soap also contains Salicylic Acid which his dermatologist recommended he use in a cleanser.

The results were very good. Within a couple of weeks, there was a visible improvement.

He is now using several Kavi products and is now 98% clear and very happy. His friends have noticed the difference and has asked him what he is doing. His regimine using the Kavi Coral Soap, Toner and Moisturizer. He also uses their SA 15% Peel once a week.

He is still taking the antibiotic the derm prescribed but has been able to cut back on those. He also uses BP in the AM and Ziana in the PM but I think the Kavi products have made the biggest difference.

Everyone is different but I would consider putting this on your list of things to try.