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Jojoba Oil
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Jojoba Oil


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Jojoba Oil

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Jojoba Oil

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didn't do much
Reviewed on December 16, 2016

I have very greasy skin that's also flaky. I get all types of acne on my face, mainly blackheads and on the rare occasion some cysts. I tried jojoba oil bc I heard it mimics the natural sebum oil produced by the face and is supposed to lessen oil production. This didn't make my acne any worse (thank god) but for my skin type it's an awful moisturizer. It didn't help with the flakiness and my skin would be so oily it looked wet by the end of the day. I don't think my skin was fully absorbing the jojoba oil. Also, the way it mixed with my concealer/foundation/powder made my skin look rough in the t-zone. Jojoba oil might be better for someone with skin that is not flaky/crusty and not prone to whiteheads.

by happydrummer on 02/18/2017 18:48
How long were you using it for? Your face is used to producing an excess amount of oil, but with the jojoba's sebum like qualities, it will tell your skin you have enough and the natural production will balance out. Just need to stick with it daily and long term!
Very disappointed on jojoba oil....
Reviewed on November 30, 2016

I've had acne since a very young age and been struggling with it for pretty much my whole life. And I also have oily skin... I used the one from Now Foods. Thought jojoba oil could finally be the thing that works besides proactiv... But NO!! It did nothing but makes my face even worse... My face was quite clam before i started using jojoba oil, with just one or two pimples occasionally.... After just 2 or 3 weeks of use, my face broke out madly... Unlike any other pimples before... It broke out in my forehead and chin areas, not just one or two pimples, but a big patch of pimples all crawl out at once... which are so awfully to look at... The situation is not f even tho I've already stopped using jojoba oil for a month... I really hope someone can tell me how to deal with these horrible acnes cus I'll go to my best fd's wedding next month... :-(:-(

by DaisyTown on 12/10/2016 05:59
Try (Epsom Salt)... this kind of salt take out toxins from the body and see the reviews for yourself in this site. Huge benefits!
by happydrummer on 02/18/2017 18:53
Try using an apple cider vinegar spot treatment or diluted with water as an astringent! Just wash the spot treatment off after 20-30 minutes. Also, try washing your face with honey. I wouldn't give up on the jojoba. Switching to natural products usually will bring out the bad stuff before it gets better!
Reviewed on November 2, 2016

I use 3-4 drops as a moisturizer twice a day after washing, cleansing, and applying green tea ( I only do this in the morning). It makes my skin feel soft. Not dry, not oily. Soft.

controls oil
Reviewed on September 5, 2016

so for everyone saying that it broke them out-- its supposed to. Jojoba oil has a purge phase much like other acne treatments, and it comes in the form of ugly whiteheads and red pimples. however, this goes away soon enough. Ive been using dessert essence's jojoba, moringa, and rosehip oil as a moisturizer for about 2 or 3 months. I used to use a heavy cera-ve cream but i realized that this was not good for my EXTREMELY oily skin. now, 3 months later, my oily skin has almost gone away COMPLETELY and now i have basically normal skin. the chemical makeup of jojoba oil is very similar to that of sebum, so it tricks the skin into thinking it has produced enough. over time, you can train your skin to produce less and less oil. i use this after i wash my face twice daily, and i swear by it! i will never use another moisturizer again.

Reviewed on August 4, 2016

I use this as a makeup remover and a moisturizer, heals my skin!

Boswellic Acid for Acne Instead
Reviewed on July 28, 2016

I heard Jojoba helps but years ago I only saw it made it worst. I know Boswellic Acid is excellent for acne treatments. I use a product called Desert Lavender by Emerald Cove Botanicals and it contains a high concentration of boswellic acid since it is a pure extract and not pills that don’t really work. I mainly use it for arthritis but my friend has used it on her daughter and it removed her acne overnight. The best part is that it is natural with no preservatives or chemicals, which is only a big deal if you rather use natural products. You can look in the national center for biotechnology information site and see the countless medical studies on boswellic acid. [link edited out]

didn't work for me.
Reviewed on July 15, 2016

This doesn't work on my face as a moisturizer. I read about people using it to massage into their pores and then was supposed to loosen clogged pores or somehing I guess..didn't work for me...left my skin looking quite strange and broke me out. Its good as a scalp treatment tho.

Not for me.
Reviewed on June 30, 2016

Been using jojoba oil for the past week or two and it has done nothing but make me break out horribly. Huge red painful acne and whiteheads EVERYWHERE. I was so excited to try this product out but it did nothing but make me face look worse. Anyone know why it didn't work for me? I have oily prone skin already so that might be it.

Reviewed on May 25, 2016

I use it as a body oil, putting a little on after my shower, while my skin is still wet. It soaks in amazingly well and I am left with super soft and moisturized skin. I also add a few drops of different essential oils as well, so it smells lovely.

not for me
Reviewed on May 17, 2016

doesnt control oil at all, and doesn't do any of what it claims to do.