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  2. 2 weeks doesn't sound long enough for the gut to heal but maybe it's because your body was too acidic that was causing you the acne? Did they test you for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)? This bacteria increases acid production in the stomach and the acid can cause ulcers. Antacids such as Topzole and Omeprazole are prescribed to reduce the acid in the stomach so that the stomach and ulcers can heal. Antibiotics are often prescribed with the antacids to kill the H. pylori bacteria. In may c
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  4. Hi, it was definitely the Topzole. Not only has my skin cleared but my digestion is way better and IBS symptoms are gone. I had CONSTANT cystic acne for the past 6 - 7 years. Nothing else worked long-term until I tried this. Compeltely clear. Won't work for everyone, granted, but maybe for someone who's tried everything else expect this...
  5. Hi, thanks, I understand what you mean, I just ordered it and if it arrives I first will test it on a clean spot at my arm and if I see that nothing horrible happens I will apply it on the spot at my face. I will write again here after I tried it for some days.
  6. Is your skin oily? What kind of food do you usually eat?
  7. Nulante Mario Bedeck is well known for skin care merchandise that are created and produced out of their pores and skin care labs. Every time a brand new product is produced it's far nearly constantly written up in lots of famous women's magazines such as Glamour, Lucky and Cosmopolitan. One such new product with rave evaluations is Nulante Mario Bedeck Vitamin C Cream. Out of all of Nulante new pores and skin care merchandise that come out each 12 months, Nulante Vitamin C cream was Nulante most
  8. OK, don't use the Head and Shoulder shampoo - the problem with most shampoos is that (very annoyingly) they contain sodium laurel sulphate which is very irritating to skin. You should be able to get Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns online - it is manufactured in France but it is available in many countries. The Mustela shampoo does NOT contain any irritants. Can you continue to use the Head and Shoulders shampoo to wash your hair ? Do that, if possible - but you certainly don't want t
  9. My skin has gotten really dry after washing with h&s twice a day though so I think I'll either stop using it or only wash with it once a day. I'm not in the US so I can't find the baby shampoo either. I might have to order it from the UK if the shipping isn't too expensive, but that would take a while to arrive. I will look into it. The other climbazole shampoos I found seem to not be very gentle. I have not been in a hot tub as far as I can remember, but I'm guilty of taking long steam
  10. Hey For icepick scars the best ''cure'' is TCA cross, and for enlarged pores chemical peels (glycolic for example, you can do this at home), or lasers (more expensive, see a specialist! ) All the best
  11. Hey bud Nice airpods btw, just got myself them today aswell. Dont worry, you look good just as you are but here's what you need to do if you want your scars to improve: your scars are tehtered (anchored) to the deeper layers of the skin, they need to be released by subcision. Dermapen delivers needles vertically, hence it does not break the fibrotic bands. It is a good treatment for collagen stimulation though, but the bands need to be broken first. When you subcise your scars, you ess
  12. Hey Dr.Anil would probably be your best option mate. You definitely need many sessions of subcision, you seem to have mostly boxcars, some rolling scars. Filler after subcision, what to get depends on your budget here (more expensive options are better but saline, PRP injection or PRP by chinese cupping would help). After subcisions RF microneedling would benefit your boxcars. In between sessions you can do glycolic peels and at-home microneedling yourself, will save you some money.
  13. With all due respect, you have not tried everything. You very likely have fungal acne, for which the treatment is to apply topical antifungal creams Fungal acne is caused by taking antibiotics and/or birth control pills and/or a few other meds. One type of fungal acne is exacerbated by using moisturiser and organic oils on one's skin, because malasezzia fungal acne uses organic oils as food. Get back to me if you would like further information about fungal acne, which you most likely h
  14. Hard to believe this is so rare when I know of 4 people IRL who have/had persistent symptoms. One had ED as a young teenager (14 y/o) and I was told that he took Accutane prior. One was shitting and vomiting blood for 2 years after she took Accutane. One has treatment resistant depression that began with Accutane. One said he has had health issues since Accutane but wouldn't state what exactly. Granted, 3 of these were brought to my attention only because t
  15. You can bring your blood pressure down safely by taking beetroot tablets or beetroot powder. Be careful taking birth control pills - they can cause fungal acne, especially if you also take antibiotics.
  16. You most likely have fungal acne caused by sweating - fungus loves moisture. Keep your skin as dry as possible, apply antifungal cream (start with clotrimazole cream - ie, Canesten or similar - available without a prescription, mixed with terbenafine cream - ie, Lamisil or similar, if you can get terbenafine cream without a prescription), use an antidandruff shampoo (because antidandruff shampoos are antifungal) and dust your skin in antifungal powder at night. Do NOT use any moisturisers or org
  17. Metronadizole will cure rosacea because most rosacea is caused by demodex mites, and metronadizole kills demodex mites. Permethrin (scabies cream) and ivremectin (both applied topically) will also kill demodex mites and cure rosacea.
  18. You most likely have fungal acne NOT ordinary acne (which is why the tea tree oil helps, and the moisturisers make it worse). The organic oils in moisturisers FEED fungal acne. Malsezzia fungal acne (which you most likely have) lives on organic oils. Fungal acne is caused by taking antibiotics, birth control pills and a few other meds. The treatment for fungal acne is to apply antifungal creams and to wash hair in antidandruff shampoos. The problem should clear in one-two weeks by appl
  19. If you have taken antibiotics and you have acne that does not get better, then you most likely have fungal acne, NOT ordinary acne. Fungal acne needs to be treated and controlled with antifungal creams (see above) and antidandruff shampos. The reason for using antidandruff shampos, is because dandruff (which I realise you don't have) is caused by fungus and antidandruff shampoos are antifungal. Antidandruff shampoos will help control a broad range of fungus outbreaks not just dandruff.
  20. A 18 gen Notwithstanding no dandruff and no white tongue, I would still apply an antifungal cream to the affected areas and see if that solves the problem because you most likely have fungal acne caused by taking Yasmin, and then exacerbated by antibiotic and hydrocortisone creams. Antifungal creams are totally safe. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by applying an antifungal cream to the affected areas. There is a reasonable to very good chance that doing so will solve y
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  22. H4nnz Have you taken antibiotics ? Do you have dandruff ? Do you have a white tongue ? You possibly have fungal acne. If you get back to me with answers to the above questions, I can probaby help you.
  23. Varial Thanks for your reply and kind words. I understand about English not being your first language, so don't worry about that. Mix the aspirin with the alcohol and dab that on the spot. That should be the most effective. Aspirin won't dissolve in hydrogen peroxide (aspirin will partially dissolve in alcohol) so start with that. The swelling is because your skin "knows" there is a foreign body in it and that sets up an inflammatory reaction. If the aspirin in alcohol does not wo
  24. Thank you. I received the clinical notes from the dermatologist who examined under tangential lighting: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Generally distensible scarring . No apparent “tethering” 2) Atrophic, larger rolling trough scars to left cheek. 3) Fraction of a millimeter, raised scarring. 4) Troughing, right pre-auricular cheek. 5) Small cliff sca
  25. Have you tried using ANTIFUNGAL creams ? If you have not applied antifungal creams then you don't know whether you have fungal acne or not ? topical antifungal creams (start with clotrimazole cream 0 canesten) are TOTALLY safe (unlike accutane which is quite dangerous and has dreadful side effects). If you have fungal acne then accutane will make it worse. Why not buy some clotrimazole antifungal cream and apply it to the affected areas and wash the affected areas in an antidandruff shampoo
  26. im not able to watch it from the us apparently. i did see the article. what was the thing on younger people getting bowel cancer? was that a separate story? I can understand a 10 day course having more potential to do damage. i guess another point is though is that id like my chances of resolution alot more taking 1 or 10 pills as opposed to 120. as far as millions of sufferers, its probably the other way around just looking at alot of pro accutane feedback from that story. h
  27. Sodium chloride is NOT a pore clogging ingredient. Do not believe the information that one reads on the wb about pore clogging products. Much of it is rubbish, based on nothing (or sometimes on studies on rabbit's ears!). Sodium chloride is table salt and it is abundant in sea water. if sodium chloride clogged pores then everyone who swims in sea water would get acne, and the reverse is actually true. Swimming in sea water is good for controlling acne. In any case, Clear Skin has a fungal o
  28. Women are under immense pressure these days to look amazingly beautiful. Clothes are quite revealing, so unsightly body scars can cause a lot of anguish for younger girls, basically the trend right now is to reveal almost everything by hiding the bare minimum. As a guy, we are also are under immense pressure to look extremely masculine with amazing skin to attract the opposite sex. I have many scars from childhood and sport related injuries on my knees, hands and face. A few others on othe
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