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Implanon Implantable Contraceptive
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Brand: Implanon

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Implanon Implantable Contraceptive


Active Ingredients:
Ethylene Vinylacetate (EVA) Copolymer Core, Synthetic Progestin Etonogestrel.

Inactive Ingredients:
EVA copolymer skin.

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Implanon Implantable Contraceptive

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Implanon Implantable Contraceptive

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should be banned
Reviewed on June 14, 2017

as a person who has always had clear skin and a thick head of hair i decided to get the implanon (huge mistake) a couple of months after ive got it in my face started to erupt in painful cystic acne all on my forehead and chin, dont bother looking for creams to try and clear them up because these f**kers are resistant to almost everything!, then i started to lose hair, it had also caused cysts in my breasts too which scared me i thought was bc!.oh and not to mention sinus infections too! finally got the implanon taken out which i felt so so happy about over the moon!. needs to be taken off the market womens health are suffering

Reviewed on June 6, 2017

I suffered from severe acne when I was pregnant with my son (never had acne pre pregnancy). After giving birth, my skin calmed down and acne left my life again. I took pills for the first two years of his life and my skin was still behaving, I would probably have one or two once a month, then that's it. Then I got lazy taking my pills but scared of getting pregnant too soon. I went to the doctor and inquire about nexplanon, I thought it was a heaven sent. Gosh! Three months after getting it, my skin was out of control, all of a sudden my skin care routine doesn't work anymore and it keeps on multiplying, it's definitely one of the horrible issues I have in my life right now. For the past 8mos (this will be my 15th month of having nexplanon) I tried every acne remedy that I could get but nothing works! Then this dermatology told me that nexplanon has high levels of androgen hormone and possibly causing my breakouts. And upon reading a lot of bad reviews recently, I am convinced that this thing is the CULPRIT! I will have it removed this week and definitely go back to pills.

Great birth control, bad side effects.
Reviewed on May 24, 2017

I've been on Implanon for about 8 months now, its great for birth control but my side effects have been terrible. The first 5 months on it gave me irregular periods, constantly. After 6 months my period was regular (literally 8 days long) followed with another shorter period for about 2-3 days. After 7 months I've started getting acne all over my face, chest, and back that isn't going away. This has been a long journey but I think ill stick to birth control pills.

Actually cleared my skin!
Reviewed on April 28, 2017

I have suffered from acne since 7th grade and I am now a sophomore in college. I have been taking a prescription med to control my skin ever since. I did one course of accutane which was great but then my skin started breaking out again a few months later, and took minocycline which controlled it. I got the Mirena IUD which made my skin HORRIBLE. I even took accutane again and it didn't work, so I got the copper IUD instead and my skin immediately got much better. Unfortunately the copper IUD was awful for my menstrual cycle so I very hesitantly got the nexplanon. I was so worried because I have read almost all negative reviews about acne. After getting it, my skin broke out badly for about 3 weeks but then it perfectly cleared up! It's been 3 months and my skin is nearly perfect. I do take 200 mg of minocycline every day but I have for years and my skin is better than it was before. I am now a true believer that everyones skin is different and what makes someone break out may work great for someone else! I could not be happier with nexplanon :)

Acne on neck and jawline
Reviewed on February 12, 2017

I had the implant for 6 years, I never had acne as a teenager but since starting on the implant it got increasingly worse on my neck and jawline. Cystic acne that was painful and constant. I had it taken out and went on dianette. It has taken about 6 months but my skin is practically clear. It is an incredible difference. The implant is extremely convinent and did stop my periods, but the pain and appearance of my face wasn't worth it. If you're suffering with acne and you think it might be due to the implant I would strongly encourage coming off it and going on dianette. I am so so pleased

Never again!!!
Reviewed on October 25, 2016

I had nexplanon put in my arm about 4 months ago!! I now have bumps under my skin, cystic acne and my eyes have now developed blepharitis!! Dry flaky skin round my eyes! They're sore and water all the time! I'm phoning the doctor to have mine removed asap!!! Will never have one again!!!

Don't get this...
Reviewed on October 8, 2016

I had this God awful thing placed in my arm 2 months ago and it was the worse. I had constant bleeding, mood swings, gained 6 pounds, and the acne. Oh my, the acne. It was all aver my face and neck. I mean from lits of tiny white heads to giant zits. I took that suckered out of my arm the first chance I could. It's been about a month. No more bleeding but I still get break outs, not as many as before but I never had them so the ones I have now are too many. My question is... how long before I get my smooth clear skin back??

Convenient, but not worth it
Reviewed on July 22, 2016

I got the Nexplanon version of the implant when I got lazy with taking a pill a couple of years ago and i had a pregnancy scare. I figured this way it was one less thing to think about. - I'd suffered with acne in my teens that was cleared up with the help of the contraceptive pill and for the first year of the implant, my skin was fine, the odd spot here and there but nothing unbearable. then about 14 months in i started getting really bad acne, cysts all around my jawline and cheeks along with lots of smaller white heads across my forehead. I went on doxycycline which helped a little for a while but then just seemed to stop working. I got the implant removed 3 months ago (6 months early) and switched to co-cyprindiol (dinette) birth control pill. My skin has cleared up completely and is better than it ever has been. The implant is a great idea, but if you know that you suffer with hormonal acne already it might not be the best idea for you.

Nice pros, annoying cons
Reviewed on July 10, 2016

The pros: easy breezy birth control and no periods AT ALL for me.

The cons: I gained a good 20 pounds in the 10 months I've had Implanon. Not just blaming the implant, but I almost immediately noticed that it increased my appetite and my appetite has not gone back down with time.

Also, my face became covered in tiny whiteheads and eventually broke out into cystic acne as well. I've NEVER had acne this bad and I take really good care of my skin.

I'm having it removed later this month and I'm planning on staying away from hormonal birth control for a while. Hopefully my body and face will go back to what it was

Arm Birthcontrol
Reviewed on May 21, 2016

I got the Implant in my arm in June 2012 that was my first one I kept that one in my arm for three years and everything was perfectly fine. June 15 I got it removed and got another inserted the same day. I didn't know they had changed the form of birth control within the arm implant. Within 4 months of this birth control, my face has broken out bad. I always had pretty skin to the point people thought I wore makeup. I never knew what was breaking me out I has spent over hundreds of dollars on acne products and nothing worked. I kept wondering why my face was breaking out the way it was. My face is horrible and my acne mostly on my cheek. My right cheek is covered with acne, but yes I have it all over my face as well. I will be getting this Implant removed out my arm in three days and I hope my skin go back to the way it was.