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Hydrogen Peroxide
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Hydrogen Peroxide


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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen Peroxide

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it works! give it a try!!
Reviewed on January 4, 2016

I don't recommend this if you have a sensitive skin. But it worked well for me, it stings but thats the use of it, to clean and disinfect the skin. I used it consistently for a whole week and I was surprised because it minimized my large zits and it left nothing but scars. ;)

Reviewed on December 7, 2015

If you're like me you've tried just about everything for your acne. After years with dermatologists I started to believe that my acne wasn't an external problem, moreso a manifestation of an internal problem. So I began taking herbs, cutting out gluten, dairy, limited processed foods and eating less than 20g of sugars a day. That's when things really took a turn for the better! But I continued to get little bumps here and there. I recently started using hydrogen peroxide and my skins never been smoother. I suppose after all those years of popping, my skin was just seriously infected. The hydrogen peroxide cleans my pores!!! I use it after every shower. Good luck!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Reviewed on November 20, 2015

Very harsh chemical. Wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin. I tried it and it made my scarring worse.

Works good for cystic acne as well
Reviewed on September 27, 2015

I'm a teen and normaly have mild face acne but bad acne on my back and chest. Te other day I woke up with a horrid cyst on my chin a baby cyst right beneath my lip and a small cyst on my forehead. I was desperate to get rid of it and used hydrogen peroxide. It worked really well after only a day the big cyst has cleared almost all the way just flat and red now, the one in my lip has drastically gone down and the small one on my forehead has also shrunk. I wash my face with beauty counters daily cleanser and use a scar and fixing treatment on my face, then I apply the peroxide to a cotton ball and leave it on the zit for 1-2 minutes. I reapplied the hp throughout the day probably 3x totals. It does sting when it first goes on, but the sting and red go down fast. Everytime it would crust white after a few goes I would squeeze the cyst and get out all the gunk

So Far So Good!
Reviewed on September 19, 2015

Just put some on and it seems like it's working! I took a q-tip and put it on the pimples and scars and they are bubbling. For those who are reading this and haven't tried it, bubbling is good. It means it's cleaning your pores! I can't wait till' tomorrow!

good so far
Reviewed on August 31, 2015

I've been using hydrogen peroxide on my acne thats on my forehead for the past 3 days and it seemed to have really helped. First I washed my face then took a cotton ball and poured the peroxide on it and dabbed it all over my face then went to sleep. I do this in the morning and night. At first when I put this on it stings and got a little red but after about an hour the redness goes away and you wake up with a clearer looking skin!

I'm giving it a try
Reviewed on August 24, 2015

I used this for the first time tonight, and right away my face turned bright red! Idk if it's a reaction or just temporary. But my blackheads and pimples seem to be going away pretty fast n this last hour. I just hope the redness goes away!

So far so good
Reviewed on August 23, 2015

I started using hydrogen peroxide as an astringent about a month and a half ago and have seen great results. The whiteheads are healing and I don't have new ones daily anymore. Blackheads are even going away. I only use it at night all over my face. After about five minutes I use an oil free lotion. So far so good. BTW I am a 40 year old mom of three.

Mother and daughter are seeing results
Reviewed on August 3, 2015

I am almost 40 and have suffered with acne 30yrs. I have tried many things and must say that peroxide and black seed oil (found in many Asian markets)/have worked wonders on my white heads.

My pre-teen daughter suffers from black heads and scarring. I have started on her back with peroxide and it seems to be drawing out the oil and dirt. Her back is not as red which to me I'd a good sign.

I wish you luck on your journey!

by NEWOB11311 on 09/01/2015 16:51
www. myrainlife .com/sharesoul
Reviewed on June 7, 2015

idk if it's the hydgrogen peroxide helping my insanely huge pimples but everytime i put it on a pimple it either shrinks it or brings it to a head faster. worth it to try. some people say it's dangerous but then again everything you're trying to put on ur face is dangerous one way or another. just try a 3% hydrogen peroxide. use it only in spot treating, not for the whole face

by NEWOB11311 on 09/01/2015 16:37
I recommend anybody with skin issues especially children because of harsh chemicals they prescribe in today world. This product is 100% natural and is based around seed oils and the husk of the seed. You consume daily in a packet and it's packed full of antioxidents. Check it out there so many skin testimonials. [link removed]