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Green Tea


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Green Tea

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Green Tea

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not every green tea have the same effect
Reviewed on February 28, 2016

search for the 'gun powder' Chinese tea, it's the most effective one.

2 cups a day worked for me.

Spearmint Tea for Hormonal Imbalance
Reviewed on December 7, 2015

I'm not really a fan of writing review since I'm actually a reader. I've been searching and reading a lot of websites about reducing acne/pimples. Whatever you call it. I've bought a lot of expensive products then in the end it doesn't help me, rather it worsen my face. Until I've come across this article that says drinking spearmint tea helps hormonal imbalance leading to reduce oil production leading to less clogging of pores leading to less pimples. I'm not a fan of tea but why not try? It's easier than applying tones of things in the face right? So I went to look for just the spearmint tea flavor in a tea shop. And tried it once a day in the morning. And that day I started taking zinc as well. In addition, I started before taking omega 3 supplement.

After 2 days, I can see the difference. No more breakouts in the morning. I have little one or two, but they are so tiny unlike before that it's big, noticeable cyst.

I'm trying now to search what can I use to reduce blemishes, while continuously drinking tea.

by Leedoo12 on 01/03/2016 22:05
How much do u take of the omega an zinc?
It helps!
Reviewed on November 17, 2015

I drink one or two cups of green tea everyday and afterwards put the tea-bag on my skin. I don't know if drinking green tea is very beneficial for your skin, because I still get the same amount of new pimples. But it has definitely helped my gut to be calmer and they say acne is caused by gut problems for some people. But using the tea-bag on my face as an exfoliator has remarkably been effective! It helps to remove the redness and also makes pimples appear smaller. Sadly it doesn't cause your pimples to stay away, but it's a very helpful method to get rid of pimples that are already there.

green tea for hormonal acne.
Reviewed on September 25, 2015

I am 38 and have suffered from acne on & off from the age of about 13.It carried on throughout my twenties & stopped for a while when i had a baby then came back.Anyway i have probably been prescribed most of the oral & topical antibiotics available over the years.Some have been fantastic and i have had months where my skin is clear.But it always seem to come back.From my mid thirties my face seem to clear up and i very rarely get any bad spots on my face.My neck and jaw where a different matter however. They just seem to be constantly covered in cystic type acne which was so bad i found it hard to sleep at times.After going back to the gp i was given a 6 month course of lymecycline.It improved it a lot but it started to come back in a milder form after a few months.After a lot of my own research i am sure i have hormonal acne as it seems to flare up for a few days each month then subsides!I hated lymecycline as it really made me feel ill & as someone who dosen,t even like taking painkillers i have tried various herbal remedies.Most have had no effect until i read a article on acne.einstein about hormonal acne & how green tea can balance your hormones.I was a bit sceptical but starting drinking 4 cups each day a few months ago.I buy a decent green tea from my local health shop & i have to drink decaffeinated as the normal green tea gave me a headache.Apart from the odd pimple my neck has really cleared up & i rarely get any acne on my jawline now.I have also noticed that my complexion is a lot calmer in general as i have sensitive skin which is quite itchy normally.And the odd time that i do get a flare up on my neck i use one of the warm teabags and wipe it over my skin.Within a couple of hours it has calmed down.So i cant praise green tea enough.To be honest i am not a fan of the taste,but for clear skin it is worth it.I drink normal tea in the morning with milk as i really miss not having that.But then throughout the day i make sure i have at least 4 cups of green tea.So i really hope it continues to work.

Helped to reduce my acne dramatically
Reviewed on August 30, 2015

So i'm 22, not the type to write reviews but I said to myself, if i ever find something that works for my acne then im going to write about it because i know how sh*tty acne makes you feel and so if i can help even a single person then thats good!

So i have been using for just under a year to try to get rid of my acne! I used to get big sore spots on my chin and cheeks and some little ones all over my forehead.

I have really tried everything - lymecycline for 8 months - worked really well i had clear skin but then went off it and straight away my skin was worse than before and also reading all the bad things about antibiotics online how they affect your gut etc I didn't want to be on them anymore. I tried being on the pill (dianette) and again my skin was perfect but it was making me have mood swings often where i'd just feel sad and I thought that it wasn't worth it! I also tried benzoyl peroxide for a bit and although it did work a bit (it got rid of bumps on my forehead but didnt do much to chin spots) - it made my skin so dry and horrible that it actually almost looked worse - it made my makeup sit horribly on my face and i felt like it made me face look wrinkly! not good!

So I started thinking I wanted to take a more natural approach to my acne.

Firstly I gave up dairy (still have the odd bit now and then - cant completely give up chocolate haha!) but dramatically cut down.

Next I went on in the natural/holistic section to see what was recommended. I wanted to go in this section because although some other treatments may work, i started not trusting any of the reviews because I started thinking that a lot of them sounded fake as though maybe the company had written them - i figured that in the natural section who would write a fake review?

So anyway, i started with ACV - i think this worked quite well, at least for my chin and cheek spots (this is where i used to get a lot of big sore ones), however i started getting loooads of bumps all over my nose and forehead and so had to stop that.

Next i tried potato - i think this worked quite well for acne scars but because it was so messy i stopped doing that so much in the end and now will only do it every now and then when i feel like it haha

Next i tried epsom salt - i put it in a bath every night and also used the salt to wash my face along with a face wash - i really do think this worked for the big spots but it irritated my skin unfortunately and i got little bumps on my arms and forehead so gave it up!

Next i tried green tea and rooibos tea (redbush) - amazing! So i now drink about 4-5 cups of green tea or red bush tea a day, and also wipe the tea bag on my face if i am not wearing makeup when i drink the tea (usually morning and night). I have a chemistry background and have read a lot of scientific papers about green tea and acne and have found that there is a lot of science behind why it works - basically the antioxidant reduces the inflammation and therefore because green tea and red bush tea have such high antioxidants, this means that your acne becomes less inflamed! Also there have been studies that prove that green tea makes your skin less oily - definitely a plus!

I also bought an antioxidant face moisturiser, i just typed antioxidant cream into amazon and looked at the first one that came up and it looked good so i got it and it really is good! my face is always hydrated and lovely! so nice to finally not have dry or oily skin! its kinda expensive the one i got but im sure there are others that would work just as well that are cheaper!

So yeah thats all i do now - gave up dairy and drink a lotttt of tea! My skin is not flawless i still have some acne scars and i get little spots every now and then but i have not got a big spot in like 3 months so it is definitely working and i'd recommend anyone to try it!

Oh and by the way i wash my face with Dr. Bronners tea tree soap stuff - i dont really know if this is any good but it hasn't seemed to make my skin worse, takes makeup off well and makes me feel clean afterwards haha

Another thing i'll say is that I don't really know which helped my skin more: no dairy or green/red bush tea - but my skin is so much clearer and i don't want to give either up and get bad skin again haha

Ask me any questions you have and i'll try to help! As i said before I know how horrible having bad skin is, it used to make me feel so sh*tty when i woke up in the morning, but honestly i think little changes make a big difference!

Sensitive skin miracle worker
Reviewed on July 11, 2015

At the age of 24, I have finally found a topical solution for my porous, sensitive, combination acne prone skin.

Routine: make a cup of well steeped green tea in the morning, apply 1-3 tablespoons on the afflicted/prone areas with cotton balls and drink the rest. It should taste bitter when well steeped. This still works well if you use makeup -use the green tea as a toner and make sure it is dry before you continue with your routine. Repeat application of the tea on your skin before you go to bed. *Also, it is very important to gently cleanse all affected areas before using the green tea.*

Within a couple of days trying this, there was noticeable reduction of acne on my chest, back and the sides of my face (the problem areas) as well as reduction of redness (irritation/inflammation) around my nose, mouth and eyebrows. Out of the thousands of dollars I have spent over the years on topical products meant to clear up acne, (cheap) green tea has worked the best. No joke. Good old, store brand green tea.... I wish I had known sooner. Both drug store and dermatologist prescribed creams and medications did not help my skin and often left it in worse condition. I highly recommend to try green tea first before blowing loads of money on expensive products! Your skin will thank you for it, especially if it has been left damaged, dried or burned by said products...

A bit more detail: I have hormonal acne. Using green tea has gotten my skin the closest to 'clear' as when I was on the the pill.

Hope this helps!

by rocketblue86 on 07/11/2015 04:57
I have hormonal acne too. Did you try the regimen? Did it worked out well for you? I'm on my first week with the regimen.
by Joana Silva on 08/25/2015 16:30
did it reduce the redness on the skin?
by Joana Silva on 08/25/2015 16:30
did it reduce the redness on the skin?
Hey, at least it's healthy..
Reviewed on June 23, 2015

When my acne started to accumulate, I read online that several cups of green tea per day could really clear your skin...Since there are boxes and boxes of green tea in my cabinet, I said ,'hey, why not!'.. So from then on, I drank about 2-3 cups of tea per day.. Sadly, I experienced a very little difference in my skin..My acne simply became less inflamed. Certain factors could have caused this such as only drinking about two cups per day but, you can decide if this method can help you..Either way, green tea still has amazing health benefits that you can benefit from if it does not help your acne

by FocusedOnion on 08/02/2015 22:40
What kind of green tea were you drinking? The one from typical grocery stores that comes in a box full of tea bags won't do much to help with acne, if that's what you had. You need high quality green tea. For example, where I live there are some Asian markets in downtown where I bought a container of loose-leaf green tea sealed in a foil-lined bag. That's the good stuff, versus buying a box of, say, Lipton tea bags. Of course, the health benefits are there regardless, but I'd say give the high quality stuff a try for skin improvement.
Blemishes reduced to 60%
Reviewed on June 14, 2015

I have been suffering from chronic acne since the age of 12. I am 30 today.

I have tried all possible products in the market , spent too much money but couldnt get the result green tea gave me.

What eventually worked for me are these things:

1.egg white mask + lemon -> helps close pores and help with glowing skin tea-> helps reduce blemishes on both side of my cheeks. i saw the difference in 2 weeks. sipping 2 cups each day (i am fond of pure jasmine green tea)

3.on weekends i try to get little more than 8 hours of sleep (this closes my pores)

4. apply toothpaste on a pimple overnight (allows pimple to dry out)

5. use st ives apricot scrub (works best to scrub dead cells away and polish my skin)

What I am still not able to resolve are:

1.i have a blackheads on my cheeks that is there for past couple of months and none of the things i have tried until now including baking soda have been able to wipe it out. Any suggestions here are welcome, please!!

Honestly it does make a difference
Reviewed on May 24, 2015

I used to drink a lot of fizzy drinks and coffee with lots of sugar but recently switched to just drinking green tea and water; even if I go out for a meal I'll make sure to only drink water. But I've noticed a huge difference in my skin and breakouts since drinking green tea, I've got a few small spots on my face but not as many as I've had before.

Obviously green tea isnt going to clear up your acne completely but it helps a lot.

Not just for drinking!!
Reviewed on May 6, 2015

Over the last few months my 18 yr old daughter, after never having had spots, has had a severe out break of sore red acne for which she has been prescribed antibiotics and a prescription cream. Neither have had much effect other than to make the area extreme dry and sore. A few weeks ago I read an article in the Daily Mail recommending green tea to be applied to the affected area. Over the last few days I have applied cotton wool pads saturated in green tea to the skin and also have open the tea bag and put the tea directly on the skin for 5 mins. In just a few days redness of the spots has improved significantly as well as the lumps that could be felt beneath the skin. I will definitely continue using green tea in this way.