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Green Tea And Honey Mask
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Green Tea And Honey Mask


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Green Tea And Honey Mask

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Green Tea And Honey Mask

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I recommend this mask absolutely.!!
Reviewed on November 24, 2015

Having a green tea mask is just great for a skin regimen. I have extremely sensitive skin and I've noticed that I cant use a lot of store products because it does nothing but add on to my existing acne, but I started using natural remedies. I made a green tea scrub, (2cups sugar, 2 green tea bags, 1 tblsp of honey, and 1 tsp of lemon juice from a fresh lemon), and the mask, ofcourse the green tea leaves and honey. I've been using this twice a week for 3 weeks and it has drastically changed my skin's condition. Less acne, less breakouts, and a lighter skin tone (lemon slices).

Uhh, YASS!
Reviewed on August 9, 2015

I've benen using this face scrub once a week for like 10 weeks or so, and my skin feels so refreshed and smooth. I don't have acne, but a couple of days ago a gigantic bright red pimple popped up on my right cheekbone. I used it and the pimple became less red and much smaller. I've got it on right not to. I recommend actually adding like 3 drops off coconut oil to the scrub. I know it might seem weird to add oil to a mask when trying to get rid off pimples / acne, but it actually does work, promise. Like I mean it, seriously. (I have tried only using coconut oil directly to the pimple and my forehead where I easily get pimples, and it shrinks them!) Then I also recommend leaving it on a little longer than some suggest ( 5 mins ), and actually leaving it on for like 20 - 30 mins instead!

And I also recommend a completely different treatment: putting lemon juice on your pimples / acne. I'm pretty sure there were information about that to on this site!🍵🍋

Two amazing things in one mask.
Reviewed on January 15, 2015

I love green tea and honey. They are great for my sensitive skin.

Love it!
Reviewed on July 11, 2013

I first discovered using green tea topically when watching one of Bubzbeauty's videos. Ever since then, it's been my go to mask/exfoliant and I 100% swear by it. First I start off by using my daily cleanser, Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser to clean my face and remove any dirt and oils. Then I take my green tea bag, rip off the top and shake the tea leaves out into a small bowl. I then mix this with some Manuka Honey (approximately 1 tsp) and then apply this to my face. I use it as an exfoliant first because I find it works better than any exfoliant that i've ever used, and then I leave it on for about 5 minutes as a mask. I do this regimine about 2 times a week. Definitely recommend to everyone!

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Mamacita, Florida
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Reviewed on September 29, 2011

It felt good the momment I put it on. Originally I was rubbing the bag of green tea around on my face but did not really notice the above "Pros" when I did that. So I thought... let me just tear the bag open & add a little Manuka Honey 16+ so it will stick to my face. I have been doing it about 4/week for about 3 weeks. It has not cured my acne (38 y/o with hormonal acne on my chin that may not completely go away until I get my stress under control) but definitely has lessened it's severity. I also noticed I used toget 2 or 3 little whiteheads per day along with my cystic bumps & since doing this I have not got the whiteheads. I guessed $15/month b/c the Manuka Honey was over $30 but will last me more than a month. The green tea is organic & so was a bit more pricey. But really I would be spending that money on the green tea anyway b/c I am drinking it too.

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Josh, NY
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Reviewed on June 24, 2011

I started drinking green tea everyday and it hasn't done much. So I bought RAW honey at the grocery store and used it as a mask. I then read on alot of reviews on here that green tea can also be used topically (On the face). So one day when i was done making tea i ripped open the tea bag and mixed a little green tea leaves and honey. Instead of leaving the mask on for 20-30 min I only leave the mask on for 15 min. I usually wash my face with Dans Cleanser that you can buy from this website, then let my face dry. Then i apply a layer of the green tea honey mask and leave it on for 15 minutes. After i gently wash it off with warm water i can already notice that my acne has calmed. I have mild-severe acne especially on my forehead. After using Dans Regimen for about 3 months alot of my acne disappeared but it caused cystic acne by my forehead, it also left scares. So when i switched over to the natural way with honey and green tea it fades a lot of my scars and calms my acne, there's nearly not as much red as before and my pimples seem to be shrinking. Seems like all my acne is going away from using this mask. I used to use it when i wake up and before i go to bed but now I just use it at night. I don't put on a moisturizer because i noticed it made my face more greasy looking, but if you have dry skin in the first place I say use a moisturizer after you wash the mask off. It seems like the green tea moisturizes my skin anyways. I've only been using this stuff for a week and a half. I say give it a go. You have nothing to lose.

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Busy person, Work
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