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Glycolic Acid Peel
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Glycolic Acid Peel


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Glycolic Acid Peel

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Glycolic Acid Peel

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Reviewed on March 6, 2013

You need to use several times over several months in order to see results.

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Reviewed on December 17, 2012

I bought a glycolic acid peel 30%, from Perfect Image on Amazon. This peel worked from the get go. I noticed my skin was smoother after the first application.

After a few weeks I also noticed I was breaking out way less. Currently, I only have 1 active pimple, which is really not normal for me. I usually have at least 4-5 at a time. While the peel worked on breakouts and lightened some of my hyperpigmentation (I have very light skin, but dark marks), my skin adapted within a month and now my marks are not lightening like they did initially. My skin is still staying much clearer though. (even during that time of the month---weird!)

I also must say that I was using this product 2-3 times a week. I felt my skin could handle it, but this is most likely the reason why my skin adapted so quickly.

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Kevin, Chicago,IL
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Reviewed on April 17, 2012

Overall a great product, I Used the 70% glycolic acid and would usually dilute it with a couple drops of water. Applied with a cotton ball kept on for 3 minutes at first and eventually upped to 7 minutes.

Reviewed on March 23, 2012

Sooooo I bought the 30% Glycolic Peel and ive been using it twice a week on my neck and chest for to months now and I havent seen that big of a change. Im 20 years old and ive been suffering from acne DARK MARKS for about 4 years and ive literally tried everything. I dont know if I should get a stronger version of this or get a skinbrightening cream. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

by oldcrampeddog on 05/22/2014 06:16
well the thing that I can only say is that we just have different kind of skins (like sensitive, dry whatsoever). If pimples are always popped over and over again and you don't give time to it to heal, it will really leave a permanent scar that's for sure
Reviewed on February 2, 2012

It has helped with my cystic acne by unclogging pores. I noticed black heads on nose disappeared. I've used 30% for a couple minutes all over. I also use 20% as a toner and leave it on. I've used 50% on spots, but that's when I run into trouble. Maybe I should stick to the 30%. Twice a week or every 4 to 5 day is good.

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BayAreaLadyBug, El Cerrito, CA
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Reviewed on February 1, 2012

I'm an African American woman in my 30's and I bought 70% glycolic acid on eBay last week for $8. I used it on my face but diluted the acid first. 1 tsp acid and 1-1/2 tsps water. I wanted to take it easy on my face the first time around. First I washed my face with my regular cleanser (Ambi bar soap), then I soaked a cotton ball with alcohol and cleansed my face again. Then, I used a make-up/paint brush to apply the acid over my entire face. I let it sit for 3 minutes then rinsed with ice cold water and baking soda mixed. After I rinsed, I mixed all natural Vitamin E oil ($3 at Whole Foods Grocery Store) and Aloe Vera gel (also bought from Whole Foods) and applied it to my face and went to bed. The next morning I rinsed my face with water and WITCH HAZEL, then reapplied the vit E and aloe mix to my face.

I did not peel but my skin was definitely brighter the next day, almost like a bleaching effect. I looked in the mirror the next morning and was WOWed by the results!!! I'm definitely satisfied with my appearance but I wouldn't repeat the process as often as the bottle says because like I said it definitely brightened/lightened my face... A LOT... I'm not trying to turn white or light skinned, I LOVE my cocoa complexion, I just want to lighten my hyperpigmentation spots. Next time I’ll spot treat.


I DID NOT dilute the acid, it tingled a little when applying but no immediate results. I'll try it again but so far--- the face absolute immediate results'---- for the legs and knees not so much....

Hope this helps someone out there... 70% glycolic on the body and legs ...NO RESULTS YET...

If anyone out there has remedies for hyperpigmentation on the inner thighs and knees please speak up!!! You never know whom you may be helping!!!

Peace and Blessings,

Bay Area LadyBug

by monica87 on 05/28/2013 03:39
what was the name of the product you used?
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Gordon, Sydney
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Reviewed on October 8, 2011

Apply your glycolic acid properly, and err on the side of caution - less is more people ! Listen to your skin and instinct ! Start slowly and carefully !

I had dramatic effects even with 30% and ONLY 1 min of application. Over repeated uses I expect to have close-to perfect skin.

I will be upping the time applied to 3 mins, then to 5, and eventually to 7-10, depending on how my skin feels. After my bottle of 30 ml runs out (should take over half a year) I will be upping concentration to 50%.

Here's how I apply and neutralise my peel.

1) Cleanse

2) Wipe rubbing alcohol over face to ensure an oil-free skin surface (very cheap if you don't have already, don't need a lot, take care not to get addicted to the smell either - it means you're anemic :)

3) Soak gauze pad with 1-2 mL of your acid solution (1 mL = 20 drops, 2 mL = 40 ... I used 2 mL this time, but I will be using 30 drops next time, 40 is overkill)

4)Wipe over skin, taking care to not get within 2 mm of the eyes as the skin there is *thin thin thin* and most likely perfect already. Also take care not to RUB IT IN, just as long as the acid is ON your skin, it'll do its job. You don't want your skin to absorb the acid T_T So aim for a thin and even layer, by buffing when needed (eg around the nose) and lightly wiping.

5)Wait 3-10 minutes, depending on your peel experience. It is recommended for 1st time users NOT to go over 1 minute, and no one should EVER go over 10. You will feel stinging. This is normal. If it gets too much or starts really burning, listen to your skin and start rinsing the acid off (every1 has a diff skin sensitivity)

6)I rinse off with a 3/4 sinkfull of water combined with 1/4 cup of baking soda, dissolved in - it neutralises the acid on your face. I rinse for around 1 minute, until there is no stinging left. Then I rinse with just cold water for a bit longer, making sure there is no more acid left.

I'm doing this weekly for 2 month

Reviewed on September 23, 2011

I used this product yesterday 50%.

I left it on for about 4 minutes which was too much for me maybe one minute less would have been a bit less harsh!

My face is current very red in the t zone area and the skin is trying to recover again.

I would advise anyone with sensitive skin like mine to only leave the peel on for about 3 mins max to start with.

All in all on the not so red bits of my face i can see the skin looks alot more luminous

Reviewed on July 6, 2011

i had a really bad breakout a few winters ago that i couldnt seem to get under control.

I went to sk:n (uk dermatologists) and got 6 sessions of gycolic peels over the course of a few months.

it did not help for my acne at all and i am left with permanent pitted scars on my cheeks to this day. the acid has a kind of melting effect and dissolves ur skin away leaving a big hole where ur pores used to be.

this kind of treatment is probably best for ppl who do not have any active pimples and just want to get rid of superficial scarring - it's not the best thing to use if u have pustules. if anything it just aggravates ur acne even more.

Reviewed on May 3, 2011

I have just finished a 7-treatment glycolic peel cycle using first 40% glycolic acid and then 50% (my back skin is not very sensitive).

First a little background: I have moderate to somewhat severe bacne. I have tried retin-a, antibiotics and bp, the first two where rather useless and though bp worked rather well it bleaches everything so I had to stop. Also I've tried some "home remedies" like Head and shoulders and a non dairy diet, which again, didn't work. The only time I've been acne free is during my pregnancies. I get better during the summer months and worse in the winter.

For the first three weeks I did just peels, plus a routine of salicylic acid toner and a mild lactic acid cream. My back got better, but I could kinda tell from experience that is wasn't going to work completely. So I added an aha-cream as per Dan's bacne regime. Now I'm on my 4th week of that combo and my back is considerably better. Just a few small pimples. Of course the back still looks like a mess due to all the scars and crusts, but when I touch my skin it feels much smoother. For me this is a very big deal since I've struggled with bacne for almost 20 years, and it has gotten worse and worse.

After starting aha-treatments my skin looks the best it has in years. And I feel confident that if I can keep up with this regime I will have pretty decent looking back for the most parts. But it will take some dedication