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Glycolic Acid Peel
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Glycolic Acid Peel


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Glycolic Acid Peel

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Glycolic Acid Peel

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glycolic acid and skincare routine using natural products got rid of acne marks and acne scars.
Reviewed on November 24, 2017

all you have to do to get a clear acne free skin and to avoid future breakouts is to follow a regular skincare routine with all natural products. like cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating or scrubbing. i first take off my makeup with some oil based cleanser then i exfoliate my skin with apricot scub (you can use any brand) after scrubbing my skin i use some foam based cleanser which contains salicylic acid which is a face wash, after that i apply rose water as a toner with the help of a cotton ball, then i apply store bought aloe vera gel as my moisturizer i let it soak in after it is soaked into my skin after 5 minutes then i apply glycolic acid 12% cream at night. by following this skincare routine my skin is pretty much clear now acne free and my mild acne scaring has reduced it isn't noticeable and it got rid of acne marks in just a few weeks i don't get any whiteheads or pimples anymore, because regular exfoliating your skin gets rid of dead skin cells which causes whiteheads and rose water has anti bacterial properties which kills bacteria on your face that's why your pores less likely to get infected. and i use an apricot scrub thrice a week even though I'm using glycolic acid cream everyday it avoided my initial breakout which glycolic acid could've caused. and for morning routine i wash my face with the foaming cleanser face wash then i use rose water as a toner then aloe vera gel as a moisturizer above that i use sunscreen then do my makeup and ready to start off my day. by following this skincare routine my skin produces less oil now, my skin was super oily before now its balanced. i don't get any whiteheads and pimples and all my acne marks have cleared up and my mild acne scaring reduced so much.

Excellent for my skin!
Reviewed on October 14, 2017

38 year old female and I’ve been using aha’s for a few years now. I first started out on retin a because I had acne for years into my 30’s. That worked for me but I wanted something gentler I hated the peeling! I had tons of scarring and dark spots from my acne. So I started doing glycolic Acid peels. I’ve used lactic, mandelic, tca, and my favorite for my skin the glycolic Acid peel. I use a 40% peel or I take a drop and mix it with my moisturizer as a serum. When I use this as a peel I layer it since my skin is very used to acids and I leave it on for 5 minutes neutralize with a mix of baking soda and water. Then I wash with a PH adjusting foam cleanser. After that I use Cerave PM and snail mucin believe it or not. That calms my skin and I’ve had few to no breakouts since I switched to only using aha’s.

I purchased my 40% on eBay for 12$ by beauty essentials is the company on the bottle. I believe this is a Korean made product. My skin is finally clear and I can go without makeup now. The few spots I get are hormonal once a month spots but they are tiny and go away very fast. All and all I’m super pleased with using glycolic acid peels. It’s worked in my case I hope it does for others too!

White male, 23, medium acne scarring—excellent results
Reviewed on March 25, 2016

I have been using this for around 5 weeks now, have gotten exceedingly good results. Less visible scars and overall less Acne. This is the closest thing you will get to a "quick" fix for acne.

Be warned however, this stuff can easily f**k your face up for life. You want to research this stuff before you try it at home. Don't go full retard and start with 70% just because you are desperate and can't wait a few weeks for results—you will regret it for the rest of your life. Start low, maybe around 30% (what i am using) or less, look up guides etc.

I have tried a lot of stuff, but this is the only "cure" that i have found effective. Strongly recommend.

I do repeat however, be careful with this stuff—it can f**k you up for life, play it safe—play it smart.

Not a significant effect
Reviewed on September 14, 2015

I have had some acne scarring and a lot of hyper pigmented blemishes over the past few years. I have had four glycolic acid peels over the past 8 weeks but I don't see a significant improvement even as far as the blemishes are concerned. I have also been religiously doing the home care regimen my aestheticism recommended which include cleansing, messaging, exfoliation and applying 5% glycolic acid at night. I don't see a significant improvement in my skin. Has anyone else had similar experience? I am wondering if it is even worth to get the remaining two peels as I have heard people usually get a series of 6.

by define1 on 08/08/2016 02:33
try increasing your glycolic acid to 30% you will see better results since your skin has already tolerated 5% be careful and follow the directions and always have a neutralizer handy it makes the peels tolerable. good luck
Helped a little
Reviewed on June 13, 2015

I got 5 pretty expensive treatments of glycolic acid peel, I think that it helped a little for my scarring but I'm not sure if that's due to the glycolic acid bc they've been there for a long time so they would also have faded with time. I think it actually did prevent my skin from forme new pimples, because I didn't get any serious ones on my cheeks (my main problem area) since starting te treatment. (This could also be because I started Yasmin birth control pill) BUT my face would look really red and way worse than it was for at least 2 days after i had a treatment and the scabs stay sometimes up to a week. At first it also makes it worse due to the purging.

How to AVOID bad initial breakout
Reviewed on March 2, 2015

Hi guys,

A lot of you are getting initial breakouts, and some of you may be nervous to give this a go for fear of a major purging. First things first, you WANT an initial breakout. All those blackheads and clogged pores need to be opened somehow to GET clear, and you definitely don't want you body absorbing those toxins backup.

But yes, I get it. Breakouts suck and and we just want clear skin now now now! An initial breakout is pretty much unavoidable, but again it depends on skin types and type of clogged pore. Lets assume you are like most of us on here who will get an IB. I'll tell you how to minimize this when using a Glycolic acid peel.

Start off easy. A month before I started this peel I started the Neostrata line, which has a glycolic lotion that you apply daily at 10 percent strength (or 8 percent, but i went full force right away). This is enough to keep new zits from coming, and ease you into the initial breakout. I think I had a few whiteheads the first week of use. After that, nada. Bit of redness first 2 weeks but hey, redness i better than ten whiteheads right? My skin is the best its been in so long now, the daily lotion has reduce my acne 85-90 percent.

I did a 30 percent chemical peel and so far no initial breakout or anything, my skin is quite clear, I am doing these peels to get rid of scars. Thanks to taking a couple weeks of a 10 percent lotion, I believe I won't have any issue with an initial break whatsoever.

That being said, if you just want to jump right into it, expect an average to big initial breakout. If you can wait long enough to do some sort of 5-10 percent glycolic cream/lotion twice a day, then you'll have no problem with the chemical peel you'll just jump straight to results (then again, I can't testify to that for everyone, just my experience). It's all up to you. Hope that helped!! (In case you are wondering I am using the Neostrata gel cleanser, and follow up with the 10 percent lotion right after... best thing I have used for my skin to date... and yes, I've tried it all)

*I am not affiliated with Neostrata whatsoever

by TLynnT on 06/30/2017 12:46
what lotion were you using?
Very little effect for stubborn skin
Reviewed on June 16, 2014

I have some minor acne scarring, ice picks (very minor) and a few holes (again very minor) but always noticeable to yourself. Persistent redness left over from spots is a huge problem for me, still going strong after a year and a half. I have combination oily skin.

I bought this as it is a light peel, you start light and work your way up. This sadly had very very little effect on me. It did burn a little yes but not to an unbearable extent.

You are recommended to do this peel once a week, I bought from Bravura (I recommend highly), I however used this peel 5 days in a row purely out of frustration due to seeing no change. This still did nothing to my skin - I didn't even react badly to it! I even did a 30% and a 50% peel at the same time, one after one another, layered etc, my point being, I never ever reacted to it. meaning it just was not strong enough for my skin.

It is a superficial peel, I should imagine it to work well for skin that is not badly damaged and which has not been scarred for a long time. This is my own personal recommendation. If you want to do TCA (medium depth peel) in the future I highly recommend that you do these peels for several weeks in the future.

I think you need to examine how damaged your skin is before purchasing this, my skin is evidently made out of steel after the amount of crap ive put on it haha, it did not break me out however and helped with redness ever so slightly.

Worked for me - my skin requires continuation though
Reviewed on March 29, 2014

I use the acne.org regimen and loved the AHA. I still had some long-time (old) scarring that I wanted to fade once the acne reduced. I saw a dermatologist and he recommended glycolic peel every 2 weeks as I was working full time and had no ability to take time off for healing.

It stung and I had to hold a fan to my face while it was there, but it was quick and after 2 months of treatments I was seeing results. I was asked to increase the strength of the peel as well upto 50% and even up to 60% over a few months. I loved it! BUT SUN SCREEN IS A COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE MUST! I did not experience visible peeling or redness (I have brown skin).

Unfortunately, due to weather and stress my acne is back and I'm back on the regimen. Some scarring is starting again, but I am on AHA hoping to never go back to where I was.

I have the skin that I've always wanted!!
Reviewed on March 4, 2014

First off, I never write reviews for anything so this is a big deal for me. I'm a young female who has suffered from horrible skin for majority of my life. I've tried everything imaginable, and nothing has ever helped. I purchased a 30% glycolic peel from Amazon after doing much research, and WOW.. Not only has my acne cleared completely, but it has taken away years of scars! My skin is beautiful and I can't be more happy about it. I've never been able to walk around without makeup, until now :). Please do your research before doing a glycolic peel at home (youtube is very helpful). My tips: DON'T start out with a peel that is higher than 30%, DON'T do it more than once per week, and DO generously moisturize your skin until several days after peel. If you are sick and tired of having bad skin, please give this a try.

by neiry on 07/08/2014 21:19
which peel did you bought?
Helped Pitted Scars
Reviewed on January 23, 2014

I brought it off ebay (i know it might seem a bit dodgy) i did buy the more expensive versions however and this worked amazing. I brought 50% and it did dry my skin at first ( peeling , redness and slight scabbing) however over time i noticed my pitted scars filling in. I would say they are about 70% better! they are only seen when light is angled on my face. If you don't mind down time (a few days - week) go for stronger solutions to see more results for scars. For acne however i think doing regular lower percent peels would be more effective . This was a long term process so don't expect over night results but it really has helped!

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