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Anonymous, Colorado
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Reviewed on August 23, 2012

I have been eating garlic for two days. I used my juicer to juice half of one garlic and one half of a cucumber. I mixed it and applied to my three pimples three times during over night. When I woke up the size of the pimples were reduced in size and not as red. I have to wait and see how eating two bulbs per day will affect my skin. I am on Gillette birth control pills also and they work but I still break out sometimes.

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Anonymous, Sydney
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Reviewed on July 16, 2012

I tried this after reading the other reviews on this site. I was pretty desperate for something to work and this worked pretty well!

My acne is hormonal, and is confined to my chin only...I've just started on the pill (so the results I've seen could be due to that as well) but I've been using BP for about a month and found that it really wasn't effective in preventing new lesions from forming.

I took one clove per day, crushed in water, for two days and have been taking 2 odourless capsules per day since. I'ts been about a week and I have NO new lesions (and none forming under the surface either!!) and all existing zits are healing up.

by sulli139 on 07/13/2015 06:22
So many people take the pill and don't realize how horrible it is for your health! It hurts more than helps. There are so many more natural ways to fix acne.
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Anonymous, Wellesley
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Reviewed on March 29, 2012

I've read other reviews for guidance and knew not to put raw garlic on topically without mixing it to dilute its strength. I tried crushing raw cloves of garlic and letting it sit in water before applying on my face, but the problem I had was keeping it there. It's a runny mess.

So, what I do now (and really like) is: I buy from the whole foods store an all natural bottle of aloe vera gel with vitamin E and use that as a base gel that holds my crushed garlic. The mixture stays on your face easily. It's great! It reduces the size and redness of cysts overnight.

I've tried benzoyl peroxide 2.5%, (following the Regimen to a "T") but it was too drying and too aging after 2 weeks. I am substituting the BP treatment with my aloe- garlic mixture instead. I feel its a safer, natural option.

I've been EATING raw garlic cloves about 5x a week for 2 weeks and haven't really noticed YET much improvement in the amount of new cysts appearing, but I will keep eating it. My favorite way to eat it raw is cook up some chicken and add crushed raw garlic into the dish once it's cooked. I need a heavy meal with the raw garlic because otherwise it sits in my stomach like a burning hot lava rock. (No way I could take it with just tomato juice as someone else here suggested).

I buy a container of peeled raw garlic and freeze it. Don't nuke it in the microwave because that kills garlic's benefits. Don't buy from China because they supposedly irradiate it. You can fairly easily crush a frozen clove in a garlic press. The coolness feels good once you apply it topically too!

Hope my tips help. Good luck everyone! I am glad I'm not alone out here!

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Lily, Dorset, UK
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Reviewed on March 26, 2012

The oil in garlic is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic, if you take it orally then it effects your whole body and kick starts your immune system with just about every vitamin, mineral and nutrient it needs; if you use it topically then it kills bacteria on the skin and that is effectively what it does with acne. It penetrates the pore which is blocked and kills off the bacteria inside which is causing the spot.

If you take it orally then a clove or two a day should suffice, either use it in your cooking or crush it into a mug of boiling water and down it quickly.

If you use it externally then use a quarter of a clove and dilute it on a mug of warm water before applying it to the face, do -NOT- apply it straight on or you -WILL- have a nice painful red chemical burn for your efforts.

It's not a miracle cure all, you aren't going to use it overnight and wake up with clear skin but it should work gradually to reduce the outbreaks.

Reviewed on December 2, 2011

I started taking garlic because everything I read about it was very good. I started to feel like I was coming down with a really bad head cold and my dad said to eat garlic,so I put a clove in the press and mixed it with V8. I did this 2 times per day for 2 days and my acne went away and my cold never got bad and completely went away also. I did read online tho that garlic from China has almost no health benifits because it is irradiated to kill off idk what.. Spice world brand is a good one.. so Ive been doing this every day now for 2 weeks and washing with Selsun blue mixed with apricot face scrub, then use sensative skin burts bees moisturizer... Try it!

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Anonymous, DC
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Reviewed on October 11, 2011

I am absolutely shocked at how effective eating garlic cloves has been for me. I've been a sufferer of cystic and moderate acne for about 10 years and have tried everything literally. I actually stumbled onto garlic without initially intending to use it as a treatment, and the results have been jaw dropping. I highly recommend everyone try it. It may not work for everyone but it certainly has for me.

Reviewed on August 25, 2011

Cheap effective way to spot treat, not a preventive measure as no one thing, especially external is a preventive measure. Acne is not a disease but a symptom of a disease that requires lifestyle changes...for real..

Procedure: chop 1 clove of garlic, put in bowl and add a little water. mix. viola spot treat. leave on overnight or just for 10 minutes if you can't stand the smell. I add coconut oil since oil helps penetrate skin better and coconut oil had healing properties n is antifungal.

WARNING: do not go overboard and put the fruit of the garlic on your face it will burn a blister into your skin. dilute with water. Garlic is very strong.

Its an effective and cheap spot treatment. demolished two cysts ( i have hormonal acne around jawline) in two days. Another one was forming two days ago. HUGE mofo but its nonexistent today. These buggas usually takes weeks to disappear.

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Kami, Los Angeles, CA
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Reviewed on August 19, 2011

Be carful when using garlic! It can burn your face; it can leave your face with scabs, red marks, and burn scars!

When I first started using garlic, I would wash my face then take a clove of garlic and slice it into pieces. I would then place the pieces over my acne. Wait 10-15 minuets then wash off with water. Use moisturizer.

This worked great until I wanted to take desperate measures and get rid of my acne all together. So I shredded some garlic and made it into paste. I placed it on my acne and less than 5 minuets later I couldn't take it. It burned so bad! It left my face RED! Oh and it gets better... The next morning I woke up, face still RED, later that evening, my face had blisters and was swollen. It looked awful! It has been 3 days since then, thanks to Vitamin E, my skin is healing fast and nicely. I will post my results and opinion in a few days.

Bottom line, I would try eating garlic.That seems to be less harmful and helpful!

If you want to use it on face only put a little on your pimples! And leave on for a little bit! Don't do what I did...

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Anonymous, Australia
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Reviewed on August 10, 2011

I think it's great and has worked better than over the counter and specialty products and wish I'd known about it as a teenager. As a sufferer for over a decade this is not a miracle cure but has greatly reduced acne, gotten rid of any painful acne and helped in the healing process. I have found the best way to eat it is crushed on bread with liberal amounts of butter. Tastes something like extra strong garlic bread. I usually follow this up with breakfast and a good scrub with toothpaste. This has minimised smell to a point where hubby does not notice it but really the benefits outweigh any odour produced. The boost to your immunity is noticeable too, while bacteria begins to resist antibiotics it doesn't with garlic and it's great to stop sickness. I'll continue to take it.

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Anonymous, UK
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Reviewed on August 6, 2011

I used this in a homemade coffee conditioner i had made up.

The coffee makes the hair stronger and thicker and the garlic gives it a shine and keeps it healthy.

My hair is sooo soft and shiny, it does smell slightly but its not overpowering and actually is quite pleasant. I shall keep on using garlic in my hair :D and the coffee!!