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Day 115

I started using 2 fingers of BP and for the first few days all was fine, then my face became irritated and I backed off and gradually built up to 2 fingers, and now I'm using 2 fingers twice a day each day. With BP applied my face is comfortable but after I wash I notice how dry my skin is using this much BP so I've begun using more Eucerin.

I have this redish bare patch I don't know what else to call it on my right cheek. I don't know what to think of it it's like it's drier there and I'm missing some skin or something. It's been that way for a while I assumed it would eventually start looking like the rest of my face.

A few weeks ago I used a sterile needle to pop several whiteheads which weren't going away. I had to back off 2 of them but the rest came out easily.

Overall in the past month I've lost a few more whiteheads and any new spots came and went.

AM: Basis, CSR BP (2 fingers), Eucerin (5 pumps)

PM: Basis, CSR BP (2 fingers), Eucerin (5 pumps)

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    Caleban~You are looking better! I think the additional BP is making a difference for you. Any reason why you are only using 5 pumps of moisturizer? My suggestion is to use a whole lot more. I use about 15 pumps :) It takes a while to work it in, very gently of course. But I think your skin needs a lot of moisture with all that BP. Oh, and you might want to try putting some neosporin on the raw patch. Good luck!

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    yeh do what celebration said and also use the neosporin or aloe gel. from what it lopks liek , you have many many clogged pores not necsarrily pimpley bumps. i think retanin a would help bring that stuff to surface much much faster and also at the same time correct the sun damage and even your tone.

    overral just heal your skin. then once all your pores are clean and your skin is smooth, then benzoyl peroxide will help rpevent it from clogging again. but hopin just for the peroxide to unclog its going take a long time .

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    also peroxide isnt great for long term use since its very damaging to the skin long term. you if i saw you in the street i wouldnt think acne just very rugged, rough texture mainly formt he sun is what would first come to my mind.

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    Secluded has a very good point. BP is not so good on clogged pores. Perhaps you should alternate with some Salicylic Acid? This might be a good question for Brandy. Anyway, as I said, beefing up the BP is helping so if you do anything keep up with the BP megadose. Take care.

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    i used to get a lot of clogged pores when i used basis bar soap, but when i switched to cetaphill they signifigantly decreased.

    your skin does look a lot better than your earlier pics though! congrats

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    whoa so many days to get rid of those. try using clearasil. It worked for me in 1 week. But I had less than you, so maybe more for you.

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