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Beafore and after treatment


I have tried

  • temezcally
  • oxy alone
  • a dermatologyst
  • proactiv


ohhh by the way i took that picture because of the circular geometry

it was really funny.

that stuff started by the big one in the bottom of the circle, moving counter clockwise until it formed a semi perfect circle.

And then for four monts i used dove soap (diary exfoliation), oxy 10 or 5 (the one they had in the drugstore) and then sometimes a 1.5 usd moisturizer

i used that every day and sometimes twice a day.

and cha chan...


my skin is almost clean.

    From the album:

    Beafore and after

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    you look great man.... like u should be in the movies or somthin

    wow amazing happy for you =)

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    Was browsing thru the gallery and came across your pictures. You look absolutely great! I can't believe the amazing difference.


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    You're hot either way, but i'm happy for your beautiful skin...no one deserves to be this way!

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    I've had outbreaks of cysts & nodules in the past myself before starting Dan's BP Regimen. I find chemical peels to be the easiest way to remove/lessen red marks and hyperpigmentation from acne (as well as from shaving, for men). You might be interested in this website: www.skinculture.com. The chemical peels they sell are "do-it-at-home" peels, so a physician is not required and the procedure is very private. I've done the 4000 peel 2x already, and they've also helped with my scars. Pretty amazing, actually. I would highly recommend trying one for yourself!

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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