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Day 35


This is me on Day 35 of the regimen. As you can see, I only have 1 active pimple (left cheek), which I wouldn't have if I hadn't tried to extract a clogged pore. So, my advice, don't try squeezing anything that isn't ready to come out. The purple cyst near my right temple has completely dried out and flattened, so that's good. Hopefully, I'm on the road to recovery!!! :(

My regimen:

Morning & Night-

Basis Bar Soap

Neutrogena On the Spot

Eucerin Q10 w/ Spf15

Minocyclen 100mg


Epsom Salts poultice on active spots

From the album:

Celebration's Progress on Dan's Clear Skin Regimen

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Photo Information for Day 35

Recommended Comments

You must be so pleased. :dance: I'm pleased for you.

Your skin has come such a long way, and it's only been 35 days.

You'll be clear in no time. You look great. :dance:

Thank you, Tysha. I AM pleased. I just did a slideshow of my progress, and I almost wanted to cry. A month ago, I didn't even look like myself. Now, after 5 weeks on Dan's Regimen, I feel like I've been through a great battle. When this is over, I'm going to think up something special to do for myself :)

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:dance: WOW thats amazing!

i think you'll be one of the clear skin regimen's greatest success stories :)

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Wow you look amazing. I can't get over the HUGE difference in your skin. Congratulations you must feel so good about yourself. I am SO happy for you...get out there and enjoy you look GREAT!!

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a m a z i n g.

you will clear soon (maybe 1 month) and you will have a great skin + a big personality built because of your hard times.

i can see the light for you :)

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holy crap! All I can say is WOW (thats what I said right when I saw your pic)...you look so much better its kindof unbelievable. I'm so happy for you! I told you, you have such glowy skin under your acne. :)

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I recently found this site and you were one of the first people I saw. You're story has inspired me. You have come so far and you look absolutely amazing! I only hope I can have the same results. Thank you for being brave enough to post you pictures! You are a beuatiful woman and a true inspiration to anyone who has ever had problem skin. All the best!


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i'm new on this site, and your story has truly inspired me. i've been following the CSR for about 45 days now and its working wonders. i remember i almost gave up around day 30 due to minimal progress, but your pictures inspired me to keep at it, and now i'm getting there. your progress is truly amazing and you should feel great about yourself. you deserve it. keep truckin' ! :)

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My goodness! All the lovely comments. I'm glad you see the difference. And I'm soooo happy that my photos are inspiring others to stick to the regimen. I'm certainly glad that I found this site and that I decided to give the regimen a whirl!! I'll keep updating every few days or week, until I'm crystal clear :)

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You look wonderful! My monster zit is actually just 3 little dots but a little purplish around it... Its finally dead. mwahahahahaha ok so... back to you- looking good... and it will keep getting better!

Do you take any supplements? ie- vitamin a or zinc?

Anyways... i am posting some pics tomorrow morning in my album.

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Amber~Thank you for checking in on me :dance:

Scooby~You know, your jokes got me through the worst parts. Thank you. :dance:

leet~So happy that you are making progress, too. Feels good. Yay us! Yay for the regimen!

Thanks again to everyone who posts on my album. I love you guys :)

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