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Left side of face!!!


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    Why me?!!!!Why wont it just go away?!&#3

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    I am very possibly wrong, but it looks like maybe your skin is over treated, I over treated my skin and for the last few weeks I've backed off of everything accept hot water and letting a second shampooing of my hair run over my face, I dunno though, its certainly calmed my skin down, but hang in there bud

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    It may be that my face has been over treated in the past, but now and for the last four or five months all ive used is johnson baby bubble bath on my face, its like the mildest cleanser in the world!!lol

    no improvements yet, ive tried everything, but im not going on accutane. damnit!

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    Believe me, I know what hell you're going through. I had it worse when I ws 19; I'm 40 now but the only thing I found to work was Accutane. Know you said you didn't want to use and not sure why;it causes severe dryness and your blood has to be monitored but it was surely worth it to me. I just wish it had been available; it had just come out but my scarring was already done. good luck to you in whatever you choose but I sure was grateful for the Accutane and I think for persons such as those with cystic acne, must be one of best choices for getting rid of.

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    I can understand why you don't want to go on accutane. I am facing that choice right now. The pictures during the first months look quite punishing. I am not sure if I am able to go through with it, despite its possible accomplishments. What other treatments have you tried? I probably couldn't help, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I always ask why me, too. But remember, worrying about it doesn't help either. I am nineteen years old and have had acne for maybe seven years. It does suck, and I still haven't found anything that works. I, apparently, am quite sensitive to oral medications, and can't seem to settle for anything stronger for doxycycline, which I have been on for years. At one point it almost disappeared. But that did not last long. And I have many scars and active acne. So people say hang on and such, and that is all you can do, besides keep trying to find some sort of balance. I empathize with you, especially in the teenage years, it is disturbing, to say the least.

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