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day 10 right side (woa only 10 days?)

unlabled ones are day 1

    From the album:

    Mild? acne on cheeks

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    thanks, problem im having atm is not my pimples, its my PICKING my pimples

    head or no head, if its raised it gets picked to a bleeding mess

    and yes i know its very veyr very bad, its the worst thing i do to my face, and im addicted

    btw if you ahvent seen, check my left side, 100% clarity other then marks, no actives

    still have a few "active" around my temple area at my hairline, but they are only still there because i picked them to a bleeding mess, have a matching red mark on each side, but it aint that bad

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    your skin is definately improving quickly. I'm sure you've heard to make sure to stick the regimen for at least 3weeks +

    Your skin doesn't look bad at all. From what I can see the the pictures, you have mostly whiteheads and maybe a few small pastules. BP can clear this up.

    keep truckin'

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    exactly usually what i get are nice sized white heads and any sort of raised skin bothers me like crazy, i pick at it until it bleeds, just look at the picture, teh most striking thing is that ugly red bloody looking thing, which is an obvious pick

    thats what turned my pimples into real deal acne, my stupid obsessive compulsive disorder

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    Don't pick, trust me. I used to be addicted too.

    Only advice I can give is to try extremely hard for 2 weeks to NEVER touch your face other than washing it. After 2 weeks of not touching it will be much easier, trust me. I still occasionally feel the need to pick but it always ends up worse... :P

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    everytime i say im addicted to picking but TRRYYYYYING to stop, everyone tells me "dood dont pick its bad u look worse when you do"


    lol sorry

    im obsessive compulsive, i do thinks like rearrange everyones dishes properly at my table when we eat out, i check my alarm clock to make sure the alarm is set right probably twice a day, and i have a habit of randomly hitting the caps lock key twice as often as once per sentence i type, usually in any pause, not to mention pushing the "up" direction if my car windows are up or "down" direction if my car windows are down when im driving, and i have no idea why i have that habite

    also if my hand is on my mouse about once per 10 seconds i have to push down (usually hard) on the scroll wheel button

    oh, and i pick at every damn bump/thing on my damn body, ouch, but oh i love it, it satisfies me like a smoker getting to smoke after a long day... aah the relief

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    only a professional can help you with ocd....that is if you want to change. If not, then so is life! lol Maybe it makes you more loveable and endearing :P:drool: Anyhoo, your skin's looking great! congrats! :drool:

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