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Day 7


one full week! :confused:

From the album:

Celebration's Progress on Dan's Clear Skin Regimen

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Photo Information for Day 7

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Does it feel like the lumps are starting to go down (takes forever) as it looks like they are from the pic.

after 1 week i think your doing a great job.

just a quick question......are you on the pill ? if so what brand ?

and another thing........since ive been floating around this site looking at various pics ive come up with why people have acne...............if you look at many people on here you will see that pretty much everyone is very goodlooking.....except they have spots ..........makes me wonder is this gods way of punishing us GOODLOOKING people ? lol.

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I've been thinking about that "good looking" thing too. And my theory is that only people who are basically confident about their looks (and those with cameras, of course!) are brave enough to post pictures. For me, I like how I look. I was a model during my high school years, back when I had porcelain skin (and weighed 40 pounds less!). So it's really really really hard to deal with acne when you've relied upon your looks in many ways (not to be immodest, because I know that I don't look as good as I used to). I could go into this much more deeply, but I won't... it's kind of embarrassing to even talk about it.

Anyway, no I'm not on the pill. I never have been and I really don't want to mess with Mother Nature...

And no, I don't see that the spots have gone down very much. The swelling has gone down, so I think they are moving up out of my skin. But it's still really bad


Arrrrrgh... my heart hurts for all the people on this board. I wish I could wave a magic wand!!!!!!!!!

Love to everyone. Thanks for your support.

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And no, I don't see that the spots have gone down very much. The swelling has gone down, so I think they are moving up out of my skin. But it's still really bad

I forgot who it was, but whoever said the spots are going down (the person who posted before you) is right.. I notice it too. It's so hard to look at a picture of yourself like this and see any difference (like, I can't tell a difference on myself at all, I always think it's getting worse, lol) and I think that this site and especially the gallery is really helpful not only for support but because we have each other here to say stuff like I am about to say...

LISTEN UP MISSY!!! YOU ARE GETTING BETTER I CAN SEE IT TRUST ME!!! DONT STOP... BELIEVEEEEINNNN!! Oh goodness, the BP is affecting my MIND! lol just kidding, but really... I do see a difference... so keep it up!! ;) (heehee that's a funny emoticon)

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lol starlogic i thought the exact same other day when i first saw that emotion ;) heehee and yea your right about me being right......

Celebration you will beat this look at this pic "day 7" (middle pic left cheek) and then look at pic "day 3 left cheek" (same pose) speaks for itself !!!!! its smoothing out i can see it.

*Sigh* wished i had a wand and love everyone here :D

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You have really beautiful skin where there is no acne. Its very glowy!

I hope you see great success with the regimen ;)

Thanks, Dreame123! That was a nice compliment. You just made me think that maybe...possibly...I could end up with my best skin ever using this regimen. I mean, I just wanted to go back to the way I looked in October. But now I'm thinkin' that it would be awesome if I cleared up my acne AND improved my skin overall. Hmmm. That's something to think about... wow...


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Your very welcome Celebration! I've never used the Regimen but alot of people had great success with it and hopefully you will to. I'll be checkin back to see your results!! ;)

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