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Day 6


My skin is angry with me today? What did I do???

From the album:

Celebration's Progress on Dan's Clear Skin Regimen

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Hi celebration, now listen and listen REAL good ! its all in the mind ! your getting better BELEIVE ME ! them lumpy spots you have takes nearly over a month to clear ! i went through your pics and you are clearing,this is a time thing.... i should know.

I had acne for 14 years (now 30) and found a great routine thats kept me clear (and i mean clear!) for over 2 years now.

Please can you start to post pics of both sides of your face (same pose) with the light on as this helps us to judge if your clearing. (youll see the difference then)

I feel your heartache and remember the pain the lumpy spots cause ;)

all in all you are a beautiful woman love the slight spanish look you have .


(Say hi to Kitty)

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um.....er......please dont think im mad but they do say suffering from acne can cause psychological problems but..............................................

on pic "Day 1 vs. Day 4" (6 pics together)................Well the bottom right pic (day 4 showing your right side)....Am i the only one that see`s "Angelina jolie" ?

Please god dont say ive just lose my last marble ??? lol

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Scooby---Thank you for the encouragement. It's hard some times to be objective about yerself.

And thanx for the compliments too. A lot of people think I'm Spanish. Some have said Greek. I'm neither, but that's okay. I like my dark hair. It comes from my grandfather's side of the family. They are straight from Germany, all very dark & hairy people with olive skin ;) My only other heritage is Irish, that I know of. (Lots and lots of redheads here) :D

Anywho...I did post a pic of the other side for ya. I was just trying to make it quick this morning. Because I work at home now, it is waaaaaaaaaaay too easy for me to spend too much time on the 'Net.

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what do you do from home celebration?? this shoudl be very intersting because im looking for a job from home because i cant stand going out that much. you look really goo by the way your healing niceley.i would advise you buy soime vitamins also. tehy will aid in healing , and you may heal much faster. goodluck!

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Ah, you're sooo pretty (:

Really! I love your bone structure, and your facial features.

Do you exfoliate, or did you exfoliate in the past? Or has your acne always looked this way?

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secluded-thanx for the advice about the vitamins. I have been reading up on that on the message board, and definitely want to start taking soon. BTW I am a writer and editor. Worked in the educational publishing field ever since college. Once you have proven yourself and made good contacts, it's not hard to go freelance. I am a GOOD editor but couldn't climb the corporate ladder due to self-confidence problems. Hmmm.. wonder where that came from ;)

fetal-i have not done exfoliation. Wouldnt that be bad, since irritation makes my acne worse?

thanks again for all the kind words and encouragement. shucks...i feel better.

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I know its hard to believe and also hard to tell while looking in the mirror (that's why pictures help) but you ARE getting better! Just keep it up! I'm pretty sure your forehead looks alot better too. I was going GREAT until day 5, then I had a breakout (check out my pictures for the difference, it was pretty bad) but you'll make it! Keep it up!

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fetal-i have not done exfoliation. Wouldnt that be bad, since irritation makes my acne worse?

Yes, I think exfoliation makes things worse. I was just asking because I had breakouts on my cheeks (with less redness) and I think it happened because I overexfoliated.

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Oh, yeah, Fetal. I was scrubbing the heck out of my skin. I'm positive that's why it looks so ravaged. I was using Proactiv, which has little scrubbing beads in it. Plus washing sometimes with those cleansing cloths. Steaming my face. Facials. The whole bit. This regimen is such a nice break from all that...

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