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u cud see thae acne

its like a volcano on my face

so much with the scars..

hate to take pictures..i feel guilty


and hate to look at pics with acnes..

the right side of my face is ok but the left side is so discusting

at the moment i am just taking

vitamin E 400 I.U.

and using 5%bp

thats it..

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    acne and scars

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    If you want to cure it by taking vitamin supplements, vit. E alone is not enough.

    Take some of these as well to help clear acne --> zinc 30mg, vit. A, B complex, Cr. You can get some of these in foods, mainly leafy green veges. I don't have acne at the moment but a few red marks left over from it that I'm leaving to heal naturally on its own. I'm not sure whether your acne is due to mineral deficiency, but if so, take these supplements. You'd likely see improvements within a couple of weeks. Don't over do them because too much may be hazardous. When your clear you should stop taking all the supplements if not needed.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Johhnard!

    Are you a Filipino?

    Anyway, I'm here in Missouri. I am an Asian. I just went to a facial surgeon last Wednesday and my doctor recommended CO2 laser resurfacing for my mild to moderate acne scars in my cheeks. Do you happen to know about CO2 laser? Is it effective for people with type IV skin (like what Asians have)? I am just bothered by the presence of scars in my cheeks. I want to improve it but I heard laser can cause additional scarring and pigmentation problem. Please advise (anyone?!?).

    Have a great day! Thank you!

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    im taking two types of vitamins

    vitamin E, 400 i.u. one capsule a day

    other vitamin tablets complete from a to zinc..

    then drinking waters/ lemonade

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    Ask your doc to consider trying you on Spironolacton (Aldactone)... Especially if you are prone to oily skin... The med will literally clear the oil! And your skin! Also try MD Formulations Facial Cleanser (the one with Glycolic Acid) as well as MD Forte Facial Lotion III (it is a correctin lotion and works great at clearing acne and retexturizing your skin! It also contains glycolic acid... The MD Forte lotion is about $60 but lasts quite a while. Look at this website, the have free shipping and you get your product in about 3 days sometimes 2!


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