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Day 67 front

While camping I was unable to apply twice daily. I percieve a significant difference between one and two applications daily. Perhaps this is because I have oily skin :confused: If I apply twice daily I have to use moisturizer around my nose and under my eyes or those areas will get uncomfortably dry and scratchy. If I miss an application out of two the oilyness increases and I don't need to apply any moisturizer.

In general I witness about 2 whiteheads oozing out of my face a week. Recently one whitehead fell out of my temple area which is encouraging. It's hard to tell overall how much my face may be clearing up because until recently I was using a cameraphone and in general some days look better than others. I continue to apply BP to the sides of my nose and a few weeks ago began applying to the annoying whitehead above my right eyelid but as yet neither appear to be clearing up.

Overall I'm not breaking out, very slowly clearing up, and in general pleased with the results.

AM: Basis, CSR BP (1 finger), Eucerin (around eyes/nose)

PM: Basis, CSR BP (1 finger), Eucerin (around eyes/nose)

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      Holy Cow! lol, I forgot how you take pictures everyday! You are right it is hard to tell if you are doing better or not because it seems like you are making some slow progress whereas a few pictures back I was like wow, he's doing amazing.

      But you are saying the whiteheads are falling out so maybe this is just a slow, and steady good thing. Have you visited outdoorgirl's album? I think she is like four months in, and her skin is looking better but it seems like her progress is slow too. Man, my progress is stinking slow too! Bah, one day. ;)

      You still have that same whitehead by your eye, eh? Did you try the q-tip thing? It seems like it is off of your eyesocket, and a bit to the side so would it be awful to try, and pop it? Or do you think it is better to just leave it alone?

      Thanks for posting!

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      Perceiving progress is kinda weird because the whiteheads I'm noticing become more pronounced over a period of many weeks before they eject as a little rock.

      Outdoor is makin' some progress. I'm in it for the long haul too.

      I'm not ready to perform surgery on the whitehead near my eye yet. I'd rather slowly encourage it to leave ;) so I'm applying a little BP with my finger and waiting. I didn't end up trying the q-tip thing bc I'm a little lazy and bc after a thorough investigation I determined it doesn't move closer to my eye when my eyelid closes and stuff so it's in a relatively safe area.

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      Oh, I hate whiteheads and blackheads. I mean really they just need to like die.

      Well, honeybun, keep us updated I hope you will see some progress a few months down the road. I'm sticking it out with you too (:

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