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i have plenty of scars!!!

help me?!!!!!! i lost my confidence!!!

i just want to end my life!!!

feels like all the people are against me hhuhuhhuhu

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acne and scars

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do u have any active acne...

if not, then dude more than half your battle is over..

at least you don;t look different every morning you wake up because of some new ugly zits..

your scarring doesnt appear bad at all...at least in the pics you've posted...

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I think they are right on this one guy. If the majority of the acne is over and all you have left is some scars there are many treaments available for your scars and i they will fade over time too. But good luck man and don't let the acne win man don't let it get you down, just remeber even though you can see all the stuff majority of people really wont even notice them and alot just don't care so don't get to depressed about this stuff you got plenty of things in this life to be happy for.

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chill man, first of all you have alot of discoloration, NOT SCARS, because you wouldnt be able to see the scars from that distance. they are just brown spots caused by your pimples. they will fade, it's going tot ake lots of time. just be patient man. once your browns spots fade you'll be like, what the hell was a whineing abaout again? good luck man and i hope you heal perfectly.

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trevorG .. thanks for the asdvice

i have visible scars...

im afraid to take picture again on thaty fucking scars

coz it drives me crazy and feel ugly..

i hate it a lot..

ill take some pictures soon

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Know exactly how you feel, cept I have some more redness - sometimes I look in the mirror and think I've got no scars, then I take a pic with flash and you can see all the scars.

There was a guy at school, he had really bad scarring, (like major craters in his face, worse than anything on these forums) and it was reaaally noticeable, because he hid away and kept his head down.

Now he holds his head high and you don't notice them half as much, and they don't really seem to change his attractiveness much.

I've seen guys on TV with bad scarring who get decent girls - so I'm trying not to worry - try to do some of the same.

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Hey I can dig how you feel. I am 28 and have had acne since like middle school....Or forever! I have very lil active acne, like one or two every 2-3wks. I do not like to go out in public but am attending college and am very self conscious everytime someone sits next to me. It feels like everyone is always staring at your scars instead of you and since it seems like ther is nothing out there that helps...I have tried microderm, peels and potions. But enuff with my blabbing i jus wanted to let you know YOU are not the only in this battle. Sometimes i feel like maybe i was really attractive/handsome/gorgeous in a past life and am being condemned to this torture of having very bad scarring in this one.

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yeah dude... why we? i mean theres lots of people there..why us??!!!

i rally dont go out as well..im shy...have active acne 1-2 every weeek.. the thing is sometimes it leads to fucking scarring!!!

well people here in UK , they still find me a beautiful handsome guy/ good looking / sexy.. but the problem is when i get back to my own fucking country (philippines) people there dont jus like making friends with me!!!

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