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this is what happens when you lose a fucking bet and get really drunk and sweaty

    From the album:

    me after year off of accutane

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    were you the guy who had a really bad breakout and then went on accutane, all while showing your progress? i don't know if this was u along time ago. also, you were like all depressed and you had quite a few whiteheads etc.. ? everyone was like its going to get better? you were like i can't take it,, and i popped a some whiteheads, and they were like no dont do it, you were like, i wouldnt have but they hurt like hell and i did it to rleieve the pressure?? how old are you by the way? thanks man sorry for the nonsense talk, just trying to figure out if you were the guy.

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    i fucking knew it. you are the guy! God damn man you freaking improved so much i couldn't even recognize you. you had lesions like i do sometimes. damn man you look fucking great. i mean your skin looks like you never even had anything, in the first place. im 4 months younger than you. i can't believe it man! you have fucking inspired me to get accutane fast. i need to start living like you. im currently in the same boat you were in when you posted that gallery. so i have to get accutane once and for all. so how many courses did you go through? and have you experienced any breakouts afterwards?? thanks vince, looking forward to talking with you later dude http://www.acne.org/gallery/view_photo.php...m14&id=DSC00038 i just got done reading your old thread, man what fucking assholes those dissrespectful assholes those bitches were( it was also one of the funniest threads ever). i was alittle dissappointed you never continued showing pictures. that's the reason why i kind of moved along until now. so did you have to go through this shit all over again since your derm didn't prescribe you a second course? or did you stay clear for good after this? you look like you got cured seriously. im so fucking happy for you , it isn't even funny. i have lesions just like you had and i hope to get rid of this shit once and for all. one thing different between me and u is that you lived life occasionally while going through this shit, i don't. i stay in my fucking room mainly and hardly go out. i was seriously going to tell you to get the hell of acne.org you pretty boy! :lol2: thinking, anohter Ahole who thinks his life is ruined because he has one zit, until i read after accutane and looked at you for awhile. man you have been thrugh hella and back. congrats man my name is Manar by the way. call me M peace out ;)

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    just had a look at your old pic...big improvement..mostly by the look on your face, your eyes are smiling in them and u look like a great weight has been lifted..im also on accutane..and face has cleared dramatically..i hope i have the same results as u 1 yr later..u look good..sexii... :)

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