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Here we are

This is today, the most recent and current pictures. I am not photogenenic, my features make the finished product look like i have a lot of dark shadows, but that is besides the point.

I am not starting the regime at today; I need some supplies. Over the last three or four months I have tried many things, which probaly adds to the aggrevation of my skin. For the past two weeks my mom has been insisting that I should see the Derm, but I refuse to give up hope on OTC treatments and an effecient routine, I know she has. Also, it is very difficult to choose with so many products claiming a cure. Well, I learned about "The Regimen" from a blog community, and finally, after much hesitation, decided that I will give it a try.

Honestly, I feel confident on the inside but it doesn't show on the outside.

So I begin, I guess these will be called the BEFORE pictures and excuse the attempt of photoediting, actually I was doing it to point out my pimples. I was trying to point out some of my problematic areas (e.i discoloration of my chin, a lot of breakouts on my jawlines, hyperpigmentation) (I have read the forums where people critizice others and ridiculed them about not showing any signs of defects, I admit, my case is not ACNE, well, at least not a severe case)

Confident was the wrong word, because I know they stare, and I want to hide.

    From the album:

    Me, now what?

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    ditto dont pick at ur face and use sunscreen if u're going out =)

    I tan very easily. I never do that partly because my face can get really oily, I'd post a picture, but you get the idea. Kind of like, right after I was it, it looks okay. Thirty minutes later...can you say oil-slick.

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