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Me and my crazy hair


my hair is naturally curly and just realised i have no pictures of it up, my skin is very good at the moment, although the flash takes away alot of the texture.

Im currently following the regimen, with Eucerin Moisturiser and Purpose Gentle cleansing wash and Panoxyl 2.5 BP, its all working very well, my skin is dry and flaky when i dont have moisturiser on, and does feel a bit greasy but its gotten me good results so i can't complain.

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I might as well mention...I was looking through your pics, and you have amazing facial features. There's a secret heartthrob/moviestar face behind all that hair, but I don't blame you for not tapping into it.

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i have to agree with vott, you look like an almost-ready movie star. do you have pictures without the facial hair? it's not really my style, but if the ladies your around like it, and you do too, then work it.

have fun!

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igotmyphilosophy: i'll try and find a picture without any pubes on my face, lol.

Marino : lol, oh no, not Weird Al Yankovich!! I dunno how i get my hair like that, i just got out the shower and it just goes like that, i hate it.

Gracestarfairy : thank you, im 18 years young

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Boy : Im sorry i frighten you, lol

Vott9 : and you ;)

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yea man, you definatly got somekind of holiwood look,

you should look into acting if you know how to read

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they band one doesn't really mean anything it just looked cool, lol, the other ones are supposed to be "Kanji" symbols, but for all i know they can just be totally made up, either way, they do have meanings behind them which i think describe me pretty well:

Bottom one means - Different, Special, To excel (As i've always felt different)

Then - Success, To win (As i hope to accomplish something really great)

Then - Spiritual, Demons (As i do have demons i want to face, like how i faced my acne)

and the top one says - Turtle (As i am usually very shy and hide in a shell so to speak)

Himrules89 - i dno who gambit is, should i be offended or jumping with joy?

Marino - ha ha, yeah i can read, wow, that would be a real dream being a Hollywood star, if i ever do make it and earn 20 million i'll pay for everyones accutane and dermabrasion courses! ;)

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wow nice...like how ur hair looks good both curly and straight ...definitely i agree...u have great facial features u should want to be in the spotlight...maybe a band or something...tv, etc... anyway, im glad the regimen is working for u...hope ur progress continues ;) ciao!

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Marino : lol, oh no, not Weird Al Yankovich!! I dunno how i get my hair like that, i just got out the shower and it just goes like that, i hate it.

:D Your hair is awesome, I love it! :D I like your style its different (I say that in a good way) you do look some what like Johny Depp and that’s a very good thing! ;) your skin also looks grate!

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Poker butt - i am indeed in a band, check our stuff out at www.purevolume.com/trojiin it is also my dream to be a rockstar, so if all goes well i'll be famous

Olive Leaf - Thank you, my skin is good at the mo im very happy with it, however i have got very red cheeks at the mo from the BP, i been using the Eucerin but still got red cheeks, i heard aloe vera is good for it, i gotta go find some

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This guy I was seeing looked like you but his hair was less curly and he had no lip ring. As a matter of fact lip rings freak him out as he was mad I had one so I had taken it out. ;)

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Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're 18. You look like you're in your twenties!!! And don't worry too much about your acne, doll. It's hardly noticeable and you're hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!

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yeah i guess i do look pretty old, i dont like it though, but thank you for your nice comments ;)

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