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you know, you've got really nice skin in between the red marks. They don't seem to be active, just marks so they'll probably heal in the long run. Ps. You've got the most gorgeous blue eyes ;)

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Mhmm, I love the eyes and Celeste is right you do have good skin inbetween the scarring and redmarks.

Good luck with it all, Scarred.

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yeah u have 'magical eyes' lol..nice

but i think with your skin the redness does make it look more noticeable then it really is..even as a chick it took me a long time to find the right makeup that covered well..i know your a guy but makeup is great for giving some of your self esteem back if u can apply it right with a long lasting coverage like revlon colorstay which is thick..also tanning?

anyway, i hope u can find a solution on these boards to improve your situation..good luck

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Don't worry -they'll get better. You could be a model

once they heal. Great checkbones! I agee on the eyes.

Unfortunately, i have not had much luck with

cover makeup, but I have never gone to a makeup

artist shop/place. I'm told they can teach you how to

cover up the redness. I know that is easy to tell

someone to go to one of those places because a lot

of times they are uppity. Soon I will get the

courage to go. ....I hope.

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I don't think the lad need your feigned affection, i'm sure he gets that enough offline. Look, it's bad, but you know that, it'll scar, but i'm sure you know that too. But to me the active acne looks minimal, it should heal within a relatively short space of time. Imagine in about a year, you'll look fine. Do what you can to improve yourself while you can, because once you're clear you're going to need to do some serious partying!

Try to maintain your social/educational/financial situation, otherwise you'll regret it when you're clear.

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Hey scarred4eva!!

Your skin is still healing. give it some time!~~

I think it will look much better after the red mark fade.

and dermabrasion is always the ultimate solution for your skin (however not for our asian skin) good luck!


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my skin is like yours i no how u feel i haven't been out the house in a year it really gets me down. im having laser its the sandpaper one i really hope it works dont no what im gonna done if it dont i just want my life back now.

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I've had outbreaks of cysts & nodules in the past myself before starting Dan's BP Regimen. I find chemical peels to be the easiest way to remove/lessen red marks and hyperpigmentation from acne (as well as from shaving, for men). You might be interested in this website: www.skinculture.com. The chemical peels they sell are "do-it-at-home" peels, so a physician is not required and the procedure is very private. I've done the 4000 peel 2x already, and they've also helped with my scars. Pretty amazing, actually. I would HIGHLY recommend trying one for yourself! You'll see a difference!!!

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Hey Blue Eyes, you are handsome. You've got great skin showing through and I'm positive that there are many, many ways to help reduce the redness, and help heal it in the long run.

Chin up. There are lots of people here who want to see you happy.

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