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yes.... there's more... i'm really sorry you have to go through this...

From the album:

My pics (fuck, i'm ugly...)

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not asking this is a crazy or fcked up way but never seen acne like that dont see bumps just like rash type more just red go here to this website might have sum stuff www.earthclinic.com or www.radiancy.com goodluck or do internal cleansing as i do

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Hey man. These pictures take me back...im really sorry. Just try to keep your self esteem high even though it may be hard not to feel ashamed. Dont let this crap get the best of you like it did to me. One day, you'll overcome it.

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Aww you poor baby. You are a good looking guy, don't let anyone tell you differently. What does a few scars tell about the inside of a person right?

Ciao Dolly,


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You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You aren't ugly. Sure superficial, shallow people would think something ridiculous like a person is ugly becuase they have some scars, but whatever. Everyone has physical flaws, and maybe the scars are yours. I'm sure some of that redness will heal, give it some time. Don't stress out so much buddy, you only live once. ;)

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Yes, you have some pretty bad scars. You are still so handsome! Amazing! I don't know many ppl who can look so sexy even with scarring like yours.

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This doesnt look like acne scars...did you get help from a derm? Oh well whatever it is keep fighting...and yea you are very handsome, forget about scars.

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keep your head up and keep fighting

it will get better. just remember..

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

- Dr. Seuss

good luck my brother.

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Hey mate how are u going? Has the redness faded? I think regardless, overall you are a handsome bloke so this sort of stuff won't disadvantage you.

Best of Luck

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