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Spot treatments, anyone? This week I went kinda crazy with the apple cider vinegar. I think it's made my skin pretty red and irritated spots more than helping them going away. I'd appreciate any advice about spot treatments. My next step is to try applying tea tree oil...

Look out, the next couple pics are pretty gross...

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    I CAN'T TAKE ACCUTANE - please stop suggesting it

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    Would you try accutane?

    I would consider it, but I'm going to be out of the country Feb-July so I wouldn't be able to be under a dr.'s supervision then ;)

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    I've done Apple Cider Vinegar didn't work. Don't even try TTO. apple cider vinegar broke me out. TTO made it worse. I think it gave cystic acne. I was looking at your pictures and it seems you were breaking out still. But, your acne is not really bad or severe. But, is moderate.

    Try getting accutane if you can. My acne was really worse, people at the forum bug me to get in to accutane. I did it cause' I was still getting the cystic type which is hard to maintain. I'm almost done and I'm really satisfied with the results. If you do it I think you will be clear in no time. And your skin will thank you on it. Your such a beautiful girl. I love your smile. With that attitude you can do anything. If would be your choice.

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    Tea Tree Oil works good imo, but may initially sting a bit when applying it. Dilute it a bit with water if you wanna avoid this. Good luck ;)

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    Hi ;) Thanks for posting up all your pics. Your skin is sorta like mine--I don't get as many spots, but I have the same uneveness, and texture to it. Mine has improved a little bit in the past few months despite spending hundreds of dollars on products and vitamins, etc. I tried the natural route, in fact I have the Avalon face wash sitting on my bathroom counter right now (among the 14 or so other face washes). If you really want to go natural, I'd recommend a wash without any of those "essential oils" in it--I know some people swear by them, but they can be really irritating for us acne-prone people with active spots. I used one by Earth Science, in fact it has been the only face wash that I've EVER repurchased in my whole life, it was like 8 dollars at vitamin shoppe, it has no oils in it and it's all natural. The reason I stopped using that wash was because I felt like although my face wasn't getting worse, the wash wasn't really making my face a whole lot better. At best, it wasn't irritating it. Anyway, to make a long story short, what's working for me right now is to kill the crap on my face by using some natural stuff and some not...here are some things you could try, if you want:

    -Try making a clay mask with vinegar, I use aztec healing clay which I bought at a health food store. I use ACV to make it. After doing the mask, exfoliate gently with a soft bristle brush, I bought one at CVS that is in the baby aisle that people use to clean babies (I'm assuming!)

    -Try the aspirin mask; take a bunch of uncoated/minimally coated aspirins (cheap at CVS, walgreens, whatever pharmacy) and put them in bowl; depending on my mood I use either water, ACV, or a little of both, put some of the liquid on the aspirins until they dissolve, make it into a paste, and simply apply it to your face, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off, rubbing gently. You could add some Tea tree oil, a few drops, if you want.

    -Try a mask of honey, get some raw pure honey and after showering, or after washing your face while your pores are open, put the honey all over in a thin layer, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash off. This is moisturizing and honey is also antibacterial.

    -Try spot-treating those whiteheads with some strong BPO or BPO with added sulfur. I got some samples of the peter thomas roth BPO with sulfur at sephora, they gave me a lot of it actually, and it is REALLY drying but that is actually good for my jawline area which is breaking out for some reason.

    -Try a glycolic acid product, maybe you could try a moisturizer with glycolic acid in it, or a lactic acid, I think they are both an AHA. I use lac-hydrin, not sure if I like it yet. OR you could try a toner with an AHA in it (neutrogena has one).

    -Also, and I know this isn't natural, but you could try a face wash with a salicylic acid in it once a day, I just started using peter thomas roth 2% BHA wash and it's a little drying around the mouth area, but everywhere else I REALLY like it. It was wicked expensive which i DIDN'T LIKE :D but it has minimal ingredients in it. And I felt like with the natural stuff, I need something to really kill the acne.

    -Some natural fruit masks you could make are ones with apples, orange juice, papayas, or pineapples. Papaya masks are cool, the fruit enzyme in the papaya helps your dead skin come off faster. Don't do this too near washing your face--although it won't turn your face red or anything, you won't think the papaya is working until like 2 days later when your face is red and dry and you have no idea why!!!

    -Also you might want to try a really gentle face wash, like Eucerin redness relief gel or something, with no poreclogging ingredients in it, while you're trying out (IF you try out) some of the things I suggested...I killed my face a few weeks back at the start of winter, it's finally turning less red, but I've learned to be nicer to it!!

    Gee, that was a long post, but I hope it helps a little. If you want any more info on anything, just let me know :lol2:

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    Hi Katie, you look great to me!

    Anyways, I use BP 8% for spot treatments. I do not apply it over my entire face because it dries it out, but it is great for spot treatments. It makes the pimples go away much faster than they would if they were just left alone.

    Whenever you get a chance, maybe when you come back this summer, you could talk to a derm about BP. It is great for spot treatments.

    But always remember that you are a very beautiful girl!

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    Hi you look like a pretty girl and you have pretty eyes :D . I know it sucks when you have acne are you trying the Bp cream it might work try washing your face twice a day with the cetiphil soap dries up the pimples and use the bp gel moisturize a must aveeno perfect for acne prone skin!

    take care!!

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