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She's a nurse, too.

This is one of her in her uniform.

She is a nurse in a dermatologist's office,

where she works helping people just like us.

She's so loving and has a big heart.

Unlike the people on this

gallery leaving rude comments.


    From the album:

    My Wife

    • 4 pictures
    • 47 image comments

    Photo Information for She's a nurse, too.

    Recommended Comments

    i considered not even dignifying your "acne gallery" by responding, but you're really starting to piss me off... just in case you were wondering

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    Where are your pictures, is that you in your avatar? Is this person really your wife? Sorry about all the rude comments I left for you on other posts. Seriously, I am.

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    Actually, I just saw what you posted on Gracest Fairy's picture post.

    I take it back, I am not sorry about what I said to you, because every word of it was and is true.

    How would you know beauty? Or personality, so far all we know about you is that you are rude to everyone who see, and you have a wife with a mullet. We don't even know what you look like.

    I know why he doesn't post pictures of himself! Because he's afraid that because he is so rude to everyone else he knows he's going to get bashed about his pictures. Well maybe if you weren't such an ass, people would like you better. Ever think of that?

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    Yeah, can i ask why you have a picture of your "wife" up i mean what’s the point. Why dont you try putting some pics up of your self i mean that’s the whole purpose of the members gallery init. And is that even a real nurses uniform IT MUST BE because she is a nurse right ? ;)

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