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Right side is improving..

I started to notice my skin gets better when I watch a movie. It's so weird. I guess I don't feel stress out about it. LOL But, anyway, as you can see it's less red. This morning I wash my face with cetaphil and put serum. When I was browsing at the boards my skin felt hot. I look in the mirror and it got so red. I panic and I splash cold water on my face. Then like 2 hours later after watching "Lord of War" My skin was less red. So I decided to take a picture. I'm smiling guys. LOL I hope you like this picture.. :lol2:

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Claud's Accutane Journey..

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hey claud, i've been around here for a while and just wanted to say congrats on clearing up! i'm so glad you posted a picture of you smiling, i was wondering when you were going to start being happy!

right now i'm on my second week of accutane, and hope all goes as well for me as it did for you!

keep smilin! ;)

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Claud, have you experince any side effects like hair loss, stiffness, etc...

i might be considering accutane but i'm SOOOOO scared because of the side effects seem so servere.

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Hi!! This is weird...

I use cetaphil, too

I have redness too

I watched Lord of War the other day, too

my redness is sometimes less and sometimes more too.

know how you feel

but you looking great

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you are looking great. i have the same uneven skin tone as you. what to you use on your face, i am just using soap and water at the mo cos everything is making my skin worse. and also waiting for derm and praying for accutane

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Gorgeous! I've followed on ur acne pictures for awhile, and you have improved dramatically. I have very, very sensitive skin so I use cetaphil too!

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haha, its probably all mental dude. whenever your on this site your probably thinking about your skin; whereas when your watching a movie you have other things on your mind. when you look at yourself in the mirror after the movie, your not thinking about how red it could be therefore making the appearence less red!!

or maybe your skin is actually less red after watching a movie, who knows.

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