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Feelin pretty good today although I felt AWFUL this weekend- so insecure, sad, frustrated, mad at myself, etc... One thing that's been bothering me is thinking about how I haven't had a serious boyfriend, even after 2.5 years of college and being almost 20 years old. Then I remember, "Oh yeah, for the entire time I've been at college I've had pimples all over my face!" WHYYY??? And now I'm starting to meet guys I'm more interested in for long-term reasons, and it's so frustrating knowing that they see my acne. I know all the positive, uplifting things to say ("Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind," "It's what's inside that counts," etc.). Those are all true, but I still feel frustrated :confused:

    From the album:

    I CAN'T TAKE ACCUTANE - please stop suggesting it

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    Your forehead is looking better, and I havent had a serious girlfriend in college, so I know how you feel. If you'd move to Colorado then maybe we could fix that ;)

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    Katie I would TOTALLY go on a date with you if you lived close to me!!!

    By the way, you look great!!! ;)

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    wow! looking good, girl.

    you know, it's ok to feel frustrated sometimes, but don't be mad at yourself! you really are a very pretty girl, and you seem really sweet.

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    Guys would be crazy not to go out with you. And sometimes relationships are way overrated so don't feel badly that you haven't gotten into a serious one. If you don't worry about it, it'll just happen and take you by surprise. Takes the worrying and the effort out of it. And your skin is looking AMAZING in this pic.

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    You face looks great in this pic!!! You're so cute and you seem so nice, some boys just don't c that. And I said 'some' boys because most of the ones that give you comments r nice =)


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