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? Week 10, or thereabouts

hmm, I am a rather unphotogenic person.

K, this is me as acne-free as I can get I reckon. Once the red marks go down all will be sweet.

(PS I am still getting zits, like once every fortnight or month or so, compared with a neverending plague of them. ALL GOOD! :confused: )

    From the album:

    Dusta's progress pics

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    thats 100% clear from what i can see

    i hope i get as clear as you have

    my acne is also mild as yours was but mines on my forehead

    and i also feel like im on fire atm :lol2:

    but i will stick with it as i see small improvements

    but congrats on you being clear :eh::D

    wheres the glases i like glases on women :eh::eh::eh:;)

    how long did your redness last? :D

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    I'm with klosot, WOW! Amazing (:

    I get a lot of breakouts on my chin too, and that is one spot where they keep occuring (I don't breakout anywhere else though before the regimen I did). It's good to know they shouldn't be as bad.

    Your cats are cute, and so are you! Really, I love your facial features you have such a natural beauty. Thanks for all the pictures of progress.

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    natural beauty? :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: that is a new one. I have something about my face that is a bit freaky tho don't you reckon?? dunno, it freaks me out whenever I see pictures of myself at least :lol2:

    I wear glasses all the time but I took them off for some of the pictures because I thought it would make it easier to see my face (actually that is the reason I got such dark framed glasses I think, because I thought people would look at them and not my face ;) silly huh. Whenever I see myself without glasses now I think I look odd).

    the redness lasted quite a while for my, about a month or so I believe

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