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Day 32 right

Some spots from 1-2 weeks ago slowly fading away. The red spot above my right eyebrow is still slowly fading away. There's a red spot in my lower right cheek where a few minutes before a whitehead oozed out and fell off confused.gif

AM: Basis, Alpha Hydrox, CSR BP (1 finger), Eucerin (around eyes/nose)

PM: Basis, Alpha Hydrox, CSR BP (1 finger), Eucerin (around eyes/nose)

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    lol, you really enjoy your whiteheads oozing and falling off, huh?

    I'm using Eucerin, and sometimes Cetaphil. I have oily skin but it just gets dry so easily so.. bleah. Oh well p;

    I'm glad you're keeping up with your photojournal because it's a good way to see your progress, and see the things that worked or didn't work on your skin. Plus it's encouraging to other users (:

    About that pimple near your eye, okay, I know it isn't advised but anytime I did get a pimple in that area (like once or twice) I used a q-tip, and applied whatever treatment I was using at the time. I think if you are really, really careful, and do it during the day then it should be okay. But your pimple is really, really close to your eye (mine occurred closer to my eyebrow) so I'd be iffy about applying anything to it. LOL, and you can't pick at because you would literally poke your eye out.

    Hm, I don't know, sorry.

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    If only more would ooze out and fall off! But 2 gone is better than none and I've only broken out with a few spots twice in 35 days which is much less than the breakouts I was seeing 2-6 months ago so I'm satisfied.

    Thanks for the q-tip tip. I might try to use it for some of the smaller whiteheads closer to my eyebrows before I attempt the one closest to my eye.

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    Unless your using totally different lighting in your pictures, it looks like your skin complection is looking alot better.

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