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My skin doesn't really look any different, but I wanted to post these so I can VENT in this caption!

I had an appointment with my dermatologist today and it made me so upset! I ALWAYS end up crying when I have those appointments because it's so frustrating! They walk in, take one look at your face, and say "here's the prescription i'm gonna give you." No questions about what I want, what I've tried, what triggers breakouts, etc. Honestly, the one thing I kept thinking to make myself feel better when I wanted to burst into tears was that I could talk to you guys on this site and you'd understand what I was talking about.

I'm still trying to go the natural route, trying teas, oils, supplements, etc. So far, so good... at least it doesn't seem to be getting worse! (I might be a little more red in this pic because I just washed my face)

    From the album:

    I CAN'T TAKE ACCUTANE - please stop suggesting it

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    Good luck with your regimen.

    Also, if your derm does not seem to care enough, you should do something about it. Either be more active in communicating with him/her, or look for a new one. You're paying him/her to provide you the full service, y'know.

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    ;) i think that you doing pretty good by the way...yup not lying at all.......................................

    remember that we all here to help you out...yeah and one more good news for you that i don't see any scar on your face ..... :D

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    Hi Katie, you're such a sweet girl. Don't let the derm get you down. But as the others have said, you should voice your concerns to your derm and if they don't respond then find a new one.

    You look good!

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    I know what you mean about the dermatologists..it's so frustrating that they can't be bothered to listen to what you've tried and what is or isn't working. I haven't been to one for quite awhile now but I remember how upsetting it was ;)

    I'm also going the 'natural' route in trying to clear up my acne...though right now I've just had a bad breakout from using a new face wash...urghhhh!! will i never learn?

    anyway, I was just wondering what sorts of supplements, etc you're using right now? Is there one thing in particular that seems to be working for you?

    At the moment I'm trying a combination of burdock, dandelion, nettle and pau d'arco tea as well as supplementing with EFAs and trying to detox slowly with MSM and n'acetyl cysteine. I also try to drink about a litre and a half of lemon water per day. This was working quite well for me until the evil facewash incident!

    I hope that your natural routine continues working for yoU!

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    aaw, i'm sorry you had such a bad experience with your dermatologist. if your derm doesn't even ask some of the most basic questions before giving you a new prescription, i would find a new one..

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