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6 Weeks into Accutane

Alright, this is week 6. I never really thought the side effects would get to me, b/c I'd take any of them over acne, but I've got to say it is really difficult going out when your entire face is as dry as mine is. It is peeling sort of like after a bad sunburn and I think it just looks I've gotta be on some type of medication.. I feel like peole wander what the hell is going on being that its near december. Anyways, I use a lot of moisturizer, but it never seems to be enough.

As far as the acne, I seem to go back and forth every day as to whether its getting better or not, I still do get new zits, so I guess they have not stopped completly, but I have to say looking at these pictures, it does seem to be improving. I did notice 2 cysts developing in my neck today, but at least they are not forming as frequently as they were before. I still do get small white heads every day or two, but its hard to complain about that after seeing the severe acne some other people on this site have.

Best of luck to everyone and there battles... you'd think in a world where we can walk on the moon and clone sheep, we'd be able to stop red bumps from appearing on people's faces... What the hell?? All I know is, if I make it big one day and decide to donate $ to medical research, it will be for curing acne, and if anyone asks how I could choose to help a disease that has no real physical effects instead of giving $ to research diseases with physical impairments like cancer, etc... I'll tell them to look around on this site for a day. Emotional effects can be just as bad...

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    Acne of course - Accutane

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