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Boo for breakouts. I think it might be because I've been using more moisturizer these past couple days.

It's so weird because I'll be feeling great and then I'll feel another pimple coming and all of a sudden want to cry and curl up in the corner :D And of course, this latest breakout is right in time for Thanksgiving. Then again, it's also right before my period now...

It just seems like there are so many variables! I'm going to start a journal of my sleep, eating, washing habits to see if I can identify any trends in when and why I break out.

    From the album:

    I CAN'T TAKE ACCUTANE - please stop suggesting it

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    ever heard of kenalog injections? it might help a couple bigs ones just in time for the holidays.

    No, I've never heard of those... how do they work? Do you use them? Thanks for the suggestion!

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    HEy, I can translate that! Okay it says, "I'm sorry, but you are very beautiful?" Maybe, I'm not sure about the beautiful part, I haven't learned that yet. Your skin isn't as bad as you think it is. Like one time I was having an awful acne breakout and I went to my friends house, I was almost going to cancel because it was so bad. And when I got there, they said "Wow, your skin looks great, what did you do?" They were probably just saying that to make me feel better, but it worked. Your eyes are stunning and you have beautiful features. Cheer up and stay optomistic!

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    To be honest, it is true that the probably your acne is the first thing that draws the attention to your face.

    But then, your eyes ... your eyes... I think men would be ready to forget even 10 times as much acne just for these eyes.

    So, cheer up. We all have a little something that is not as we wish. But we do not all have another thing to compensate for it tenfold!

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    I like your poutty look, thats a good look. Well too bad you live in maryland, if you ever come to colorado let me know ;) Thats awesome you went to argentina, did you see any penguins? They're my favorite animal. My acne started once I got to college, but didnt really get bad until last year, which was difficult, I'm not sure if drinking has made my acne worse, but whatever it is hopefully it will go away. I was looking at your pictures and I really like ur smile, you have really nice teeth, and good skin tone, so good luck with school, acne, and everything else.

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    I doubt you'll be able to find a 'cause' for acne from your journal.

    People have looked high and low for a cause; without success.

    The nearest thing people have worked out to a cause is the P.Acnes bacteria.

    But that can't be the whole story; nearly everyone has that bacteria on their skin, but only a fraction get significant acne. Nobody knows why that fraction get it.

    But wiping out P.Acnes nearly always wipes out acne.

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