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5 Weeks into Accutane (plus 2 survey questions)

OK, week 5... not quite what I hoped for. Although I'm definitely not breaking out like I used to, I am starting to get 3 cysts on my left neck area, a couple small ones on my chin, and a couple of very red ones on my forehead, ahh!! I guess all and all its still getting better, but it is still extremely frustrating as I'm sure everyone here can relate to. I really am a very outgoing and entertaining kid, but over the last few months, I've been staying home a lot and i'm getting sick of it.

I did have 2 questions for everyone.. kinda just wanted to get an idea of how other people would respond. Try to be honest and reasonable in what you say.

1) How many times (even if just for a second) in a single day to you think about your acne?

2) What would be your price to never have to worry about acne for the rest of your life (granted of course you would be putting yourself in debt...)

I would say for me, probably around 20-30 times and hmm, well to NEVER have to worry about it? around $150,000, why not just double my student loan debt!

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    1. About 1-5 times daily, I usually just wear makeup to cover it so I usually don't think people can see it, which makes me worry less. I only think about it if other people can see it. On my own I couldn't care less, basically.

    2. I woudn't pay anything not to have to worry about acne, but to not have acne for the rest of my life, I'd pay about 1 mill dollars

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    1. I think about my acne at least a hundred times a day. Every time I look in the mirror, every time I see a guy I know probably isn't attracted to me, every time I see a pretty girl with clear skin.

    2. I would probably pay $5,000.

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    1) I think about acne probably 10 times a day. Usually in the morning when I see my red marks and acne. Once I apply make-up, then I feel better and I don't think about it so much.

    2) I would pay about $10,000 if it would guarantee me clear skin for life.

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    umm as of rite now i probably think abt acne 15-25 times a day.. and as for how much i would pay to have clear skin eternally??? i would say thats priceless.. i would pay as much money as i have.. and then worry abt how indebted or poor i am later.. but at least id be worrying abt it with a clear face

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    I feel you!!!!!lol

    1) I think about my acne p to ten times a day

    2} i would pay 10, 000$ to have clear skin

    BUt thankfully i have a girlfren , and she makes me feel good about myself , which takes me about thinking about my acne from 30 times a day to ten . ;)

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    MANN , i WOULD PAY ALL THE MONEY i COULD. it is my biggest flaw ,, problem in my life . I think bout acne alot since I have such senstive skin , I always feel a break out and my skin is so oily that it itches , damn that sounds gross. I did a monthe of accutane soo far and I am too having almost like cystic acne on my jawline and neck, Even though My derm. told me not to use any topical creams , I am putting on Persa Gel by clean and clear, just on those big ones,I guess it keeps them in control , I dunno. Ya and I havent been going out either so dont feel bad,Good luck

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