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home made treatments probably dont work

home made dermabrasion ... see my original post about it...

on the pic - the pinkish area is where the scab was, when it eventually all came off after 4 days, where the scars were, there are brown marks, whereas where the normal skin was, it is know pinkish ... hopefully it will fade back soon.

I am still undecided whether it has worked...if the pink skin becomes brown again then the scar marks will probably fade in with them, so less visible scars ... as for scar depths, when pinching my skin to so scar depths, there is hardly any so i guess it fill up abit (ha-ray)... all in all, it was a risky implusive thing to do ... my mum was alittle frantic since she thought was self harming or something - but it was purely to try and reduce the scars and try out my idea... well im gonna give it another week to see how well the skin fades back...

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    my acne scars

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    I wouldnt do that if I were you, your just scraping off epidermis which isnt going to do a thing to improve you scars its just going to grow back the same way it was. You cant scrape of the deeper dermis without anesthestic because it going to hurt too much. I understand your frustration, I had much deeper scars than yours and one day in complete desperation I got some sandpaper and just started scrubbing away, luckily it hurt too much so I quit before I could do any damage. Like I said your scars are quite shallow and would be worth trying one laser treatment and fat transfer. Your NHS in Britain would probably pay for some of the cost of laser because ablative therapy for acne scars is considered a legitimate medical procedure. Our NHS here gives us a small refund after we pay for Laser, its not a lot but it makes it a bit less expensive. Theres no way it should cost you the large amount you mentioned, that Doc is trying to con you.

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    hey Pete, thanks again,

    yeah i guess your right about the doc tryin to con me, and yeah thanks to you i am looking into the nhs treatment options for acne scarring, i made a call and they said an advisor will call me back (soon hopefully) and i've found 1 hospital offering co2 treatment by the nhs - will still be costly but should be discounted by a little because i am still in education. I'm gonna try see my nhs gp/doc and get a referal to go to that hospital, or one nearer if possible. Hopefully things will work out.

    really, thanks again.

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    after almost exactly 2 weeks (exactly in 6hrs) the pink mark has almost faded back...will post pic when completely faded back, i assume it will take around another week.

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    Those scars, and acne that forms there are mostly from hair products in you hair where it touches, am I right?

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