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I know its poor quality

I am on the road to recovery, my acne is basically gone (a small zit a week) but I have redness and scars still. I really am self conscious of them, and I am mega depressed about it cause unlike acne, scars are forever :D I will get some better lit pics up if you want.

    From the album:

    meh :/

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    Hey there.

    I can't see any probs from here - you look good to me.

    Ive heard there are ways of treating scarring - Im not at that stage yetr though - just about to start Roaccutane later today (in like 14 hours time - aghh!!!)

    Anyone - you look good and should smile!


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    I am sorry to hear that your acne is making you depressed ;) I totally know what you mean and it SUCKS! Hang in there, and I agree with Stockhausen... smile! You have no idea how great other people think you look when you are confident :D I've honestly been in really bad places because of depression related to acne... don't let it get to that point! Take care...

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    we understand. lots of us are depressed and some people have like two small zits and even they are depressed. are you sure you cant remove your scars? These days anything is possible with treatments and surgery. And it would indeed be good if you send more pics, maybe other people can relate to your type of acne/scarring then? hang in there... ;)

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    I will get some good pics up, maybe someone can offer me some help, or relate to my issues. Basically they are very soft scars... like rolling hills. There are two, one on each cheek. I appreciate the comments ;)

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    i see darkness... or is it just my monitor settings on low brightness..

    anyways try the scar forum for some advice bro, i have scars too ;) they suck i know how much the effect people..

    all the best

    Tha Adster

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