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road to recovery

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Photo Information for 2002, Age 18

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I know how you feel, look in my gallery at my first picture, then look threw them. I think either way you look good, and I'm being honest.

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u really...ur beautiful either way, but u should get acctutane...u dont want any scarring ....and plus that way u could get back to ur old self ;) it's all gonna be fine

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my face didn't get really bad until i started to smoke weed.

so now it's like, should i be beautiful or enjoy my highs?

no negative comments please. marijuana has helped me through some seriously difficult times in my life. and if you disagree, well, then you've never truly enjoyed the beauty of it!

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Hey I think you are very pretty with or without ance. However, if I had the choice of smoking weed and having acne, or not smoking weed and not having acne, I would definetly chose the ladder. I am not here to judge you, but if you think that weed may be contributing to your breakouts, then I would think that you would want to lay off the hash for a while, just to see if your skin clears up.

Good luck to you!

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yeh i dont think a drug is worth it if it lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel bad about yourself. whats better, having nice skin permanently or having a few temporary highs?

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smoking causes HORRIBLE acnes for me so i tried my best to quit that sh!t, it was hard but to think of my acnes, it gives me support i guess

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i recently quit weed cuz i might get tested for it soon and im still getting breakouts and bad ones...i highly doubt that marijuana causes acne, if anything it reduces stress( something that contributes to acne)

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No, he just said that you should consider it if you don't want scarring, he didn't say you had to. He was saying if you want faster and better results, go on accutane. Your skin looks good, and I don't think you need accutane, but some people who have no acne go on it just so they won't scar. Whatever you want. ;)

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i find it ironic that the one thing that relieves my stress could possibly be triggering my acne.

this pic was taken 3 years ago. hence the rock star bleached blonde hair.

it was hot back then, though.

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hey janeiro,

1 word "stunning" ;)

also regarding weed ive been smoking it for near 4 years now, and i experimented for 2 months without it and i didnt even notice a teenyweeny bit of improvement, so i went bak on it lol

i agree wit u, the weed de stresses me oso and "chills" me out, so it distracts me from thinking about how my face looks..

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that's the spirit!

i heard in denver it's legal to possess weed as long as it's less an ounce. i'd be all about moving there if i wasn't such a summer gal... ;)

i'm gonna upload some more *improved* pics now.

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Awww....hun you still are beautiful. Look at my Album, I did the same thing you did. Posted pictures that hide my acne very well an then posted some close up's that really show it too well. you are such a pretty girl. Let's KILL this acne monster!!!

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i'm dating my best friend of 7 years, and this acne has caused me to be SO insecure. i find it hard to trust him, and i have no reason to feel that way.

if i'm out with him and i see a pretty girl i just feel so ugly. like a little girl that doesn't belong there. but what's funny is that most women feel that way!

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that was so nice of you to say! i just woke up and that totally made my day ;) i'll let my boyfriend in on your thoughts next time i hear a complaint!

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You were a beautiful girl and still are... And just because someone told you to go on accutane, don't listen! I Urge you to try this first, it was my last resort before I resorted to Accutane I tried this and it is my miracle drung when Erythromycin, clindamycin, Tetracycline, Benzac topical, Retin-A, Retni-A micro, Proactiv, and tons others didn't work!

Try this before Turning to the Dangerous Accutane:

Ask your Derm, or Doctor to look into prescribing you: Spironolactone (AKAL: Aldactone). I started off using 25mg pills- 2 in the am, 2 in the pm. For a total of 100mg/day. Now I take 2am 1pm.

Along with that I cut out drinking Juices, sodas, coffee and cut back on my weekend drinking, and stuck to WATER WATER WATER! I also put some Lemon wedges in it to make it less bland!

For skin Care I Use:

* MD Formulations Facial Cleanser with Glycolic Acid (they also make one without the Glycolic)

* Witch Hazel as Toner- doesn't over dry face wich is awesome, and its Cheap!

* MD Forte Facial Lotion III --its a Glycolic lotion that I use all over my face. May sting at first but it WORKS!

* Cetaphil SPF15 moisturizur during the day as my moisturizer

* Bare Minerals Make-up- It is exactly as great as they advertise, no JOKE! Other foundations clog my pores and totally make me break out!

With this regimen, It took a full 2 months for me to be CLEAR! No JOKE! Now The only time I break out is around my period, and it is only 2 or 3 zits, and if I leave them alone, they go away fairly quickly.

The website wear I get the Glycolic Products is:

www.skin-one.com They offer free shipping, and I always get my products within 3 to 4 days tops, and I live in Maine, so if you live in New-England area it should be about the same for you too. The Facial Lotion is $60, but it lasts a long time and it totally clears AND Retexturizes your skin! I wish you the best of luck and I truly understand what you are feeling. I don't have acne any more really but I do have a couple of scars that I focus on and can't get passed them, now my next journey is to find something to get rid of my scars!

Take care and Best of Luck!

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